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Historical Statistics Online @ ABS

In response to increasing demand to access historical statistics on the Web, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently digitised an important compendium of Australian and New Zealand colonial data, A Statistical account of the seven colonies of Australasia . The historical account (and its later title, Statistical account of Australia and New Zealand) was compiled between 1890 and 1904 by the New South Wales Statistician, Timothy A. Coghlan. The eleven volumes bring together statistics for each of the colonies of Australia and New Zealand and are complemented by analysis and commentary. The publication also includes chapters on political divisions, areas and boundaries, climate, parliaments and defence much like in the current Year Book Australia. Other historical data available from ABS includes the Demography Bulletin which includes detailed population and vital statistics data for the period 1900 - 1971 and Labour reports, covering the period 1911 - 1997. See the full li

ResearchOnline@JCU Launch - Celebrating Research Month @ JCU Townsville

JCU Library celebrates research month, with the official launch of ResearchOnline@JCU by Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Sandra Harding. ResearchOnline@JCU provides access to and preserves output from JCU’s research and scholarly activity. Benefits of loading research outputs to ResearchOnline@JCU include: · Wide and rapid dissemination · Free access and immediate to unrestricted outputs · Free access to restricted outputs via ‘Request a Copy’ · Citation advantage from free and immediate circulation · Showcase research of individuals and Schools or Research Centres · Permanent URLs · Facilitation of collaboration and communication – e.g. send URLs rather than large files Come along and hear about the highlights of the updated software which has been customised as the new interface for receiving JCU HERDC and ERA publications and data. Where: Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Level 1 When: Wednesday 30th September

Scheduled Outage - Internet Provider Upgrades - 27-28 September

The JCU primary Internet link will be upgraded with new equipment from 10pm 27th September to 2am 28th September. During this upgrade period, the connection will switch to the backup link. While this link should continue to provide all services as necessary, it is a slower link and some delays may be experienced during this time period. If necessary to complete any unfinished work, a second maintenance window is scheduled for the following day from 10pm 28th September to 11:59pm 28th September.

Elsevier Scopus Workshop - Celebrating Research Month @ JCU Townsville

Learn more about "Scopus" a premier abstract and citation database covering over 16,000 of the world’s best peer-reviewed journals. Elsevier’s Scopus is a well renowned publisher in the field of citation analysis and bibliometrics. Excellence in Research for Australia will be partially measured, depending on the Field of Research, by citation data derived from either Scopus or Web of Science. Citation analysis, along with peer judgment and assessments of publication counts and venues, is one of the most widely used methods in evaluating the research performance of academics and institutions. Citation counts provide researchers and administrators with an efficient indicator for assessing the research performance of authors, projects, programs, institutions, and countries and the relative impact and quality of their work. Date: 8th October, 2009 Presenter: Ann Harvey (Elsevier) Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 AM – An Introduction to

Thomson Web of Science Workshop - Celebrating Research Month @ JCU Townsville

Learn more about Thomson’s "Web of Science" - one of the world's leading citation databases. The use of 'number of cites by peers' for evaluating research is based on the assumption that citations are a way of giving credit to and recognizing the value, quality, and significance of an author's work. Thomson’s Web of Science is one of the premier publishers in the field of citation analysis and bibliometrics. Excellence in Research for Australia will be partially measured, depending on the Field of Research, by citation data derived from either Web of Science or Scopus. Date: 9th October, 2009 Presented by: Geeho Liu and Steven Werkheiser (Thomson) Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 AM – The Functionalities of ISI’s ResearcherID: how to find collaborators, review publication lists and explore how your research is used around the world Session 2: 2:00 PM – The Power of Essential Science Indicators and Journal Citation

Talk Like A Pirate Day!

September 19th is "International Talk Like a Pirate Day"! It has become something of a tradition here at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library in Townsville, to celebrate the day by throwing together a hastily conceived, last minute display which lasts marginally longer than it really should. This time, we've hidden it on the first floor, next to the back stairs. If you glance behind the display, you might find a little bit extra. But , just to make things interesting, we'd thought we'd take the time to give you a sneak peak at something we've been working on: The Guide to Library Services - For Pirates! It's still a work in progress, so it may change a little between now and when we actually put a link to the pages on our home page, but you can get an idea of where we're heading with the pages. Now, be off wit' ye, ye scurvy dogs! An' remember t' talk pirate like, yar!

CELEBRATING RESEARCH MONTH: 10th September – 21st October 2009

Discover a diverse and exciting program of events which will showcase JCU research activities this month. Benefit from a variety of workshops and demonstrations to provide resources and capacity building for both established, early career researchers and Higher Degree Research students. Highlights of the Townsville Program include: Research Online@JCU Official Launch When: Wednesday, 30th September 2009, 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm Venue: Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Level 1. Scopus Workshop When: Thursday, 8th October, 2009 Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 am, An Introduction to Scopus plus an on-line demonstration. Session 2: 2:00 pm, Early Researcher Career Mentoring, plus Scimago Journal Rank and Research Trends. Web of Science Workshop When: Friday, 9th October 2009 Venue: JCU Halls of Residence, “Raintree Room” Session 1: 10:00 am, The Functionalities of ISI’s ResearcherID. Session 2: 2:00 pm, The Power of Essential Science Indicators and

NewsBank - Electronic Newspapers Trial

Staff and students have trial access until 6 November 2009 to NewsBank, which provides the electronic editions of many local, state, national and global newspapers. NewsBank indexes and consolidates publishers' content in comprehensive news and information services. Content is updated daily, with coverage generally starting in 1998 – this date can vary across different newspapers. A password is not required on campus; off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page . If you have any feedback either positive or negative please let us know.

Darwin 200

In case you haven't heard, this year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. It also marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth, but we've only got a display for Darwin at the moment. If you come into the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library building in Townsville, you will find a motley collection of books (including some rather pretty, if excessively heavy, tomes) has been assembled in honour of one of the most influential scientists in modern history. You should see the really impressive book . It's a facsimile of his handwritten journal of the voyage of the Beagle , and it's presented in a volume which has marbling and gold-edged pages... the kind of thing a bibliophile drools over.

Book Review: The Anatomy of Wings by Karen Foxlee

“When I opened the lid the smell of fifty-cent-sized raindrops hitting dry earth escaped… Up rose the scent of green apple shampoo. Of river stones once the flood has gone. The taste of winter sky laced with sulphur fumes. A kiss beneath a white-hearted tree. A hot still day holding its breath” This is what you can expect when you read “The Anatomy of Wings” by Karen Foxlee. The story is told by 10 year old Jennifer Day and tries to answer the questions that no one can answer after the death of her teenage sister Beth. It is set in a small regional mining town. In fact this town is very closely based on Mount Isa, which is where the author grew up. Foxlee provides wonderful descriptive passages on the town, surrounding landscape, the lake, smelters, how the mine dominates the town skyline and through her writing brings the town and its inhabitants, especially those who live in Dardanelles Court, to life exposing how they deal with their grief and pain. "There was an op

Printing using Touchscreens

A touchscreen capable monitor is attached to a MFD on the ground floor of both the Cairns and Townsville Library’s. This equipment is provided for students who have difficulty using the small card swipe terminals when printing by showing a larger image of the display screen. To use: Select student touchscreen as your printer queue option At the touchscreen: Touch or click the refresh button Select your print job Swipe your card to release the document See the CopyPrint guide for more information

Peer reviewed articles identified easily

We've added a 'Peer-reviewed' filter to X Search which hides articles in your search results that are not from peer reviewed (or refereed) journals . Quickly narrow your search results to articles which have gone through a peer-reviewing process before being published in a scholarly journal for a scholarly audience. We've also made a filter available that limits the displayed items to those that indicate they have full text available. (Note that items that are available full text don't always indicate their availability.) Tick the filter you want to apply and X Search updates your search results to only include items that correspond. Remove the tick to remove the filter and see the items that were hidden. Provide Feedback on X Search

Dentistry & Oral Sciences database trial

Staff and students have trial access until 6 November 2009 to Dentistry & Oral Sciences Source on the EbscoHost platform. This database is currently a beta version with the full release expected late September. It provides cover-to-cover indexing and abstracts for 160 journals and dozens of monographs while also providing the full text for 130 journals and many monographs. A password is not required on campus; off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page