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Upskill with a Library workshop in April

Do you need to improve your assignment research skills ? Are you confused by referencing? Do you need to learn about EndNote to manage references for your research project? If so, you need to attend a Library workshop. Upcoming workshops for Cairns and Townsville campuses include: EndNote Referencing SOS! Secrets of searching.

CAUL/ASA Fellowships

Applications are now open for 2014 Council of Australian University Librarians ( CAUL ) and Australian Society of Authors ( ASA ) Fellowships. Applications are due on 10 May, 2014. The Fellowships showcase special collections in Australian university libraries by providing artists, authors, scholars and researchers with an opportunity to work on projects that will benefit from concentrated access to these collections. The inaugural Fellowships to be awarded in 2014 have been made possible through the Copyright Agency Cultural Fund. CAUL and the ASA expect to award up to two fellowships in 2014. The Fellowships will facilitate access to University libraries’ special collections by providing up to A$10,000 in non-salary funding for visiting artists, authors, scholars and researchers working on projects related to the collections. The grants could be used for travel, accommodation or other project related expenses. Applications are invited from artists, authors, scholars and resea

April Fool's Day

Swiss Spaghetti Harvest Well, it's more complicated then you might expect. Have a look at Credo for a good summary of the history of April Fool's Day. Media hoaxes are a popular way to entertain and take advantage of the gullibility of the public on this day. April Fool's Day is also a timely reminder to check your sources carefully before you enthusiastically quote them. The Evaluating sources LibGuide and the Info Skills Road Trip have some great points to consider before you hand your assignment in.

Database Outages Saturday 29th of March

EBSCOhost Network will start doing a scheduled upgrade on 28 March 2014 so some databases may be intermittently unavailable. For JCU time zone:  This will be Saturday, 29 March 2014 begin at 11:00:00 AM to 1:00:00 PM              Databases which may be interrupted: CINAHL Criminal Justice Abstracts EconLit Film & Television Literature Index GIDEON Hospitality & Tourism Complete Music Index SPORTDiscus LISTA

Referencing Help

We have reached that time of semester when many assignments are due.  Are you having trouble with the referencing component of your assignment...? See library staff at InfoHelp in Cairns and Townsville for assistance. You can also come along to the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library (Townsville campus) and consult with a dedicated referencing expert on weekdays at the InfoHelp Desk between 11am to 3pm. Don't forget that you can always cross check your references against the examples in the Referencing LibGuide and find out how to format APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA or Vancouver in-text citations and reference lists.

Finding material to reference for you assignment: When to get help?

First assignments are nearly due. If you don't find anything to reference in the first 45 minutes of a search, come to the Library InfoHelp Counter and ask for help. We are even there on weekends and until 9pm at night weekdays. Say "I'm struggling to find references for my assignment, can you help me?" Bring (but read before you come): Your Subject Outline (as the question and its marking rubric should be contained in this), it is stored in LearnJCU . ( Why and how is the Subject Outline useful? ) Any ideas ( mindmap , draft essay, even dot points) you have of what you want to write about in the assignment  Review the LibGuide Info Skills Road Trip especially the Search Strategy page and learn how to make a search string using boolean operators as the Librarians will teach this hands on If you want someone to check your in text referencing and your Reference list Library staff do this. But you can also Look first at the Referencing LibGuide and c

Harmony Day

Harmony Day is coming up on Friday the 21st of March. This year the message of Harmony Day is Everyone Belongs. It is a day to celebrate Australia’s diversity. It is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world. A great way to celebrate other cultures is through their food.  Did you know that JCU Library even has recipe books? Check out this selection of e-books or browse the shelves for some inspiration!

For the Lecturers: You can now send bulk Reserve Online Requests

Dear Lecturers, We are trying to make your lives easier - you can now submit an entire reading list with one click via our Reserve Online Request Form . You may also like to know  that the Library & Computing Services webpage now calls Reserve Online, Readings and Past Exams. Useful if you set assignment tasks or direct students to this way to access their readings. What the request form looks like

Saint Patrick's Day

Well, it's Saint Patrick's Day on the 17th of March. Something the 10% of Australians with an Irish heritage may find worthy of celebrating ( ABS publication 4102.0 ) and the rest of us can enjoy as well, to be sure.  Read more about the influence of the Irish in Australia in "The Irish in Australia" or browse this list of titles in OneSearch. Find out more about Saint Patrick's Day using Credo . And wear something green to uni next Monday!

Common Course Readings problems and how to fix them

An update to our list of the course reading problems most often reported to us and how to solve them. If they don't help you please contact InfoHelp . PDF won't display, print or save the whole PDF Click on a reading and get a blank screen An article wants me to pay to see it PDF won't display, print or save properly We've seen a number of issues like this that revolved around Firefox using it's own plugin to view PDF files - the work around is to switch all the Acrobat content associations from Firefox’s inbuilt PDF reader to either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader under File - Options - Applications : If you are on a lab computer, or don't want to change this setting every time you login you can right click the link and 'Save Link As' or download the PDF then open it with Adobe Reader by double clicking it where ever you saved it to. Click on a reading and get a blank or partially blank screen The latest versions of Firefox and Chrome

Tip: Using OneSearch off campus to find books and journal articles

A timely repeat of a 2013 blog as we move into first assignment time. All hail, Alan Cockerill the Library Technologies Coordinator for the below information. Alan is the Star Trek Scotty of Starship Library Services (working below decks to make sure the system keeps working). I strongly recommend reading his informative blog entries for both staff and students. One Search is a great way for anyone to see the broad range of materials we provide to complement study and research from anywhere in the world, even if you aren't a currently working or studying at JCU. But remember when you search One Search from off campus there are some things you won't see unless you login. Some of our subscription collections are not permitted to be discovered by non-JCU people by the terms of our licensing agreements, so if you are off campus remember to log in by clicking Which is located at the very top of your search results screen: This will take

WARC: Advertising and Marketing Database

WARC is a database providing access to advertising and marketing information from various sources. The searchable sources include organisations of various countries, monographs, conference papers, abstracts (including 'Market research abstracts') and the full-text of various journals, including the International journal of advertising, International journal of market research, Journal of advertising history, Journal of advertising research and Journal of interactive advertising.  Access to the WARC database is available from the JCU Library database website.

International Women's Day March 8th

UK Department-for-International-Development "Countries with more gender equality have better economic growth. Companies with more women leaders perform better. Peace agreements that include women are more durable. Parliaments with more women enact more legislation on key social issues such as health, education, anti-discrimination and child support. The evidence is clear: equality for women means progress for all." UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Well, I guess this evidence doesn't come as much of a surprise to all you hardworking students. International Women's Day on the 8th of March is a great reminder of how far we have all come and how far we still have to go. JCU library has many databases which cover aspects of gender equality. Try ProQuest for a start. Two ebooks you may like to view are: Equality for Women: Where Do We Stand on Millennium Development Goal 3? and Women's Issues: International Efforts to Protect Women .

Special Collections Fossickings 33: Trumper comes to town - part 2.

Previously we gave you the prelude to a remarkable cricket tour that drew crowds in regional Queensland more than a century ago. This week, thanks to John Hawkins’ painstaking research and careful account, we can imagine ourselves in the crowd at what surely must have been some of the most entertaining cricket matches ever played in the north. Page 3, Photograph of Victor Trumper from John Hawkin's book "Trumper's team in Queensland 1906". North Queenslanders were clearly under no illusions about the strength of the opposition, fielding sides of eighteen or thirteen men in order to ensure a decent contest against Trumper’s eleven. At the start of the first match Trumper, having won the toss, sent the Charters Towers XVIII in to bat. Despite an 8-wicket haul by Cotter, the Towers managed a creditable total of 187, one batsman doggedly taking an hour to score seven runs. Trumper and Bubb began their innings with a flourish, scoring 100 in half-an-hour, before Trum

Special Collections Fossickings 32: Trumper comes to town – part 1.

Did you enjoy the cricket over the summer? Did you raise a stubbie to celebrate the triumph of the baggy green and “the urn’s return”?  There’s nothing like an Ashes series to bring out the tales of past heroes of the game and by any measure Victor Trumper, whose Test career spanned the years 1899-1912, must rank as a giant among them. Many considered his abilities surpassed even Bradman’s. The great cricket authority, Neville Cardus, maintained Trumper was a soaring eagle compared to Bradman’s more prosaic jet plane. Yet, despite his talents, Trumper was known for his modesty and generosity on and off the field. Imagine the excitement that must have been generated by the announcement in early April 1906 that Trumper was going to bring a touring team to Queensland. Now Queenslanders could witness for themselves the flair and grace of his batting, and local players would have the chance to test their skills and their wits against Trumper and his first-class team, containing two other

Donate blood to the Australian Red Cross today

The Australian Red Cross blood donation service is parked outside the Mabo Library right now! Support your community and donate blood today.

Featured Libguide: Mobile Apps for Study and Research

Our mobile phones, tablets, ultrabooks and other devices are becoming more and more central in our lives.  JCU recently launch its mobile app,  JCU Mobile , which gives JCU community members news, maps, events, and more in their pockets.  But did you know that there are a heap of other apps to help you with your studies? From getting your readings and research started, to collaborating with other students and academics, to creating and giving professional presentations and talks, there's probably an app to suit your needs.  Check out the Mobile Apps Libguides for more.