"First Ladies Chicken & Chablis Club" - Book Launch 11th April, 2024



Wholesome traditions are a wonderful thing, especially those which involve good food and great company! 

Jean Dartnall with the new book, "First Ladies Chicken & Chablis: lunching in Townsville for half a century" by Betsy Jackes and Jean Dartnall.

Betsy Jackes and Jean Dartnall have written a new book titled "First Ladies Chicken & Chablis Club: lunching in Townsville for half a century" which charts the history of the club's gatherings.

It features detailed menus which illustrate changes in tastes, in restaurants - especially the availability of ethnic themed restaurants - and in the availability of ingredients.  The club's activities reflect the increasing interest in adventurous eating across fifty years in north Queensland.

Food historian - Dr Lauren Samuelson will be the special guest speaker at the coming launch.  Dr Samuelson completed her PhD at the University of Wollongong with her doctoral research focusing on the Australian Women's Weekly magazine and cookbooks and its role in the development of Australian food culture.

You are invited to join the authors and club members for drinks and nibbles at the launch at St James Cathedral on Cleveland Terrace in Townsville at 5.30pm on Thursday the 11th of April.  Please RSVP to Janet on 0417 787 220 or email askerns@bigpond.com by the 4th of April.