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Christmas & New Years Opening Hours

Please note, the Townsville & Cairns Library buildings will close at 12 noon Thursday 24th December 2009 and reope n at 8am on Monday 4th January 2010. JCU library staff wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you in 2010

Reserve Online Unavailability

The Reserve Online repository will be unavailable on Monday 21 December 2009 due to Copyright Compliance requirements. The system will be available again on Tuesday 22 December 2009. Please contact InfoHelp for any urgent matters. The Reserve Online team apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Online Library Purchase Request Form

Is there a book that you think should be in the Library’s collection? Staff and students of the University may recommend books or AV items for purchase for the Library collections using the Library Purchase Request form . Use one form per request. Recommendations will be considered against: The availability of funds Collection Development Guidelines Prescribed and Recommended Texts Policy The online form can now be used instead of the printed Library purchase request form. Once new purchases are available for loan the requestor will be notified by email, normal borrowing conditions apply.

The Museum of Bad Art

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Walk into any gallery and you are bound to find some works of art you like, and some you think a terrible. People can find themselves in heated debates as to what could be considered "good art" and what might be considered "bad art". Often, such arguments belittle art that is "bad" and suggest that it either doesn't exist (all art is good), or it shouldn't be in a public gallery (only good art is worth seeing). Very rarely is bad art acknowledged and celebrated. While many galleries and museums hold to the concept that all of the art in their collection is equally valid and "good", there is one bold enough to admit that the works they hold are awful: The Museum of Bad Art Most of the MoBA's collection has been gathered from flea markets and rubbish tips, but some has been donated to the museum by their creators (or the creators' family members). Each work of art is given due

2009 Christmas Displays

If you happen to be in either of the JCU library buildings in the lead up to Christmas, make sure you take a look at our Christmas displays. We have an eclectic range of displays this year. In Townsville we've decided to create another Book Christmas Tree , but this time we've taken a different approach. We've also embraced the do-it-yourself life-style with a display dedicated to making your own Christmas Stuff. All of the decorations in this display were made by people in InfoHelp and Lending Services, and we've got books on everything from making your own Christmas cards to making your own wooden toys. Up in Cairns, they always have to go the extra mile. While the Townsville mob were re-envisioning the Book Christmas Tree, the folks in Cairns came up with a whole Book Sculpture of Santa and his sleigh. You really should check it out - it's an ingenious combination of book stands, bound journals and the laws of physics. The Townsville librarians suspect

Santa Claus is visiting JCU's Cairns Campus Library

There was much surprise in the Cairns Library on Friday 4th December morning! Santa Claus had visited the library the day before and enjoyed it so much that he decided to stay here with his sleigh. Security is still searching for his missing reindeer in the forests surrounding the library. After the successful and impressive Christmas tree created with more than 240 books last year, the challenge was on for this year's Christmas display. A creative team of Library staff have constructed Santa Claus with his sleigh, made with, you guessed it, bound serials! A great unveiling of the two ephemeral sculptures for Christmas was organised in the JCU Cairns Library foyer! The reaction from Library visitors has been positive. Come in and see for yourself. Now, the two major questions remaining are: How many books in these sculptures? A prize for the person who picks the right number, and What’s coming next year?

Computer Lab closures - Summer break 2009/2010

Information Technology and Resources staff will be undertaking maintenance and upgrades to the facilities in the GATCF and School based teaching labs, on both Townsville and Cairns campuses, over the summer semester break. This means that all computer labs, with the *exception* of the following facilities, will be unavailable from Monday 7th December 2009 until Monday 8th February 2010, unless otherwise timetabled or advised. Townsville: All Library based computers will be available during Library opening hours. DA2 Annex (DA2-101, 102, 103, 104 and 107) open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday with swipe card access outside those hours. Cairns: All Library based computers will be available during Library opening hours. B1.030 has 24 hour card swipe access. All GATCF facilities on Townsville and Cairns campuses will be closed for the Christmas Break commencing Midday (12 Noon) Thursday 24th December 2009 and re-opening 9am Monday 4th January 2010. IT&R staff will post notices to the C

ITR Service Outage - 4 December, 2009

Service outages will occur on Friday December 4th, 2009 due to hardware relocations in the main data centre at JCU. The following production services will be affected: JCU CMS which will affect various web pages Databases for Blackboard 2007, 2008 and 2010 Finance1 database affecting Finance1 services CSDB database affecting access to CSDB TRIM database which will affect TRIM service Blogroll database affecting the VC's blog Services will be relocated in stages between 6am and 9am Friday 4th December 2009

Scopus announced as citation provider for ERA

The Australian Research Council (ARC) announced this week that Scopus will provide citation information for the full 'Excellence in Research for Australia' (ERA) initiative. “Citation analysis is one of the most widely used bibliometric tools for assessing the impact of scholarly research, and as such, it was crucial that an outstanding and appropriate citation provider be chosen for the full ERA initiative. Scopus is recognised as the largest abstract and citation database of research literature." All JCU research outputs must be deposited in ResearchOnline@JCU by 15 March 2010 to be included in the ERA submission. More information - ERA Initiative . More about ERA at JCU is available from the Library and Computing Services website . Source: ARC Media Release

Algernon Selects...

Algernon (the Library’s gorilla) was given the task of selecting books for the “holiday reading” display in Townsville's Mabo Library. Turns out Algernon’s favourite books are not mystery novels, or classic novels, or science-fiction novels or romance novels. Algernon likes paperbacks. He doesn’t really care what the book is about, as long as it’s a paperback. Thankfully, we have a lot of interesting paperbacks floating around in the library, so you’ll probably find something worth reading amongst Algernon’s selections. Have a look. Take a book. They’re all available for loan, and there are more where they came from.

'My Library Information' change in Tropicat

On Friday 27th November from 5pm to 7pm Tropicat will be unavailable while we make the changes necessary to allow staff and students to access Tropicat's 'My Library Information' using their JCU computer accounts. For JCU students and staff After 7pm, you will access your library information using your JCU computer account. For Associate, Community, Corporate and Reciprocal Borrowers Any borrower registered with the JCU Library who is not a JCU student or staff member will sign into 'My Library Information' using their borrower number (the barcode number on your membership card) and a PIN (personal identification number) assigned by Lending Services. If you have previously provided your email address your PIN will be sent to you. Otherwise contact Lending Services to get your PIN, or learn more about the changes. What is 'My Library Information'? 'My Library Information' provides a number of services that you can access any time, anywhere: Store

Request Books from Library Store Collections

Library clients can now place requests on items held in "Store collections". These will be marked in the catalogue by one of the following locations. The P Store is the location of periodicals relocated from the open access shelves to Store. The S Store is the location of items previously in the Store with an S Store number sequence. The X Store is the location of items previously in the Store with an X Store number sequence. The F Store is the location of folios and large size items. The Y Store is the location of new items being placed into Store. Once a hold has been placed you will be notified by email when your request is available for loan. Requests are available for collection from the self service hold shelf (Townsville) and from the Library Services desk (Cairns). Off Campus clients will also be able to request a store item by sending a request to the Off Campus Service via Tropicat and the item will be borrowed out to the clients and sent to their post

Reserve Online: Important Dates

The Library is currently updating reserve Online materials for study period 1 2010. To make sure that we process your materials in a timely manner it is advisable that you respond by the 2nd February 2010 with your requests: Check your readings on Reserve Online and email a list of unwanted readings to archive. Submit your Reserve Online requests by completing one of the following forms: Text-based works and images Adding moving images on reserve Online Placing Off Air Broadcasts/Screenrights on Reserve Online Placing Music on Reserve Online You will be notified via email when the item is available in Reserve Online. Once the item is available in Reserve Online you can add it to your LearnJCU subject site. Please read the criteria for submitting material for scanning before proceeding with a request. Using reserve online ensures the University’s copyright compliance . If you have any queries or require further assistance please contact either your school liaison librarian or len

LearnJCU 2010 - Important dates for Staff

On November 23, 2009 - LearnJCU 2010 will become available. * A link to LearnJCU 2010 will be available on your current LearnJCU Welcome tab * 2009 subjects will be available as per normal On December 21, 2009 - LearnJCU will be switched over to LearnJCU 2010. * The LearnJCU URL ( ) will then go to the LearnJCU 2010 login page * Access to LearnJCU 2009 and earlier years will be available via links on the Staff Resources tab * Safe Assign will become unavailable in 2009 subject sites and available in 2010 subject sites * Reserve Online will become unavailable in 2009 subject sites and available in 2010 subject sites For more information please contact:

Stress Relief - The Times Spelling Bee

How are the exams going? How are your stress levels? Do you feel ready for another time-wasting diversion? The Times Spelling Bee could be just what you need. This happy little online quiz feeds you English language words (in a number of different British voices) so you can see what your spelling is like. Sometimes the accents can lead you astray, but if you're spelling isn't horrible it's a wonderfully uplifting waste of a few minutes. Also a little bit addictive. Be warned.

Library Collection Development Guidelines

The Library & Information Services Collection Development Guidelines , approved by Academic Board in August 2009, can be accessed from the A-Z of Library & Computing Services . The purpose of the Collection Development Guidelines is to provide a framework for the development and maintenance of library and archival collections at James Cook University. It outlines the current principles, policies and practices that inform the selection, access, maintenance, and relegation of information resources, electronic and print, for the JCU libraries. In addition to the collections of published information resources, the Library has responsibility for creating and maintaining the Reserve Online and the JCU research publications repository on behalf of the University. The Guidelines are used to: Guide the selection, acquisition, maintenance and provision of access to information resources by Library and Information Services staff Provide the James Cook University community with an ove

Newspaper Holdings - Mabo Library Townsville

The following newspapers are now located in the Store compactus. For each paper, the last 12 months are held in an unbound format. To obtain access to these newspapers please contact either Lending Services staff or Serials Staff : The Age Sydney Morning Herald Financial Review The following newspapers will continue to be bound and stored in the Microfilm room (ground floor) and are accessible by anyone: The Australian Courier Mail Townsville Bulletin

Stress Relief - ZooBorns

So, the exams are more or less upon us. Some poor suckers, er, I mean, "students" have already started their exams, others are looking down the barrel in the next couple of weeks. It's at this time of semester when we often find students need a little bit of distraction every now and then for their sanity. We always like to help our students with their, ah, "information" needs, so we thought we might provide a link or two to some pages that will be distracting. Today, it's ZooBorns . This is a page that is entirely devoted to baby animals born in zoos around the world. It's quite an education, actually. I'm sure you'll find some animals you've never even heard of before. A word of warning, though, it is a very good time waster. Follow this link at your peril, if you have more pressing work to do...

Book Display

We librarians are a sneaky lot. Occasionally, we just have to do something that amuses us. So, for the time being, we have a book display about... Books. Yep, that's right, we've constructed an entire display looking at "The Book" - how people go about writing books, the design of books, printing and binding, publishing... Heck, we've even got a couple of journals about book reviews. We call it our "Book Display". You can groan now, if you like. Or, you can come into the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library and take a look. It could be particularly interesting if you were thinking about trying to get a book published, or if you want to work in some aspect of the book industry.

Tropicat for Mobile Devices

Do you own an iPhone, Blackberry or 3G phone? Then you will want to use it to check out Tropicat for mobile devices , the new text-based interface to the JCU Library catalogue. It offers the same functionality as the standard interface without the graphics and is suited to viewing on smaller screens. You can search, add items to your list, place reserves and renew items wherever you are, for as long as your battery and phone card last! If you would like to know more about using Tropicat view the Quick Guide to Tropicat . Interested in learning more about using your iPhone with Walkabout wireless, JCU email and NetAccess ? See our guide Using the iPhone .

Australian Research Online

Australian Research Online is where you can search 332,943 Australian research outputs, including theses; preprints; postprints; journal articles; book chapters; music recordings and pictures. Australian Research Online searches simultaneously across the contents of Australian university and government research repositories in addition to several other collections of Australian research. The list of currently participating universities, and government departments with the number of outputs currently in each repository, is listed at the left. To view the most frequently accessed research items, and most popular creators, visit the Statistics page. Or to view the contents of an institution’s repository (including James Cook University)listed as a tag cloud, visit the Tag cloud page.

eJournals Scheduled System Outage - 25 October

Serials Solutions are upgrading their systems. As a result the following Library services may be unavailable on Sunday, 25 October between 2am to 8am local time. eJournals A-Z (The eJournals title list) Hyperlinks in Tropicat journal records Find It (The Link Resolver) X Search Ulrich's Periodicals Directory If you are still experiencing problems after this time, please contact InfoHelp .

Open Access Week 19-23 October

Support free, immediate, online access to the results of scholarly research along with your colleagues around the world during Open Access Week . Check out the website for facts, resources and suggestions. Find out why Open access is good for you, and everyone View the Open Access 101 video. (3 minutes, animated) . Find out how Open Access is paid for And contribute your research to ResearchOnline@JCU for all the world to see. Free .

Exam Opening Hours

The Townsville and Cairns Library Buildings will be open for extended hours during the Examination period, beginning Friday 6 November until Sunday 22 November. Handouts are available at the InfoHelp desks. 24 hour study facilities, including copying, computing and printing are available in the Humanities Annex (Building 02) Computing Facility in Townsville and A2.017, A2.018 and B1.030 facilities in Cairns. Many services and resources are available 24 hours per day through the Library and Computing Services website .

Guide to Library Services FOR PIRATES!

Well, we were going to try to correct a few more spelling errors before officially unveiling our Guide to Library Services But Cap'n Sam threatened to do horrible things to us involving sharp pieces of metal if we didn't "stop yer fussin' an' get on wit' it!" He also mentioned something really unsavoury involving a dead parrot and a copy of Captain Blood , so we thought it was probably in our best interest to just put the page up. Who's brilliant idea was it to hire a pirate for a librarian , anyway? Oh, well. You can get to the new piratical pages from our Training Page , or you can follow this link here:

Guide to Using an iPhone at JCU

A new self-help guide is now available for using your iPhone at JCU. Follow the easy steps for: *setting up your iPhone for wireless access at JCU *setting up an email account for JCU *setting up Mirapoint calender synchronisation *setting up VPN access to JCU *using netAccess with your iPhone For all this and more - see the iPhone Guide .

Historical Statistics Online @ ABS

In response to increasing demand to access historical statistics on the Web, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently digitised an important compendium of Australian and New Zealand colonial data, A Statistical account of the seven colonies of Australasia . The historical account (and its later title, Statistical account of Australia and New Zealand) was compiled between 1890 and 1904 by the New South Wales Statistician, Timothy A. Coghlan. The eleven volumes bring together statistics for each of the colonies of Australia and New Zealand and are complemented by analysis and commentary. The publication also includes chapters on political divisions, areas and boundaries, climate, parliaments and defence much like in the current Year Book Australia. Other historical data available from ABS includes the Demography Bulletin which includes detailed population and vital statistics data for the period 1900 - 1971 and Labour reports, covering the period 1911 - 1997. See the full li

ResearchOnline@JCU Launch - Celebrating Research Month @ JCU Townsville

JCU Library celebrates research month, with the official launch of ResearchOnline@JCU by Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Sandra Harding. ResearchOnline@JCU provides access to and preserves output from JCU’s research and scholarly activity. Benefits of loading research outputs to ResearchOnline@JCU include: · Wide and rapid dissemination · Free access and immediate to unrestricted outputs · Free access to restricted outputs via ‘Request a Copy’ · Citation advantage from free and immediate circulation · Showcase research of individuals and Schools or Research Centres · Permanent URLs · Facilitation of collaboration and communication – e.g. send URLs rather than large files Come along and hear about the highlights of the updated software which has been customised as the new interface for receiving JCU HERDC and ERA publications and data. Where: Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Level 1 When: Wednesday 30th September

Scheduled Outage - Internet Provider Upgrades - 27-28 September

The JCU primary Internet link will be upgraded with new equipment from 10pm 27th September to 2am 28th September. During this upgrade period, the connection will switch to the backup link. While this link should continue to provide all services as necessary, it is a slower link and some delays may be experienced during this time period. If necessary to complete any unfinished work, a second maintenance window is scheduled for the following day from 10pm 28th September to 11:59pm 28th September.

Elsevier Scopus Workshop - Celebrating Research Month @ JCU Townsville

Learn more about "Scopus" a premier abstract and citation database covering over 16,000 of the world’s best peer-reviewed journals. Elsevier’s Scopus is a well renowned publisher in the field of citation analysis and bibliometrics. Excellence in Research for Australia will be partially measured, depending on the Field of Research, by citation data derived from either Scopus or Web of Science. Citation analysis, along with peer judgment and assessments of publication counts and venues, is one of the most widely used methods in evaluating the research performance of academics and institutions. Citation counts provide researchers and administrators with an efficient indicator for assessing the research performance of authors, projects, programs, institutions, and countries and the relative impact and quality of their work. Date: 8th October, 2009 Presenter: Ann Harvey (Elsevier) Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 AM – An Introduction to

Thomson Web of Science Workshop - Celebrating Research Month @ JCU Townsville

Learn more about Thomson’s "Web of Science" - one of the world's leading citation databases. The use of 'number of cites by peers' for evaluating research is based on the assumption that citations are a way of giving credit to and recognizing the value, quality, and significance of an author's work. Thomson’s Web of Science is one of the premier publishers in the field of citation analysis and bibliometrics. Excellence in Research for Australia will be partially measured, depending on the Field of Research, by citation data derived from either Web of Science or Scopus. Date: 9th October, 2009 Presented by: Geeho Liu and Steven Werkheiser (Thomson) Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 AM – The Functionalities of ISI’s ResearcherID: how to find collaborators, review publication lists and explore how your research is used around the world Session 2: 2:00 PM – The Power of Essential Science Indicators and Journal Citation

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 19th is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day"! It has become something of a tradition here at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library in Townsville, to celebrate the day by throwing together a hastily conceived, last minute display which lasts marginally longer than it really should. This time, we've hidden it on the first floor, next to the back stairs. If you glance behind the display, you might find a little bit extra. But , just to make things interesting, we'd thought we'd take the time to give you a sneak peak at something we've been working on: The Guide to Library Services - For Pirates! It's still a work in progress, so it may change a little between now and when we actually put a link to the pages on our home page, but you can get an idea of where we're heading with the pages. Now, be off wit' ye, ye scurvy dogs! An' remember t' talk pirate like, yar!

CELEBRATING RESEARCH MONTH: 10th September – 21st October 2009

Discover a diverse and exciting program of events which will showcase JCU research activities this month. Benefit from a variety of workshops and demonstrations to provide resources and capacity building for both established, early career researchers and Higher Degree Research students. Highlights of the Townsville Program include: Research Online@JCU Official Launch When: Wednesday, 30th September 2009, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Venue: Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Level 1. Scopus Workshop When: Thursday, 8th October, 2009 Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 am, An Introduction to Scopus plus an on-line demonstration. Session 2: 2:00 pm, Early Researcher Career Mentoring, plus Scimago Journal Rank and Research Trends. Web of Science Workshop When: Friday, 9th October 2009 Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 am, The Functionalities of ISI’s ResearcherID. Session 2: 2:00 pm, The Power of Essential Science Indicators and

NewsBank - Electronic Newspapers Trial

Staff and students have trial access until 6 November 2009 to NewsBank, which provides the electronic editions of many local, state, national and global newspapers. NewsBank indexes and consolidates publishers' content in comprehensive news and information services. Content is updated daily, with coverage generally starting in 1998 – this date can vary across different newspapers. A password is not required on campus; off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page . If you have any feedback either positive or negative please let us know.

Darwin 200

In case you haven't heard, this year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. It also marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, but we've only got a display for Darwin at the moment. If you come into the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library building in Townsville, you will find a motley collection of books (including some rather pretty, if excessively heavy, tomes) has been assembled in honour of one of the most influential scientists in modern history. You should see the really impressive book . It's a facsimile of his handwritten journal of the voyage of the Beagle , and it's presented in a volume which has marbling and gold-edged pages... the kind of thing a bibliophile drools over.

Book Review: The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee

“When I opened the lid the smell of fifty-cent-sized raindrops hitting dry earth escaped… Up rose the scent of green apple shampoo. Of river stones once the flood has gone. The taste of winter sky laced with sulphur fumes. A kiss beneath a white-hearted tree. A hot still day holding its breath” This is what you can expect when you read “The Anatomy of Wings” by Karen Foxlee. The story is told by 10 year old Jennifer Day and tries to answer the questions that no one can answer after the death of her teenage sister Beth. It is set in a small regional mining town. In fact this town is very closely based on Mount Isa, which is where the author grew up. Foxlee provides wonderful descriptive passages on the town, surrounding landscape, the lake, smelters, how the mine dominates the town skyline and through her writing brings the town and its inhabitants, especially those who live in Dardanelles Court, to life exposing how they deal with their grief and pain. "There was an op

Printing using Touchscreens

A touchscreen capable monitor is attached to a MFD on the ground floor of both the Cairns and Townsville Library’s. This equipment is provided for students who have difficulty using the small card swipe terminals when printing by showing a larger image of the display screen. To use: Select student touchscreen as your printer queue option At the touchscreen: Touch or click the refresh button Select your print job Swipe your card to release the document See the CopyPrint guide for more information

Peer reviewed articles identified easily

We've added a 'Peer-reviewed' filter to X Search which hides articles in your search results that are not from peer reviewed (or refereed) journals . Quickly narrow your search results to articles which have gone through a peer-reviewing process before being published in a scholarly journal for a scholarly audience. We've also made a filter available that limits the displayed items to those that indicate they have full text available. (Note that items that are available full text don't always indicate their availability.) Tick the filter you want to apply and X Search updates your search results to only include items that correspond. Remove the tick to remove the filter and see the items that were hidden. Provide Feedback on X Search

Dentistry & Oral Sciences database trial

Staff and students have trial access until 6 November 2009 to Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source on the EbscoHost platform. This database is currently a beta version with the full release expected late September. It provides cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts for 160 journals and dozens of monographs while also providing the full text for 130 journals and many monographs. A password is not required on campus; off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page

Scheduled Full Network Outage: 6th September 2009

On Sunday the 6 th of September 2009 there will a complete system shutdown of the network between 6:00am and 4:00pm. During this time no network services will be available. This will impact ALL network services on and off campus. (Internet Access, File Shares, Applications, Printing, GATCF Labs etc). While every effort will be made to return services as soon as possible, services may not be available for the full period between 6:00am and 4:00pm. We acknowledge the high level of the impact of this outage, but this interruption is essential to ensure the continued stable operation of the network. ITR apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Introductory EndNote Workshops

Introductory EndNote workshops will cover: Introduction to EndNote Cite while you write: how EndNote interacts with word Importing references using filter files and connection files The sessions will be demonstration sessions for students who want an overview of Endnote. Feel free to bring along your laptop and follow the trainer. Dates & Times: Tuesday 1 st September 3.00pm Thursday 3rd September 11.00am 1 hour demonstration VENUE: Infohelp Training Room, Ground floor – Mabo Library

Client Survey Summary and Response

The summary of the 2008 JCU Library Client Survey is now available. It describes the major themes resulting from the survey analysis and how clients rate the performance of the Library in key areas, as well as identifying which are priority areas for clients. The Library's actions in addressing the issues raised is included. A comparison with the 2006 JCU Library Client Survey is included as is a link to the full report from InSync Surveys. We thank all the participants who gave us an insight into how we can continue to improve our services.

Discover Your Library @ JCU

JCU Open Day is on this Sunday, 23rd August in Cairns and Sunday 30th August in Townsville from 10.00am - 2.30pm. Our Libraries will be open from 10am - 5pm on both campuses so come along and join in the fun. As part of OPEN DAY 2009 , the Cairns and Townsville university libraries are offering a number of activities and displays: Cairns Campus Tour the library and take part in a quiz for a chance to win a one-year community library membership valued at $110. Book Safari: children's book week display Books and publications by JCU staff and students on display featuring research publications and the creative arts and earth sciences. From green ants to the beaches - something for the budding researcher! Library special collection treasures on display Townsville Campus Book Safari: children's book week display & storytelling sessions 10.30am and 11.30am. Join our storytellers who will read and entertain from a selection of Australian children's literature. Tour the lib

Using References and Quotations effectively in your assignment

Good references are the most powerful tools you can use for your assignments. Learn how to use them effectively,lay them out correctly using different styles, cite them in text and put together a great reference list. You will also find out how a research file can help with this. Workshop times Tuesday 25 August 11.00am Wednesday 26 August 4.00pm Venue -Mabo Library InfoHelp Training Room (Townsville)

Tropicat scheduled outage

Tropicat, the JCU Library catalogue, will be unavailable from 5 - 6pm on Saturday 22 August while database maintenance is performed. The index files used for searches require rebuilding, and other regular maintenance will also be performed. ITR apologises for any inconvenience caused.

New Medical Database on Trial

Student and staff of JCU have trial access until 10th September to Best Practice . This database from the British Medical Journals Group is an evidence-based medical clinical reference service which incorporates and builds on "Clinical Evidence" and "Martindale: the complete drug reference", products already subscribed to by JCU. A password is not required on campus; off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page .

How Different Groups Spend Their Day

The American Time Use Survey asks thousands of American residents to recall every minute of a day. Here is how people over age 15 spent their time in 2008. The interactive map is very impressive. Go and have a look at:

Crevasse Roulette by Antarctic explorer Dr Jon Stephenson

We are proud to launch the new book by Antarctic explorer and original staff member of Townsville University College Geology department, Dr Jon Stephenson. Crevasse Roulette tells the story of the Trans-Antarctic Expedition of 1955 -58 (TAE) “from its conception to its aftermath and captures the spirit, planning, privations, achievements, the camaraderie and the occasional disputes of the well crafted and eminently successful expedition. It also covers the controversy surrounding Hillary’s unscheduled dash for the Pole”. Come and join us on the 21st August at 4pm in the InfoHelp training room (ground floor, Mabo Library Townsville) to listen to Dr Jon Stephenson talk about his new book Crevasse Roulette with comments on the contrasts between the leaders, Fuchs and Hillary. You are invited to stay for light refreshments after the presentation and will have the opportunity to get your copy signed or purchase a copy of the book. For catering purposes please RSVP to Helen Hooper by We

Researching your Assignment

Social Sciences Business/Tourism Science Health Improve your research skills in your specific area of study. This session will guide you through the process of accessing and searching the library’s journal databases for subject specific information. We will also look at how to find additional resources from the Internet for your assignments and what search strategies will help you find high quality articles. Workshop times Social Sciences Thursday 13 August 2pm & Tuesday 18 August 10am Business/Tourism Tuesday 11 August 4pm & Thursday 20 August 10am Science Thursday 13 August 11am & Wednesday 19 August 2pm Health Tuesday 11 August 11am & Wednesday 19 August 11am Venue - Mabo Library InfoHelp Training Room(Townsville)

Finding More on the Web Sessions

Most people reckon they are pretty good at finding stuff on the Web. Most people are fooling themselves. Come along and find out your fool-factor at this semester's Finding More on the Web sessions. If you ever use search engines like Google to find information, this session will improve your success rate, guaranteed! (If you don't, come along anyway and discover what you are missing) This 50 minute presentation from Information & Research Support is Amazing! Amusing! Empowering! and it's useful for everyone - academics, researchers, general & technical staff, students. Find the guaranteed best ways to lose weight, stop hair loss and perform brain surgery for fun and profit. Plus improve your research out of sight. No booking is necessary - just turn up at the Mabo Library Training Room ( Townsville ) on the ground floor (just behind the newspaper area) at 10am, Tuesday 4 th August 3pm, Thursday 6 th August On Tuesday we will look in depth at searching for we

Encyclopedia of Life

From the website: The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is an ambitious, even audacious project to organize and make available via the Internet virtually all information about life present on Earth. At its heart lies a series of Web sites—one for each of the approximately 1.8 million known species—that provide the entry points to this vast array of knowledge. The entry-point for each site is a species page suitable for the general public, but with several linked pages aimed at more specialized users. The sites sparkle with text and images that are enticing to everyone, as well as providing deep links to specific data. The EOL dynamically synthesizes biodiversity knowledge about all known species, including their taxonomy, geographic distribution, collections, genetics, evolutionary history, morphology, behavior, ecological relationships, and importance for human well being, and distribute this information through the Internet. It serves as a primary resource for a wide audience that include

eJournals Scheduled System Outage

Serials Solutions are upgrading their storage infrastructure. As a result the following services may be unavailable for as long as six hours on Saturday, 1st August from 11am to 5pm (AEST). eJournals A-Z Hyperlinks in Tropicat journal records Find It button (Link Resolver) X Search Ulrichs Advice and assistance with links to eJournals will be available during this time from InfoHelp in Townsville (4781 5500)and Cairns (4781 1029).

Orientation: an InfoHelp Survival Guide

Visit our website and find out: How to use email How to find readings for your subject When your lectures are on How to do better assignments and much more...

InfoHelp Tutorials

Discover how to use email, find information for assignments and surf the web! InfoHelp Tutorials start this week and are free. All students are welcome to attend. See full details and session times for Townsville and Cairns. Sessions starting in O-week include: Townsville: • Library Orientation Tours • Studying@JCU: essential information on the web • Top Ten Assignment Research Tips • Getting Connected: hands on skills for JCU Online • Finding More on the Web Find out why, when and where to attend Cairns: • Library Orientation Tours • Studying@JCU: essential information on the web • Getting Connected @ JCU: Hands on skills for JCU online (bookings recommended) • Top Ten Assignment Research Tips Find out why, when and where to attend

An Interesting Diversion: The Hermitage Museum

The State Hermitage Museum is one of the most famous museums in Russia, and surely belongs alongside the Louvre as being amongst the most famous museums in the world. Located in St Petersberg, in the old Winter Palace building, The State Hermitage Museum is probably best known for its "starring role" in the movie Russian Ark ( Russkiy kovcheg ). The movie looks at approximately two hundred years of Russian history by following two characters as they move through the rooms of the Winter Palace, moving through time as they move through the rooms. The film is most remarkable for the fact that it was shot in one fluid take - all from the point of view of one of the character. It's definitely worth watching if you're a film buff, but not exactly Saturday night material if you prefer Hollywood films. The museum itself has a brilliant web-presence. You can tour a lot of the building and view a large number of the exhibitions all from your own desk. They use a lot of

Random Book Review: Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia

The Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia is one of the newer books in our collection. Written by Michael J Tyler and Frank Knight, the book is a slim volume - easily slipped into a pack - which consists of short descriptions and colour illustrations of Australian frogs. We actually have quite a number of field guides to Australian frogs in our library, but this one stands out from the crowd by virtue of Frank Knight's illustrations. Frank Knight used to work as an illustrator for CSIRO's Division of Wildlife Research, and he has illustrated a number of other Field Guides , such as the Field Guide to the Birds of Australia . Knight's illustrations are beautiful and practical, and allow you to see the frogs in similar poses, so you can better compare the differences. The only thing I found disappointing was that the frogs are all grouped scientifically. As a "field guide", I thought it might be more practical if they were grouped according to their general


Keen observers coming into the Mabo Library in recent weeks might have noticed a small table opposite the InfoHelp desk. We've been running an experiment recently: mini-displays. So far, we've had displays celebrating Canada Day, Percy Grainger's birthday and, today, Marcel Proust's birthday. Basically, we've been picking dates in the calendar and grabbing a few things off the shelf to match. It's usually a small sample of the works we have on any given subject, but it's keeping us amused. Next time you're in the library, keep an eye out for one of these mini-displays. We won't have them up every day, and most of them will be down again in a couple of days' time. Perhaps they can keep you amused as well?

What's the time, Mr Wolf?

Have you ever wondered what the time difference was between, say, Brisbane and Dubai * ? If you wanted to spend some time studying abroad, or if you need to contact a friend or colleague who is in a different time zone, it can be very useful to be able to quickly check the time in different locations. That's where a site like Time and Date's World Clock comes in handy. At a quick glance, you can check the times across a reasonably extensive range of capital cities. By clicking on the name of the city, you can also find other details, like: when daylight saving time starts/finishes, the dialling codes for the country/area, the weather... that sort of thing. There are other sites out there which offer similar services, and I encourage you to have a look around to see if you find one you prefer. Time and Date is simple enough to use, though, and is perfectly adequate for answering those quick, what-time-is-it-in-Adelaide-type questions. Certainly worth bookmarking. *

Random Book Review: Sister Madge's Book of Nuns

Sister Madge's Book of Nuns is written by Doug MacLeod and illustrated by Craig Smith. Originally published in 1986, Sister Madge's Book of Nuns is a fondly regarded Australian children's book - which apparently started out as a practical joke on a publisher. Introduced by Sister Madge, from the Convent of our Lady of Immense Proportions, the book consists of a number of poems about various nuns Sister Madge has known. The book is a rollicking, irreverent excuse to put some nuns in very un-nun-like situations, and there are enough fart jokes to keep any Year 3 class amused. The poems are a little long for reading the entire book in one sitting to the younger grades, but it gives a primary school teacher the opportunity the stretch the book out over several story telling sessions. My favourite lines come from "Sister Stephanie and the Gang": Sister Stephanie left the store But came back with a mighty roar The windows smashed, alarm bells rang, The nuns had

Winter Reading Display – Townsville

Looking for a good book to read or DVD to watch over the winter break? Pop in to the Mabo Library and check out our Winter Reading Display featuring Australian literature and films. The works featured are a small sample of our Australian book collection. Many more books can be found at 820A, on the top floor of the Library. Also on display are books from our North Queensland Collection, novels written by locals or set in North Queensland.

Endnote training

Hands on Endnote training will be conducted for staff and postgraduate students in July. Training will cover Getting started with Endnote Endnote and Word Connecting to the JCU Library Catalogue using Connection Files Using Filter Files to import information from online databases Training will be conducted in Townsville on the following dates: Tuesday 14 July - 9am to 12noon Wednesday 15 July - 9am to 12noon Thursday 16 July - 9am to 12noon All sessions will be in HX107 (aka DA2-107) To book for Townsville sessions contact Nicole Johnston on 4781 4941 (email: ) or Claire Swift on 4781 6523 (email: ) Training in Cairns will be conducted on the following dates Tuesday 14 July - 9am to 12noon Wednesday 15 July - 9am to 12noon Thursday 16 July - 9am to 12noon All sessions will be in B1.104 (library computer training room) To book for Cairns sessions contact Kathy Fowler on 4042 1034 ( ) Cairns In

Random Book Review: Circus Techniques

Circus Techniques , by Hovey Burgess, is one of the seminal works in circus pedagogy. Burgess was a long-time teacher at the New York University, teaching circus techniques in the graduate acting programme. He also taught at the Juilliard School during the Sixties and Seventies, and worked with most of the top clown schools and colleges in America... in addition to being a juggler, acrobat and flyman in his own right. His book, originally published in 1976, has rarely been out of print, and is still considered to be one of the core books in the genre. Circus Techniques examines three basic elements of circus arts: juggling, equilibristics and vaulting (for those of you who might not be quite so "up" on your circus terminology, "equilibristics" covers balance skills like unicycling and stilts, while "vaulting" covers acrobatic skills such as tumbling and trapeze). In each area, he covers basic skills and builds to more advanced techniques. The infor

2009 JCU Teaching Awards

JCU is pleased to announce the recipient of the JCU Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning and the recipients of the 2009 Faculty Citations for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning. This year, we also presented a Citation for Sessional staff. The citations are awarded annually to staff who have demonstrated they have influenced student learning, student engagement or the overall student experience over a sustained period of time, and have gained recognition from fellow staff, the institution, and/or the broader community. See the winners at: or pop into the Mabo Library or the Cairns campus library and see the citations on display.

New trials for midwifery and medicine

Students and staff of JCU have trial access until 30 June 2009 to a selection of books journals and databases in OvidSP on midwifery and medicine. Maternity and Infant Care : Database of over 120,000 references with abstracts to articles from journals, books, and grey literature relating to pregnancy, labour, birth, postnatal care, and neonatal care and the first year of an infant’s life. MIDIRS Midwifery Digest in Journals@Ovid Books@Ovid Includes: * Jones & Bartlett 100 Questions & Answers Series * Avery's Neonatology * Drugs in Pregnancy and Lactation: A Reference Guide to Fetal and Neonatal Risk * Informed Choice Initiative: For Professionals * Informed Choice Initiative: For Women * Johns Hopkins Manual of Gynecology and Obstetrics * Manual of Obstetrics A password is not required on campus, while off campus access to the trial is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page . If you have any feedback either positive or negative please le

Multimedia Hosting Service for Academics

The Library and Learning Technologies are pleased to announce that JCU students and staff can now access multimedia teaching materials including video, off air broadcasts and music, in addition to text and images through LearnJCU . The multimedia materials are hosted on a media streaming server, which means the content can be viewed quickly by students regardless of the speed of the bandwidth connection. Students can also jump to particular parts of the content by dragging the tracking bar. Academic staff can submit multimedia content through the Reserve Online forms available from the Reserve Online For Academic Staff guide. More information about streaming digital media at JCU is provided by Learning Technologies including an FAQ, and hints on creating digital media files.

Need a quiet place to study? Try the library's Silent Zone and Quiet Study Areas.

Townsville: Did you know that we have a TOTAL SILENCE ZONE along the southern wall on the top floor of the library building? This zone has been established for those students who want absolute silence while studying. Conditions of access for these areas are: No mobile phones; No children. Other areas in the Library are for quiet conversation, including the Western Group Presentation Room on the top floor, the Seminar room and Student lounge on the first floor (eastern end) and the Coffee Friendly Zone located on the ground floor adjacent to Copying Services. All areas are clearly marked on the Library floor plans . Cairns: The whole top floor of the library is a SILENT STUDY AREA. Children are allowed but it is the parent/adult's responsibility to ensure that they do not disturb other library patrons throughout the library. Group study and quiet conversation is acceptable on the ground and first floors of the Library. The ground floor is a Coffee Friendly Zone, with the excep

Exam Tips #5

Make something Okay, you've got a really complex subject that has a lot of "hard" facts to remember... and there's an exam coming up. You know you are going to have to remember that formula/definition/date, so you write it down on a piece of paper and read over it as often as you can - saying it out-loud to a mirror to help you memorise it. But it's so very similar to another formula/definition/date that you have to remember for the same exam, and you aren't sure if you'll remember exactly which one is which when it comes to the crunch... While memorisation is great, and learning things by rote can really help you recall things later on, the best thing you can do to remember something is to engage with it. If you know what that formula does (and what happens if you change one part of it), if you use that definition in context, if you remember something else that happened on that date... well it might mean more to you. When it means something to

Scopus Database

The Library is promoting the Scopus database in June. Why use Scopus? Scopus is a premier abstract and citation database covering over 16,000 of the world’s best peer-reviewed journals. Scopus search results include: Journal articles conference proceedings, trade publications and book series scholarly web pages (searched via Scirus) patent records from 5 patent offices Scopus exports search results directly to EndNote Check your Scopus skills now - answer our quiz for a chance to win Scopus prizes Try one of the Scopus tutorials Read more about Scopus Go straight to a Scopus search session

Exam Opening Hours

The Townsville and Cairns Library Buildings will be open for extended hours during the Examination period, beginning Saturday 6 June - Sunday 21 June. Handouts are available at the InfoHelp desks. 24 hour study facilities, including copying, computing and printing are available in the Humanities Annex (HX/DA02) Computing Facility in Townsville and A2.017, A2.018 and B1.030 facilities in Cairns. Many services and resources are available 24 hours per day through the Library and Computing Services website .

Artist in Residence - Gail Mabo - JCU Library, Townsville

The Library is happy to announce that Gail Mabo will be an "Artist in Residence" on 27 May and 28 May, 2009. Gail Mabo's exhibition " Mabo K ara Art " is currently on display in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library in Townsville until 5 June, 2009.

Library and Information Week 2009

Libraries your passport to discovery! 25 - 31 May 2009 Libraries connect people to ideas. It's a vital part of our commitment to promoting the free flow of information and facilitating all Australians' access to recorded knowledge, information, and creative works. This year’s theme highlights the self-directed discovery element of libraries and to celebrate libraries as the place to access, communicate, connect, educate, entertain and inform. "Australians benefit from services provided by approximately 9,000 school libraries, 42 university libraries, 387 TAFE campus libraries, and thousands of health libraries, law libraries and other special libraries." If you haven't been to the JCU Libraries lately, come along and experience the great spaces we have to help you with your studies; reacquaint yourself with our online services or contact your subject Librarian for assistance. Library statistics There are approximately 12 million registered users of public

Gail Mabo Workshop

Come and join us on the 27th May at 10am in the InfoHelp training room (ground floor, Mabo Library Townsville) to listen to artist Gail Mabo. Gail will talk about her artistic style of painting and indigenous art in general. You are invited to come early for morning tea before the presentation (9.30am). For catering purposes please RSVP to Helen Hooper by Tuesday 26th May (email: or phone: 4781 4381). Don't forget to also have a look at Gail's exhibition currently located on the 1st floor of the Mabo Library until 5th June 2009. Our display on indigenous art also includes a watercolour by Eddie Koiki Mabo (part of Gail's collection).

Mabo Kara Art Exhibition

Mabo Kara Art Exhibition (Mabo My Art) Artist: Gail Mabo Where: Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Townsville When: Wednesday 20 May - Friday 5 June during library opening hours . James Cook University celebrates the one year anniversary of the naming of the Eddie Koiki Mabo library with an exhibition showcasing Gail Mabo’s work. The Mabo Kara Art exhibition features a variety of landscapes and designs using a combination of contemporary urban art and traditional Indigenous techniques in a vibrant mix of colours and shapes. As well as the Exhibition and Library displays on Mabo, Reconciliation and Indigenous Art Styles, Gail Mabo will also give an Indigenous Art Workshop on Wednesday, May 27 in the Mabo Library (room DA18-055). Morning tea will be served at 9.30am for a 10am start. The workshop will include discussions on Gail’s art, and other Indigenous artists, as well as the history and different styles of Indigenous art. If you would like to attend the workshop please RSVP to Hel

Exam Tips #4

Don't be so sure Is there something on your revision checklist you are so confident about that you skip it every time? Do you feel that a particular subject is so easy and obvious that you don't have to waste time looking at it? That's usually a sign that you weren't paying attention. You'll probably find there are a lot of aspects you didn't consider, a lot of nuances you haven't appreciated. You probably think it's easy and simple because you don't know what you don't know . One of the best "tricks" you can master when it comes to study and revision is to learn to recognise where these gaps in your knowledge are - to know what you don't know . Take a look at everything you have covered in your notes. Some areas will obviously stand out to you as things you need to know more about, and you will feel compelled to give most of your study time to covering those topics. But make sure you pay close attention to the areas