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Recommending Book Purchases

Well, planning for the beginning of Semester One is well underway, and many lecturers are taking over their subjects for the first time this year. We know you have a hundred-and-one things to think about and remember, but we'd like to take this time to remind you that if you have set and recommended texts for your subjects, you need to check to see if we have copies of those books in the Library. We aren't given copies of your text-book lists, so if you don't tell us you've set a book for your subject, we won't know. You need to check to see if we have the book you want - especially if you ask the students to use a particular edition. If we don't have that book or that edition, then you need to put in a request for us to buy it. This also applies to other resources you need for the subject. For example, if you want all of your students to be able to watch a particular DVD, then you can put in a request for the Library to purchase a copy of that DVD.

"Blog Display" - Brontë Sisters: Three, Two, One

This is an extract from a "Blog Display". You can read the full blog post here , and see the books connected with the display at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library for the next couple of weeks. Three Books by Charlotte Brontë Jane Eyre Jane Eyre is the most famous of Charlotte's novels, and the first she successfully published. It's one of the classic gothic novels of the early 19th Century... The second volume is the part that gets the most screen time in the many, many adaptions. Jane, now 18 years old, gets a job as a tutor for a young French girl living in an old house in the middle of nowhere. The girl's "guardian" (who may or may not be her father) is a thirty-something English man by the name of Rochester. He usually spends very little time at the family home, but after Jane moves in he sticks around for a bit. He is mysterious and brooding. The house contains a secret locked away in the attic. Things go bump in the night. She falls for hi

AustLit Database unavailable

Due to the floods and problems with electricity and network access, UQ has temporarily closed the serves that support the AustLit Database. This means researchers and students will not be able to use the AustLit Database until UQ are ready to re-start the servers. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause.

Computer Lab Shuffle, Day 3

The computers on both floors of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library building are currently unavailable as we change over to the new models. The computers in Building 2 (DA2/HX) are available, so if you need to use a computer please go to DA2. We expect the library computers should be finished by this afternoon and available tomorrow.

Possible Network Issues Today

We have been informed that, due to the effect of the floods in south Queensland, the AARNet cables providing Internet connectivity to the University may be compromised. Our secondary link via Toowoomba is unavailable, and our primary link via Brisbane is in a vulnerable position and may be damaged. Should this happen, staff and students on campus will be unable to access the Internet (which means they also will not be able to access the Library Blogs, the eJournals or LibGuides) and many of the University systems. Staff and students on campus may not be able to connect to their emails unless they have a 3G enabled smart phone or tablet. Staff and Students off campus will not be able to access any of the University systems, but may still be able to read pages that are not on the University site, such as this blog and the LibGuides . They may be able to access some resources from the LibGuides, but many will be unavailable. Email should be unaffected for staff and students off camp

Computer Lab Shuffle, Day 2

The DA2/HX computing labs are back open for PCs only. The Macs are still unavailable. Today, the computers on the First Floor of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library building are definitely off-line, and the computers on the Second Floor (the top floor) may also be off-line by later today. If you need to use the computers on the Townsville campus today, please use the DA2/HX computing labs. The computers in the library are likely to be unavailable.

New Credo Reference Titles

Credo's General Reference collection continues to grow each month and now has over 525 titles. The following well-regarded titles were added in December: A Biographical Dictionary of People in Engineering: From Earliest Records to 2000 , Purdue University Press The Companion to Hispanic Studies , Hodder Education The Companion to Latin American Studies , Hodder Education The Dictionary of Alternatives , Zed Books The Encyclopedia of Ecotourism , CABI Greenwood Encyclopedia of International Relations , ABC-CLIO Metropolitan Opera Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Opera , Thames & Hudson One Hundred and One Botanists , Purdue University Press The Princeton Companion to Mathematics , Princeton University Press The Welsh Academy Encyclopaedia of Wales , Academi We're updating many of our titles to the latest available editions. The following updated titles were recently released. Expect more soon! McGraw-Hill Concise E

Library computers to be updated this week.

On Wednesday and Thursday this week GATCF computers in the library will be getting replaced. Wednesday: On Wednesday computers on the first floor will be affected so please use the top floor of the library for computing. Thursday: On Thursday the top floor computers will be replaced, so please use the computers on the first floor. Alternative location: The DA2 / HX / Humanties GATCF lab will be available during this time.

Computer Lab Shuffle

This year we expect to roll out new GATCF lab computers, but before that can happen we need to re-image the ones we currently have. This will take up a few days this week, and it will mean that certain computer labs will be out of action for a day at a time. Today (Monday the 10th), the DA2 facility (also known as HX and, simply, Building 2) will be unavailable, with students at the Townsville recommended to use the computers at the Library. Once DA2 re-opens, the computers at the Library will be unavailable, with students directed to use the other labs. So, just to focus on the take home message - the computers at DA2 are likely to be unavailable today. Please use the computers located at the Library Building on the Townsville Campus .

Battery recycling

You can bring your batteries in for recycling at the Mabo Library in Townsville. The Battery World bin is inside the library on the right hand wall, not far from the entrance. You can recycle all batteries except car batteries.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and welcome to 2011. The Cairns and Townsville campus libraries are open from 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday for the remainder of January except for the Australia Day public holiday on Wednesday 26th January. For 2011 opening hours click here .