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Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

Who would have believed that the world's favourite wizard is turning 33? We first met Harry in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when he was a small, bespectacled boy living in a cupboard under the stairs in the home of his awful aunt and uncle, completely unaware of his magical powers. We follow Harry to school at Hogwarts, and as the series continues, cheer him on in his increasingly dark adventures. The series reaches it’s end with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows . If you would like to relive some of Harry Potter’s adventures, the entire series can be found in the library’s Curriculum Collection. If you feel like a challenge, we even hold some of the titles in French, German, Italian and Japanese. Incidentally, Harry shares his birthday with his creator J. K. Rowling. She has been in the news recently after it was revealed that she is the author of mystery novel The Cuckoo’s Calling , recently published under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

New! Info skills road trip

JCU Library has developed an interactive learning tool specifically for you - the Info Skills Road Trip ! It provides an introduction to researching for your assignments. You will learn the basics of unpacking your assignment topic, finding sources, evaluating what you find and referencing to help you on your University journey. By the end of your journey you will have covered: The library buildings on the different campuses (opening hours, and more) How to contact your subject librarians What resources you can access completely online How to get library books without coming onto campus (Australian mainland only) Identify which parts of the task are things you can research Figure out what kind of information you need and choose where to look for that information How to find resources for your assignments Searching quicker and smarter Evaluating the sources that you have found What referencing is and why you MUST do it to avoid plagiarism Where and how to reference.  

Ask a Library Rover for help

Picture this, you are in the Cairns or Townsville Library buildings and you need help, but you aren't in a position to go downstairs to the InfoHelp desk. What you need is a Library Rover! JCU Library has employed student Library Rovers to better serve you at your point of need. Library Rovers move throughout the building during the semester period, and can be identified by their stylish JCU Library Rover shirts. Library Rovers are able to assist with a variety of issues: First level IT assistance: - Using Library computers - Software applications - JCU online services (webmail, wireless, eStudent, StudentsOnline and LearnJCU). Basic assistance with Library services: - Lending services - Finding information resources - Copying and printing services.

New Student Email Sevice

As you may be aware, during the semester break Microsoft upgraded the student email from LIVE@EDU to Office 365 Your email address will remain the same. If you haven’t checked your JCU email while you have been on break and you use a web browser to access your email account please clear your Web Browser cookies and restart your web browser before trying to access your account, this will ensure that your browser will connect to the new service. On most Web Browsers the cookie settings are under “Options”. If you are unsure how to clear cookies a quick Google or Bing search for “How do I clear my cookies in xxxxx (put the name of your web browser here eg Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE) and the version of that particular web browser that you are using (look under About this browser option at the top of your Web Browser page) will return sites that can provide you with this information. If you continue having problems accessing your @my.

Special Collections Fossickings 26: From Buchanan’s and Bicycles to the Burdekin - a North Queensland business

Buchanan's famous iron lace was the work of Alfred Green's Foundry.   Carine Williams Album, NQ Photographic Collection ID 5006 Who remembers the splendid Buchanan’s Hotel that once occupied a prime site in Townsville’s CBD? Opened in 1903 it boasted cricketer Don Bradman and US President Johnson among its famous visitors, but its most memorable architectural feature was the façade adorned by magnificently decorative iron panels. In their book, “ A pattern of pubs ”, Dorothy and Bruce Gibson-Wilde describe the verandahs as being “wreathed in some of Australia’s finest iron lace manufactured by Green’s Foundry in Townsville”. The loss of these panels in the fire which ravaged Buchanan’s in 1982 was mourned by the son and granddaughter of the man who had made them – Alfred James Green. The latter recalled her grandfather’s pride in the creation of the panels and of the columns which he had cast for the sumptuous verandah lounge of another famous local hostelry: Queen’s Hotel

Get ahead of your classmates - attend a Library workshop

Discover how to get your laptop connected to the wireless network, develop a search strategy, find journal articles, and much more. InfoHelp tutorials start in Oweek week. All students are welcome to attend. Go to the library's Workshops webpage for details of Cairns and Townsville workshops, and semester 2 Orientation Programs for details regarding Library tours. Oweek activities for Townsville and Cairns campus libraries include: Library orientation tours Getting connected@JCU Top ten assignment research tips Up and running with LearnJCU Wireless clinics. Good luck with your studies!

Beanbags now at Mabo Library

Responding to feedback, the Mabo Library has bought some big squishy beanbags for students to use while studying. Find these guys scattered around the Mabo Library Staff testing the new purchases have reported that they are "extremely comfy".

Feature eBooks: Leadership

Leading teams: Tools and techniques for successful team leadership from the sports world . How do the sports world's most successful coaches instill their teams with esprit de corps, a collaborative mindset, and an unbeatable desire to win? More importantly, what can business leaders and managers learn from their example? This book answers these and a host of key questions about what it takes to be a successful leader in business or in sports. The people manager's tool kit: A practical guide to getting the best from people . People who manage people face a number of challenges, from keeping workers engaged and performing at a high level to dealing with absenteeism and bad behaviour in the workplace. This book offers a suite of practical tools for optimising staff performance and dealing with a wide variety of "people issues." Avoiding all human resources jargon and complicated management theory, this straightforward how-to guide shows you practical everyday

Special Collections Fossickings 25: True crime 3 (2). The Boonjie Scrub murder - continued.

Malanda Hotel, one of the last places Kelly was seen, the day before leaving the district. Eacham Historical Society n.d., NQ Photographic Collection ID 14368 Kelly’s movements after the assumed date of Walter’s death (28/29th June) were slowly pieced together. Around 3pm on 29th a Boonjie farmer chatted briefly to Kelly whom he met riding towards Malanda. This, it later appeared, was the start of Kelly’s journey out of the district and possibly out of the State. Reports pieced together weeks later showed that on 30th June he made his way to the top of the Gillies highway where, abandoning his horse and swag, he hitched a ride on the back of a truck. Later that day he boiled his billy and ate a meagre meal with two residents of the Bungalow shanty town, then on the edge of Cairns, before walking towards the town. Next morning he returned, collected his bag from the fork of a tree, and headed south along the railway line. He was given a lift to Gordonvale and two days later wa

Library Hours - mid year break 2013

JCU Libraries at Townsville and Cairns  are open during the following hours. Saturday 22 June – Sunday 28 July 2013 Monday to Friday *   8.00am– 5.00pm * Tuesday                8.00am– 9.00pm  Saturday                  1.00pm– 5.00pm Sunday                    Closed For those who have no classes or work we hope you enjoy your break. For everyone else, be like my favourite children's book The Little Engine That Could and keep chugging along. Opening hours are available online.

EndNote Training July 2013

The Library is conducting EndNote training and you are invited to attend. With the computer program EndNote, you can create a personal library of references to articles, books and other materials you have collected during your research. References from your library can be inserted into a word document. EndNote will create an in-text citation for the reference and the reference list entry at the end of the document in whatever style of referencing you are required to use. In this workshop you will learn the basics of using EndNote X6. EndNote X6 is available to download from the Library website – go to Townsville (no bookings required) ·          Tues 9 Jul from 11am – 12.30pm   in 18.002A (iLearning1) ·          Wed 10 Jul from   11am – 12.30pm   in 18.002A (iLearning1) ·          Thurs 11 Jul from 11am – 12.30pm   in 18.002A (iLearning1) Cairns (please book your place at this workshop) ·          Wed 10 July from 10-11.3