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Release of Snapshot 2012: Children and young people in Queensland

Snapshot 2012 full report , the tenth in the Commission’s Snapshot series, draws together data from a wide range of sources to compile a contemporary portrait of the health, safety and wellbeing of children and young people in Queensland. Where possible, data are supported by robust trend analyses to provide a longitudinal evidence base that can be used to inform policy and program development and facilitate shared understandings across sectors. The Snapshot 2012 key data booklet is also now available. This year, a Snapshot Key Data: Children and Young People in Queensland web app for use on mobile devices is also being launched. This free app has been developed by the Commission to provide stakeholders with instant access to a wide range of information on issues relating to children and young people in Queensland. The web app acts as a quick and easy reference guide to statistical information on demographics, families, health risk factors, health conditions, early childhood edu

Call the midwife: Now available

Call the Midwife - ABC TV Have you been watching Call the Midwife on ABC at 8.30pm on Sunday nights? If so, you might be interested to know that the series is based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth, a former midwife in 1950s East End, London. The book that goes with this series is now available in the JCU Library collection .

Featured eBooks: Memoirs

The happiest refugee: A memoir . Anh Do nearly didn't make it to Australia. His entire family came close to losing their lives on the sea as they escaped from war-torn Vietnam in an overcrowded boat. But nothing - not murderous pirates, nor the imminent threat of death by hunger, disease or dehydration as they drifted for days - could quench their desire to make a better life in a country where freedom existed. Life in Australia was hard, an endless succession of back-breaking work, crowded rooms, ruthless landlords and make-do everything. But there was a loving extended family, and always friends and play and something to laugh about for Anh, his brother Khoa and their sister Tram. Impractical jokes . In 1986, Charlie Pickering's dad, Ron, was pushed into a pool by his best friend, Richard. What followed was an all-out water pistol ambush in a five-star restaurant and then ten years of tit-for-tat payback and near fatal hijinx that eventually involved the State Emerg

Quote of the day

From one of the eBooks in our collection: "Klingon speakers, those who have devoted themselves to the study of a language invented for the Star Trek franchise, inhabit the lowest possible rung on the geek ladder. Dungeons & Dragons players, ham radio operators, robot engineers, computer programmers, comic book collectors— they all look down on Klingon speakers. Even the most ardent Star Trek fanatics, the Trekkies, who dress up in costume every day, who can recite scripts of entire episodes, who collect Star Trek paraphernalia with mad devotion, consider Klingon speakers beneath them." Okrent, Arika. In the Land of Invented Languages. Westminster, MD, USA: Spiegel & Grau, 2010. p 3. Copyright © 2010. Spiegel & Grau. All rights reserved.

Australian native animals on display

The staff at Eddie Koiki Mabo Library are continuing the focus on Australia's unique wildlife - with a display featuring Australian native fauna Library resources. The Library holds some beautiful resources on Australian wildlife to support teaching and research on tropical ecosystems and conservation. Even if you are not studying in these areas, you might like to have a look at the display on the first floor of the Library. Some of the fascinating items on the display include: Animals of arid Australia: Out on their own? Australian birdlife (journal) Field guide to the frogs of Australia Spectacular snakes of Australia .

Featured eBooks: Writing guidebooks

Fearless confessions: A writer's guide to memoir . Everyone has a story to tell. Fearless Confessions is a guidebook for people who want to take possession of their lives by putting their experiences down on paper - or in a Web site or e-book. Enhanced with illustrative examples from many different writers as well as writing exercises, this guide helps writers navigate a range of issues from craft to ethics to marketing and will be useful to both beginners and more accomplished writers. Here comes the bogeyman: Exploring contemporary issues in writing for children . This book is an essential text focusing on critical and contemporary issues surrounding writing for children. Containing a critically creative and a creatively critical investigation of the cult and culture of the child and childhood in fiction and non-fictional writing, it also contains a wealth of ideas and critical advice to be shared with writers, students of children’s writing and students of writing.

Special Collections Fossickings 12: Mysteries solved and unsolved

Page from Victorian Lady's Sketchbook, Pencraig Last week we reported that while in north Queensland our artist produced two landscapes featuring the property “Pencraig” (the same name attached to one of the English sketches) referring to its owner as “AB” or “Albert”. What is the link between the English and Queensland Pencraigs? Could NB, the artist, be related to AB of Bowen’s Pencraig? Albert’s surname can be deduced from entries in The Queenslander between 1893 and 1905 concerning members of the Brook family, “of Pencraig, Bowen”. Mrs A Brook, mentioned in 1893, must surely have been Albert’s wife. Bowen cemetery records list Albert Brook (1835-1900), husband of Ellen Marion and father of Edith and William, both of whom died in infancy in 1870 and 1871. But what is the link between the Pencraigs? Where had Albert come from? A marriage notice in the Melbourne Argus provides the answer. On 15 March 1866 Ellen Marion Langdon, of Bellarine, married Albert Brook, younger so

Toxic Australian animals and plants

Are you interested in the nastier plants and animals of Australia? If so you might like to have a look at the display on the first floor of the Eddie Mabo Library. JCU Library holds some interesting books on the subject, including: Australia's dangerous creatures: For dummies Noxious weeds of Australia Pretty but poisonous: Plants poisonous to people, an illustrated guide for Australia Venomous creatures of Australia: A field guide with notes on first aid .

2012 Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Awards

Nathan Miller shows off his IPAA award Disability Action Week runs between 9 - 15 September, and in celebration of this week the Equity and Student Engagement Directorate has announced the 2012 Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Awards (IPAA) . The awards are organised by JCU AccessAbility Services to celebrate and acknowledge JCU staff who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to assisting students with disabilities. The awards recognise the efforts made by staff to be flexible, consultative, proactive, and/or innovative in minimising the challenges for students studying with a temporary or permanent disability, injury, illness or health condition. JCU Library is delighted to report that we had three nominees for the 2012 awards. Bronwen Forster and Vaurian Lewin from JCU Library in Cairns, and Nathan Miller from the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on Tonwsville campus. Nathan was a winner for JCU Townsville campus. Congratulations to all nominees and winners for making a diff

Special Collections Fossickings 11: A journey across the world

Page from Victorian Lady's Sketchbook - plants from India Last week we left you with some teasing questions about the 19th century sketchbook held in the Rare Book collection, and its creator. The story continues ….. From the domesticity of English wildflowers and countryside, suddenly the locations become exotic. In December 1891 and January 1892 there are drawings from both sides of the Indian continent. By May 1892 there are sketches from Heidelburg near Melbourne and, in July, from Chatswood, NSW. All of these botanical – flowers, fruits and leaves – some confidently named, others simply described. In India the artist often indicated where the plant had been seen. But there are no landscapes – even though the districts visited were known for their outstanding scenery. Was it all too overwhelming for someone used to the tamer English countryside? Or was it simply a question of time? Botanical specimens can be collected and painted at leisure, landscapes require an artist t

JCU Library Kindle Touch winners

Emma (Cairns) with her prize Janene (Townsville) receives her prize from Helen Congratulations to JCU Library's Open Day Kindle Touch winners. We hope they experience many hours of enjoyment with their new eReaders.

New trials of online video databases

JCU Library is trialling two new video databases. No logins are required while using these databases on campus, however off campus users will be asked to authenticate with their jc username and password. Both databases are also available via the trial of online services webpage. JCU Library can not guarantee access to these databases after the trial period. However heavy use between now and 3 October will support the case for including them in the JCU Library online collection.  Consequently, we encourage you to take advantage of these databases and to tell your friends! Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video (on trial until 3rd October 2012) This database provides an extensive video collection covering areas of fitness and health assessment, disease management, injury treatment, nutrition, medical fitness, sport science, work-site wellness, exercise adherence, and much more. The collection features an array of internationally renowned physicians, exercise scientists, c

Call the Midwife: Coming soon to JCU Library

Call the Midwife - ABC TV Have you been watching Call the Midwife on ABC at 8.30pm on Sunday nights? If so, you might be interested to know that the series is based on the best-selling memoirs of Jennifer Worth, a former midwife in 1950s East End, London. JCU Library will soon be in possession of this book, so keep checking the JCU Library catalogue if you would like to read the original story behind the series.

Look out for passing Library Rovers

To better serve library users at their point of need, the Library is trialling the use of Library Rovers. Please take advantage of any Library Rovers you see so that we can prove their worth and continue to offer their services in 2013. Library Rovers will rove through the Library building during the semester period, and can be identified by their stylish JCU Library Rover shirts. Library Rovers are JCU students who can assist with a variety of issues: First level IT assistance: - Using Library computers - Software applications - JCU online services (webmail, wireless, eStudent, StudentsOnline and LearnJCU). Basic assistance with Library services: - Lending services - Finding information resources - Copying and printing services. Are you on the top level of the Library building and have a problem? Well, keep your eye out for a Library Rover.

Get ready for the 2012 solar eclipse

Image source: Between about 6.30am and 6.45am on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 (AEST), northern Australia and the Pacific Islands will be plunged into darkness due to a total solar eclipse. One of the best spots to view the eclipse will be in Cairns . Go to the Cairns Regional Council website for the timing and duration of the eclipse within the region. Not surprisingly, the people of Cairns are making the most of being hosts for the eclipse, and so much fun and merriment is scheduled around the event - including the Eclipse 2012 Festival . A quick Google search also reveals that conferences have been scheduled around the event, and there will also be many local parties, so plan ahead if you want to witness this natural phenomenon.  JCU Library has some interesting books on astronomical events.  You may find them interesting if you have any time to read them between completing your assignments, and preparing for your exams: The 50 best sights in astrono

Special Collections Fossickings 10: An “orphan’s” story

Page from the Victorian Lady's Sketchbook, Aylestone Church One of the most intriguing items in the Rare Books Collection is a private sketchbook dating from the end of the 19th century. It is considered an ‘orphan work’ because its creator, and/or copyright owner, is unknown and cannot be traced. Appearing on the early pages are the initials NB, which we might reasonably assume to be the artist’s. But the full name, and gender, of the person who sketched and painted the plants and landscapes are hidden. So what can this book tell us about its mysterious owner and his or her travels? The early sketches and watercolours, completed between 1888-90, indicate the artist’s botanical interests, but among the wildflower illustrations we find rural scenes in England and Scotland. A sketch titled Netherton Hill, near Healey House Lodge, is probably of a site in Yorkshire. A full page watercolour of a country church with spire, standing near a river, is inscribed, Ayleston, another l

Eddie Koiki Mabo Library ATM

Great news! The Commonwealth ATM is back on site and ready for action at Eddie Koiki Mabo Library - northern entrance.

September is National Biodiversity Month

Litoria caerulea - Australian Green Tree Frog by Trevor Dennis Australian gull 070622-1535 by Tony Rodd Biodiversity Month aims to promote the importance of protecting, conserving and improving biodiversity both within Australia and across the world. If you are interested in finding out more about biodiversity, have a look at some of the great resources you can find at JCU Library, such as: Biodiversity and conservation (ejournal) Biodiversity and traditional knowledge: Equitable partnerships in practice (ebook) Biodiversity monitoring in Australia (book) Biodiversity: An introduction (ebook) JCU Townsville campus hosts the Centre For Tropical Biodiversity & Climate Change , check out their website to find out about their research activities. Also online, you can find out about biodiversity in Queensland , and the Australian Government's approach to the conservation of Australia's biodiversity .

Upcoming Writing Skills workshops

Do you think you need to improve your assignment writing? If so, check out upcoming Learning Skills writing skills workshops at Eddie Koiki Mabo Library. Upcoming workshops will be covering useful topics such as: Writing to convey your understanding Summarising and paraphrasing Concise writing Reviewing, editing and proofreading.

Featured eBooks: Exercise science

Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science . An invaluable reference book for anyone interested in the fascinating world of sport, containing over 5,000 terms relating to sport and exercise science. Coverage includes anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, biology, sports medicine, sporting rules and regulations, governing bodies, health and fitness and banned substances. Nutrition and Metabolism in Sports, Exercise and Health . A key determinant of successful athletic performance is the high-level energy transformation which begins with combustion of the food that we eat. By developing a sound understanding of good nutrition we can improve athletic performance, help maintain good health and prevent disease. This clear and comprehensive introduction to nutrition in sport, exercise and health goes further than any other textbook in integrating key nutritional facts, concepts and dietary guidelines with a thorough discussion of the fundamental biological science underpinning our phy