Friday, July 28, 2017

Latest One Search improvements now live

The latest iteration of One Search is now live.

Improvements include:
  • Can now hover over Preview button to see sneak preview rather than having to click, a click locks the preview into display
  • Scopus citation counts now link to the citing sources in Scopus (like Web Of Science citation counts link to citing sources in Web Of Science)
  • Subject terms in Preview are now clickable subject searches
  • Accessibility improvements
    • Fixed unintended scroll on focus when using arrow between UI panes
    • Calendar improvements, particular on slider when used in assistive reader
    • Fixed filter/facet on select going to bottom of list
    • Improved screen reader support:
      • for facet/filter state
      • label sort by dropdown
  • Facet navigation tool tips - only included in basic filters, exclude in complex facet edit pane
  • Facet edit pane now clearer about what is included and excluded - and all filters easily reset
  • More prominent permalink placement (Also now in Cite/Email/Save list options)
  • Can now hover over Preview button to see preview (rather than having to click)
  • Improved performance
  • Sort by Date will work better because of better logic around merging of records (which will prevent recent reprints of old works appearing in when date is filtered by more recent dates than original publication date)
  • Improved handling of punctuation and special characters
  • Improved use of synonyms
  • Improved stemming

"Visions of Vanuatu" exhibition

The JCU Library is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the exhibition “Visions of Vanuatu” in the Cairns Library from July 30 to August 5. The exhibition is curated by JCU student James Leftwich and will be open to the public.

There will be a formal opening on Tuesday, August 1 from 11am to 12pm, which will include guest speakers Bonita Mabo and Rob Pyne.

You can see the exhibition on the ground floor of the Cairns Library from July 30 to August 5.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Can't find the book or journal you need for your research in the library?

Found a book or journal article in Google Scholar  or Trove that you would like to borrow or copy for research and can't find it in  OneSearch? The answer is JCU Library's Interlibrary Loans Service to Staff and Students.

JCU Library has a strong network with other libraries in Australia and worldwide, for reciprocal borrowing where available, or obtaining a copy of an article or thesis from their collections.

JCU Library does pass on the cost of sourcing the required material, but we do our best to obtain books and material by the most cost effective means. Charges depend upon where the item is sourced and the urgency which is it required by. If the article or item can be borrowed from within Australia, the minimum charge per item or article is $15.00.

The more information you can provide on the request form, the better it will help us with locating the exact item you require, and ensure processing in the shortest time-frame. Including the source of your citation will be of further help in locating items or articles, particularly those which might be rare. Please check your campus for the pickup location.

So head to our interlibrary loans pages for more information on eligibility and for request and payment forms.

You won't believe this technique to avoid fake news!

"Fake news" - it's the new catchphrase being thrown around by everyone, but how do you know when news is fake and when it's just news?

One of the simplest ways to ensure the news you're accessing is reliable, is through the source. JCU Library subscribes to NewsBank, a comprehensive news collection database, providing access for JCU users to newspapers from Australia and around the world. Access your news through NewsBank, and avoid the click-bait titles that are rife across social media. Sources are vetted by NewsBank before being included in the database. The aggregation of thousands of sources means you can access a variety of viewpoints with a single search.

But you've already found a resource and read the article, you say? It's important to be able to analyse information objectively to determine the weight you should place upon it. Head on over to JCU Library's own 'fake news' guide, News Makers/News Fakers to learn about different varieties of fake news including disinformation, hoaxes, clickbait and native advertising and how to identify fakes yourself.

New Book Recommendation: The Older Traveller

Each week recent purchases are placed on the new book displays inside the library, and eBooks are made immediately available to use. You can view and subscribe to the New Library Books list online. For instructions on how to borrow an eBook by downloading it; check out our eBook LibGuide. Some eBooks require logging in with your JCU username and password; additional software will need to be installed to download and loan books to a digital bookshelf. Alternatively most eBooks can be read online without downloading extra software.

A title of interest is: The older traveller: A guide for the health professional 
Call Number: 613.680846 BAU

An extract from the publisher's website states:

Is 80 the new 60 at your clinic? More people are travelling throughout older age and many health practitioners are looking for guidance on the health needs of travellers over 60. The Older Traveller – A guide for the health professional provides advice on health issues encountered by older travellers and practical information on how to counsel older persons for travel. Whether travel health is your specialty or not, The Older Traveller gives you the information you need to help your travelling patients plan a healthy trip.

Contributing authors:
IL Bauer, EL Benade, GK Brink, ILC Butler, B Cassim, LI Goodyer, BF Jacobson, EC Jong, S Lipschitz, T Marcolongo, S Parker, FCV Potocnik, E Shoul, M Suchard, BN Tipping, LG Visser.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Library Opening Hours Study Period 2, 2017

Welcome back to all our students.  The Cairns Campus library and the Mabo library (Townsville) are now back to semester opening hours:

Townsville Eddie Koiki Mabo Library 
  • Monday to Thursday 7.30 am to 9.30 pm
  • Friday 7.30 am to 7.30 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 10.00 pm to 5.00pm

Cairns Campus Library 
  • Monday to Thursday 8.00 am to 9.00 pm
  • Friday 8.00 am to 6.00 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday 10.00 pm to 5.00pm

Public Holiday opening hours:
  • October 2nd, Queen's Birthday 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Check out our Opening Hours online.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Your CopyPrint account for printing

There are two ways to add credit to your CopyPrint account at JCU.
  1. Online via Students Online
    1. You need a Mastercard or Visa, debit or credit card. 
    2. Minimum $5.00 payment. 
    3. Credit usually available after 15 minutes (but can take longer). Some banks require you to authorise this function with them.
  2. In person, with cash at the CopyPrint Paystations located in the Cairns and Townsville Libraries. 
    1. You need your student card, and Australian coins and notes. 
    2. Put your coins and notes in one at a time (you will hear a chime) to avoid jams. 
    3. Credit is available immediately. 
    4. The video above explains this step-by-step process.
InfoHelp service point staff can answer your questions and help resolve any issues. Don’t forget you can ask InfoHelp rovers to assist you