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Special Collections Fossickings 29: The Golden Link – Charters Towers and the Boer war.

Boer War memorial kiosk, Lissner Park, Charters Towers Albums, NQ Photographic Collection, ID 11096. When did you last visit Charters Towers? Have you ever admired the unusual war memorial in Lissner Park, commemorating those who participated in the Boer War at the turn of the 19th century? Unlike later memorials relating to the two world wars that followed, memorials of the Boer War are few and this kiosk is unique. Why Charters Towers? What made the Boer War in faraway South Africa a matter of such passion to residents of “the World”- as the town was sometimes called? Joan Neal’s honours thesis and her essay “Charters Towers and the Boer War” suggest that gold – a mineral vital to the economies of both Australia and South Africa – was a vital link. Most of the capital funding the deep reef mining so important to Charters Towers came from British companies, so it was likely that the industrial and commercial sector would be aware of shared interests. Even the wage-earning mi

Opening Hours

JCU libraries' opening hours .  Exams should be finished and in pop culture reference to Game of Thrones ..."Christmas is coming". The JCU Library has different opening hours throughout the year depending on campus, study periods and public holidays. Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Townsville : Friday 22nd of November to Tuesday 17th of December 2013 Monday to Friday:           8.00am to 5.00pm Tuesday:                          8.00am to 7.00pm Saturday and Sunday:     Closed JCU Library Cairns :  Friday 22nd of November to Sunday 22nd of December 2013 Monday to Friday:           8.00am to 5.00pm           Saturday and Sunday:      Closed

Stay connected via social media to JCU Library Services

JCU library has an official JCU library page on Facebook , this blog and other faculty blogs and contributes to ITR week in review so there are several ways you can hear directly from us about interesting facts for: utilising the library and its resources; general Uni life, study and research; and the not so study orientated facts. So if you didn't know or can't find some of these due to JCU's recent webpage updates the hyperlinks above should help you. Don't lose touch because as Maurice Sendak wrote in Where The Wild Things Are "We love you so".

Featured eBooks: Creative Arts

Digital Encounters    by Aylish Wood Taylor and Francis, 2012   Digital Encounters is a cross media study of digital mov ing images in animation, cinema, games, and installation art.In a world increasingly marked by proliferating technologies, the way we encounter and understand these story-worlds, game spaces and art works reveals aspects of the ways in which we organize and decode the vast amount of visual material we are bombarded with each day. Self-Representation and Digital Culture   by Nancy Thumim Palgrave Macmillan, 2012 Taking a close look at ordinary people 'telling their own story', Nancy Thumim explores self-representations in contemporary digital culture in settings as diverse as reality TV, online storytelling, and oral histories displayed in museums. This highly original research examines how contradictory and widely different politics inform and shape examples of 'speaking for oneself'. 

Preview the new One Search

The Summon® platform that drives One Search has been undergoing a significant revamp and we'd like to give you the chance to preview it. Some of the new features include: Topic Explorers Scholar profiles Liaison Librarian profiles Automated Query Expansion Related Search Suggestions Content Spotlighting Navigate By Discipline We hope to move to this version from the current version in plenty of time for the new academic year. Let us know what you think!

Jackie Wolstenholme Research Services Librarian Friend of FAESS 2013

Jackie Wolstenholme our  Research Services Librarian was the recipient of the  2013 Friend of Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences (FAESS). Jackie received the award and was strongly endorsed by the Associate Dean of Research Glen Dawes . Jackie assisted by leading some Faculty Fundamentals Workshops about cutting edge ways that researchers can improve than research impact in those all important areas like Bibliometrics and even using Social Media Jackie was fresh from attending the Open Access and Research Conference ( ), and gave a presentation at FAESS Fest explaining why we should no longer think of social media as a novel way to communicate research. Dating back to the development of the printing press in 1450, researchers have always used available technology to communicate research. Social media e.g. YouTube and Twitter are examples of tools that are now useful for sharing and promoting research findings and outcomes.

Library and Computing web site to be refreshed as part of JCU's web refresh

JCU is applying RWD (Responsive Web Design) templates to its web presence this week and this will affect the appearance of the Library & Computing Services pages. The official launch date is November 15th, but the changes to our web site will actually occur on Thursday the 14th as the rollout progresses. Responsive Web Design means the pages will automatically and gracefully arrange content depending on the size of your screen, making them easier to use on small screen devices like smartphones, without hindering their utility on large screen devices. The current home page will change from the current four column layout, but those links will be available in the in-page navigation as dropdowns beneath the current headings of Find , Learn , Connect and About . Upcoming Library events including workshops will feature under the 'What's Happening' heading, similar to the new Current Students site . We expect a smooth transition to the new design, the actual site s

Mabo Library after-hours study space

Townsville student feedback indicates a need for more after-hours silent study space. In response to these demands, Mabo Library is now opening up iLearning rooms 1, 2 and 3 until the end of the exam period. These rooms are designated Total Silence Study Zones . Hours Mon to Thurs: 10.30pm to 2am Fri: 6pm to 2am Sat & Sun: 5pm to 2am

Exam Opening Times - JCU Libraries

JCU libraries opening hours in the exam period Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Townsville : Friday 8th of November til Thursday 21st of November Monday to Friday:           8.00am to 10.30pm  *Friday extended from 6pm close Saturday and Sunday:  10.00am to 5.00pm * Townsville Library Information Commons is open 24 hrs and iLearning room 3 has been set aside for silent study until 2am JCU Library Cairns : No change Monday 29th of July til Thursday 21st of November Monday to Thursday:           8.00am to 9.00pm Friday:                                    8.00am to 6.00pm Saturday and Sunday:       10.00am to 5.00pm