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Expedition to the Great Barrier Reef 1928-1929 - Part 3

Warning: Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities are advised this blog post contains images and names of people who are deceased. Members of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition at Low Isles, 1928-1929. Photo: National Library of Australia. Expedition Personnel The Great Barrier Reef Expedition was divided into two sections: a biological section and a geographical section. Within the Biological Section of the expedition, three separate research groups were formed. A boat party, a shore party, and a physiological (experimental) party. The initial boat party comprised F.S. Russell, of the Marine Biological Association at Plymouth, who had co-authored a book with the expedition’s leader, C.M. Yonge, entitled The Seas ; Scottish chemist and hydrographer A.P. Orr; Scottish zoologist Sheina Marshall; and Russell’s wife, Gweneth. The boat party investigated zooplankton [1] , phytoplankton [2] , the chemistry and hydrography of the sea water, and the conditions ove

52 Book Challenge - Week 35

My, my - have we had 35 weeks in this year already? How time flies. I guess it must be time to break out a best seller, grab a cup of tea and put one's feet up for a bit. Oh, look! The Reading Challenge for this week just happens to be: 35. A bestseller Now, if you're wondering how to search through the library catalogue to find best sellers, then you're in luck. We just happen to have a filter on One Search for best sellers and... oh wait, sorry, no we don't have a best-seller filter. We *do* have a "Scholarly & Peer-Review" filter, but that really  won't help you with this challenge. Well, you'll just have to head to the Internet to find some recommendations. Every online bookshop worth its salt can give you a list of its best sellers (although sometimes they can be really weird - the APA Publication Manual is, as we write this, 16th on Amazon's list ). And you can find "best seller" lists for different genres and markets

Reading Challenge Week 34 - A trilogy or series

Series are awesome, aren't they? You find this great book, you fall in love with the characters and the story, the book comes to an end... but wait! There's more! Series can develop the most passionate followers, too. For some reason, books like the Chronicles of Narnia , the Harry Potter  novels, the Fellowship of the Ring  series - heck, even the Twilight  books - manage to inspire rabid ... er, that is, enthusiastic  readers who are willing to do things like get references to the books tattooed on them for posterity. So, let's take a look at some series. Special guest Tayla Scott (library placement student) read Lord of the Rings , by J.R.R. Tolkien .   I’m sure by now nearly everyone has either read J.R.R Tolkien’s original Lord of the Rings trilogy (820 TOL 1C) or at least watched the films. However I was one of the few that had done neither. Surprising I know but considering the first film came out when I was five years old, I think I can be given a pardo

Library Client Survey

The 2018 Library Client Survey will be available online from Monday 27 August – Sunday 16 September 2018 for all library users including JCU students and staff, users from other libraries, visitors and the community. This survey gives you the opportunity to express your opinions about the JCU Library’s performance in areas you think are important including resources, services and facilities. You can participate in the survey by completing it anonymously. To show our appreciation for your time, weekly prizes will be drawn for coffee, 3D printing and bookshop vouchers with a final draw for two $250 Load&Go Reloadable Visa Prepaid Cards! Past responses to the survey have enabled the Library to improve our collections, extend library hours, upgrade our technologies, and create better learning and social spaces.  All of this improves the library support for learning, teaching, research and scholarship.  By completing the 2018 survey you will help to ensure that

Embedding Audio in PowerPoint: A Step by Step Guide

Seeing as a lot of students are working on digi-explanations and other such presentations, we thought it was worth revisiting some information about jazzing up your slide shows. Want to add audio to your PowerPoint slideshow?  It is an easy process and can make your slideshow impressive! Follow these steps to embed audio into your PowerPoint presentation using a PC.  In order to include narration your computer must have a microphone, speakers, and a sound card or integrated audio. Open your PowerPoint file. Click on the drop down arrow in the ribbon bar and select  More Commands . Select  Customise Ribbon - Record Slide Show  and add it to the ribbon by pressing the  Add  button. Click  OK . Go to the Insert tab and select  Record Slide Show . Selecting the top button starts you on the current slide.  Clicking the lower button starts you at the beginning. The  Clear  command deletes narrations or timings, so  be careful   when you use it. Your screen will show your slide

52 Book Challenge - Week 34

Our last challenge gave us the opportunity to encounter many stories in one volume. This week's Reading Challenge will see us tackling the other end of the spectrum - one overarching story playing out over multiple books. Yes, this week's challenge is: 34. A trilogy or series. That's right, Potter Heads, it's the week when you can blitz the entire series and tell whoever is nagging you to leave the house and talk to people that you have an important assignment to work on. Not into Harry Potter? Not a problem. It just so happens we have more books. Many books. One could say we have "a lot" of books. There's bound to be a series lurking on our shelves that will suit your tastes. Looking for something new and need some recommendations? Well, Goodreads has collated a few. Or you could just ask other people what they like. We hear that's a great way to get recommendations.

eTG Update

Therapeutics Guidelines of Australia has advised of the benefits of their new upgrade to eTG complete . This includes updated PBS information, functional improvements and bug fixes. Each section in eTG complete has a 'what's new' PDF specific to that field or current pharmaceutical practice. Where possible, links to professional associations are provided. Quicklinks take the user to patient information, calculators, tables and more. The video tutorial is also available as a PDF. As with all medical advice, please consult your doctor if you experience the symptoms described - this tool is not a diagnostic tool.

Reading Challenge Week 33 - A book of short stories.

Edgar Allen Poe , Arthur Conan Doyle , Nathaniel Hawthorne ,  Washington Irving , Kate Mansfield , Charlotte Perkins Gillman , Edith Wharton ,  Katherine Susannah Prichard ... What do these authors have in common? That's right, they all wrote some pretty rockin' short stories. Heck, one of the most famous literary characters of all time - Sherlock Holmes - was from a series of short stories. Short stories really had their hey day in popularity stakes back in the late 19th/early 20th centuries, when magazines like The Strand , Pearsons and Longmans  were among the hottest tickets going. But that doesn't mean that short stories aren't still being published today in fantastic publications like Meanjin and Overland . And you can still buy magazines dedicated to short fiction in the news agencies (like The People's Friend ) and subscribe to journals that publish, say, science fiction, speculative fiction or crime fiction... It's just that, these days, short s

Expedition to the Great Barrier Reef 1928-1929 - Part 2

The members of the Great Barrier Reef Expedition received an enthusiastic welcome upon arrival in Australia, when the Ormonde called at Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney - arriving finally in Brisbane on 9 July 1928. Mattie Yonge, the expedition’s medical officer, described the group’s reception in Australia as “such that might have been given to royalty”. [1] A veritable who’s who of Brisbane’s scientific community turned out to welcome the party at a gala dinner the following evening which gives some indication of the importance the Queensland Government placed on the expedition. Guests included members of the executive of the Great Barrier Reef Committee, the Commissioner for Public Health, the Government Botanist and the Director of the Queensland Museum, along with a number of senior university academics. Also present was Mr F.W. Moorhouse, of the Queensland Education Department, who had been seconded to the Department of Harbours and Marine by the Premier, who was t

Book Week 2018

The Children's Book Council of Australia run a Book Week every year, celebrating the best new children's literature (and giving us a good excuse to revisit old favourites). In 2018, Book Week runs from 18-24 August, and the theme is "Find Your Treasure" . We usually order the books nominated for book of the year , so we have quite a number of award winners (and very-nearly-award-winners) in our collection. Which all sounds like a good reason to talk about our Curriculum Collection. To help our Education students, we have a Curriculum Collection located in both library buildings (Townsville and Cairns). This collection is intended to be a model school library, giving our students access to the kinds of books they're likely to be using in classrooms or recommending to school students. The best part of this collection is the literature (810s-850s), which contains a strong showing of Australian children's literature found at 820.94. It's a mixtur

Become a Virtual Reef Diver

Dive into the Great Barrier Reef through your computer screen and become a Virtual Reef Diver citizen scientist with this year's ABC Science Week national project . Virtual Reef Diver is a collaboration between scientists, managers, citizens, data analysts, marine explorers and reef officers working together to record, analyse and predict coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef. Virtual Reef Diver aims to encourage regular people to contribute to monitoring and managing the Great Barrier Reef. The data they provide will be fed into predictive models used to gain a better understanding of the ecosystem, inform management decisions, and guide future data collection. Join the project as a: Classifyer - Help classify hard coral found in underwater images Photographer - Submit underwater images taken on your trip to the Reef Explore - Immerse yourself in and virtually explore 360-degree images of the Reef Every five images you classify during August will also give

Endnote Workshops

Are you interested in learning how Endnote software can help you organise and reference your research? The library is offering hands-on workshops in both Townsville and Cairns in the coming weeks. Find a day and time to suit you and register online . You will learn the basics of: creating a personal library of references for articles, books etc you find in your research inserting references from your EndNote library into Word documents creating in-text citations generating reference lists for your assignments outputting citations in the style your course requires Desktop computers are available at the venue.  If you wish to use your own laptop please ensure you have  the latest version of EndNote  installed prior to the commencement of the workshop. 

Expedition to the Great Barrier Reef 1928-1929 - Part 1

This is the first in a series of articles exploring the contribution of one of the most influential figures in the history of marine science – Sir Charles Maurice Yonge – to our knowledge and appreciation of the Great Barrier Reef. In July 1928, a group of British and Australian scientists embarked on an expedition to investigate the greatest coral reef in the world - the Great Barrier Reef - off the coast of Queensland. Jointly funded by Australian and British interests, the expedition sought to spend a year at Low Isles, near Port Douglas, investigating the biological and geological complexities of the reef. The expedition was primarily about discovering the conditions under which coral reefs existed and flourished, however it also had an economic objective: to investigate the commercial potential of the reef’s resources. Members of the Great Barrier Reef Scientific Expedition departing England on the RMS Ormonde , May 1928. Photo: Russell Album 1, Sir Charles Maurice Yonge

52 Book Challenge - Week 33

Thirty-three weeks into the 52 Book Reading Challenge , and the next couple of challenges really are the long and the short of it. This week, we've got the simply delightful challenge of: 33. A book of short stories. And this will be followed next week with the task of reading an entire trilogy or series. Whoo boy. But let's look at the short stories first. It just so happens that we've already reviewed a few collections of short stories, so if you skim through our previous reviews , you may find something to tickle your fancy. But if you want to find something new and exciting and different, you can take a browse through some of the different books we have in our catalogue when you go looking for "Short Stories" in the Subject begins... box on the  Browse  page. Would you like some recommendations, rather than being let loose to browse (even though that's a bucket of fun)? GoodReads has a list of about a hundred recommended short story collec

Print journals recieved last week

James Cook University Library has made available the following print journals on Friday among others:   The journal of adhesive dentistry - 617.675 P1 - Cairns Time - 052 P5 Cairns and Townsville Bulletin - 994.36 P1 and Newsletter - 994.36 P10 of the Cairns Historical Society  - Cairns and Townsville (NQ) Westerly - 820(A) P24 - Cairns Criminal law review - 345 P1 - Cairns Journal de la Societe des Oceanistas - 301.299 - Townsville The Monthly - 052 P76 - Cairns Torres news - 305.8991509438 P1 - Cairns and Townsville (NQ) Innisfail advocate - NQ 079.9436 P16 Bowen independent - NQ 079.943 P3 Potpourri - NQ 635.7 P1 Daily mercury  - NQ 079.9436 P7 Memoir (Geological Society of America) - 550 P7 - Townsville The drongo - NQ 598.07234 P1- Townsville The latest issue of Memoir is a special feature on women in the geology field, through history to the present day. Normally seen as the province of men, how have women fared in this science and what is their fu

Reading Challenge Week 32 - A Funny Book

What makes you laugh? Humour is a funny thing - what makes some people laugh out loud might illicit annoyed groans from others. Take the following joke, for example: Q. What's a pirate's favourite part of the library? A. The Aaaarrrchives. Yes. Well. Try some of these books instead, and see if they tickle your funny bone. Rachael McGarvey read Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas , written and illustrated by Aaron Blabey . First of all I just have to say, even though I’m all grown up I still love children’s books and who wouldn’t love a book about a vegetarian piranha named Brian. All he wants to do is introduce his fishy friends to the great pleasures of eating fruit, and Brian is very partial to a banana. Although Brian’s friends are not too keen on trying a vegetarian diet, they’ll give it a go because Brian is their friend and that’s what friends do 😊 Aaron Blabey is the writer and illustrator of Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas  (Curriculum 820.94 BLAB),   an

Two new eTextbooks on Psychiatry Online

JCU Library subscribes to Psychiatry Online Premium package hosting over forty titles of books and journals, as well as a number of diagnostic tools covering the field of psychiatry.  Keep up to date with advances in this field. Two new titles which have only recently been added to the database, so will not yet be discoverable in OneSearch are below. You will find other titles in this collection through the A-Z Databases pages from the Library. The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neuroscienc es , (6th ed.) For over thirty years, the editors have published six editions, and this latest one covers most facets of neuropsychiatry, including chapters on autism, poisons and multiple sclerosis The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Psychosomatic Medicine and Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry ,   (3rd ed.) This third edition is designed for psychiatrists in general practice and clinical diagnosis and have