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Library Exam Opening Hours, Study Period 2 2015

The Mabo library in Townsville will again have Extended Exam Opening Hours for swot vac (study vacation) and the exam period. This means as well as being open from 7.30am we won't be closing till midnight. Don't forget the 24/7 library InfoCommons and iLearning rooms are also available for student use outside of the times below. Monday 2nd November – Thursday 19th November 2015 Monday to Friday 7.30am – Midnight  Saturday and Sunday 10.00am– 10.00pm   The Cairns library is open at the following times: Monday – Thursday 8.00am-9.00pm  Friday 8.00am-6.00pm  Saturday and Sunday 10.00am- 5.00pm  Library staff wish you the best of luck with your exams. You can view Library opening hours online.

International Games Day - Both Campuses

Our International Games Day event will be running in both Townsville and Cairns libraries from 1pm-4pm on Friday. During this time, iLearning 2-3 in the Mabo Library will be out of action, and activities will be happening across the ground floor and first floor in Cairns.  Come on over and join us for a few games and a couple of slices of pizza. The more the merrier!

World Teachers' Day - October 30, 2015

Are you in a lecture today, discovering the world? Are you tramping about in fields or poised over a microscope?  Please take a moment on Friday to thank your lecturers and your tutors in person. Why? Because "university teachers can be considered as those who, above all, incite their students into discovering the world that they do not yet know and into probing new scientific and cultural realities, imbuing them with the spirit of the great explorers " ( Bara, 2014, p. 747 ). World Teachers' Day was established by UNESCO twenty-one years ago and is celebrated in more than 100 countries on 5 October. Because Queenslanders have Labour Day and school holidays around this time we celebrate on the last Friday of October each year . For all students studying education - it's your day too- so share your stories online about great teachers and teaching with the hashtags #worldteachersday and #jcu.

Scrabble, Calvinball Version

International Games Day is coming up this Friday, and one of the games we'll be offering on both campuses is Scrabble.  Now, Scrabble is a great game, but do you know what's more fun than regular Scrabble? Playing by Calvinball rules. To begin with, forget about keeping score. You can tally up what a word might be worth, if that amuses you, but all games end with a truce - there is no winner. And all those pesky rules, like not being allowed to use foreign words, colloquialisms or abbreviations? Forget them. You can make up whatever rules you like. Maybe all foreign words are acceptable as long as you can explain them while using a bad fake accent. Maybe any word, when challenged, must be used in a song. Perhaps onomatopoeia must be mimed, and abbreviations require a formal apology. Or words longer than six letters (or worth more than 30 points) must be given a round of applause. Or, perhaps you might choose to play with no rules at all. International Games

Binding your notes for exams

Are you struggling to keep your study notes in order for your exams? Worried about losing that important page? JCU Library has the solution for you. Self-service binding is available at both the Cairns and Townsville libraries, with supplies available for purchase and the binding machine ready for your use. Prices and more information are available on the JCU Library website

Construction at Mabo Library

Construction works for the new Mabo Library 24 Hour student kitchenette will commence today Thurs 22 Oct and should be completed by Friday 30 October before the JCU Library extended exam hours start on 2 November. Located on the NE corner of the Mabo Library, outside of the 24hr Information Commons, the kitchenette with include 24 hour food preparation facilities including 2 microwaves, sink, bench and instant hot/cold water. The construction works may be noisy so we appreciate your patience in advance.

Game on for International Games Day @JCU Library

JCU Library is hosting International Games Day on Friday the 30st of October.  Have some fun before starting exam prep, and come along to either the Cairns or Townsville campus libraries for an afternoon of board games, card games, tabletop games, video games and pizza! You can also BYO your favourite game. When: Friday 30st October 2015, from 1pm - 4pm Townsville Campus: 18.002B & C   Cairns Campus: JCU Library This event is kindly sponsored by:

Tips for EndNote: Authors' Names

EndNote has very particular rules about how to format authors' names so that they appear correctly in your in-text citations and reference lists. Each author has to appear on a separate line in the Author field of the record, and *must* follow one of the following two patterns: Smith, John OR John Smith EndNote can take either of those patterns to make the name appear in the right format in your paper (you can use initials instead of the authors' given names). This can get a little tricky if your author is a company or corporation (like, say, James Cook University Library ) or a name like Dalai Lama or Dr. Seuss , which have to be kept in order rather than broken into the  surname, initial  pattern. If you simply type James Cook University Library into the Author field, EndNote will put it in your in-text citations like this:   (Library, 2015) .*  And it will put it in your reference list like this: Library, J.C.U. (2012). The secret is the comma.  EndNote as

Special Collections Fossickings 47: Football fever has a long north Queensland history

Were you screaming at the TV on grand final night? Was your house decked out in blue and yellow? Are your kids still wearing their Cowboys gear? Recent publications in the NQ Collection about football in the north. A recent acquisition for the North Queensland collection, Neil Cadigan’s “ Twenty Years in the Saddle ” celebrates the comparatively short but vivid history of the team that, more than any other, north Queensland sports fans identify with. While anyone under the age of twenty-five probably cannot remember a time when the North Queensland Cowboys did not dominate the local sports pages for 7 months of the year, for older residents the question might be – why did it take so long for the north to get its own NRL team? Lou Lister of Townsville, highly acclaimed footballer and cricketer. circa 1928 , Football Album, North Queensland Photographic Collection, NQID 15113. Rugby league began its life in Australia in the first decade of the 20th century, not long after it ha

Do you have exam questions? We have answers!

How does the whole exam thing work? Examinations at JCU Where is my exam?  Exam timetables  and Campus maps What is my lecturer going to ask?  Past examination papers  Where can I study in peace?  Library opening hours during exams  How do I study?   Library study skills resources Any other tips?  JCU exam FAQs All library staff wish you the best with your exams.

Holiday reading

Reading in a hammock by Sandra Hayen If you are looking for a reason to procrastinate studying, or just starting a holiday reading list, you should definitely consider the fiction collections at JCU library. There are two sections in the library you can browse - the English and other regions literature collections on the  Second floor (all the 820s) and also the fiction section in the Curriculum Collection on the First floor . If you prefer to click rather than turn your pages, there are also e-book editions of many fiction titles.

New eBook recommendation - Personality in Adulthood: A Five-Factor Theory Perspective

Image:  Bathroom personality assessment - part 1 (Graela, 2009) Discover more about Costa and McCrae's five-factor theory perspective on reading personality in adulthood with this new eBook.  In an expanded edition, this influential work argues for the enduring stability of personality across adult development. Critically reviewing different theories of personality and adult development, the authors explain the logic behind the scientific assessment of personality, present a comprehensive model of trait structure, and examine patterns of trait stability and change after age 30, incorporating data from ongoing cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. Read Personality in Adulthood: A Five-Factor Theory Perspective here . Other new eBooks are featured on the library's Facebook page this week. For instructions on how to borrow an eBook by downloading it; check out our eBook LibGuide . Some eBooks require logging in with your JCU username and password; additional softw

Copy, print, scan at JCU

Image:  Emma wins at photocopier (Lurie, 2006). This started as a post on printing and then there was an unplanned network outage on the Townsville campus and we discovered just how many people wanted to print today. Our talented IT staff have now resolved the issue. We wanted you to know of the smorgasbord of options you have in relation to gathering your notes for exams and final assessments, and for keeping your account topped up. First, if you swipe your student card to release your printing and get a 'log-in failed' message, you will probably need to top up your account. Check your account balance at the machines in the Townsville or Cairns libraries, or on Students Online .  Add credit to your account using the same systems. The machines take coins and notes. The online method requires money from your bank account. So you have credit on your card. You can now:  Release your printing from any multi-function device on campus.   Photocopy Scan and print,

New book recommendations for law and criminology

These new books might interest students studying Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Bachelor of Laws, and related subjects. CY3890 Green Criminology students particularly will find much to explore in Issues in Green Criminology . Contributions from leading thinkers in this rapidly developing field explore key concepts such as gender inequalities, racism, dominionism and speciesism, classism, the north/south divide, the accountability of science, and the ethics of global capitalist expansion. Punishment and Privilege examines white collar crimes and discrimination in criminal justice administration in the United States. Find this book in Townsville at 364.60973 PUN or request it through the catalogue. With a nation-wide focus on prevention of violence against women, Critical Issues on Violence Against Women: International perspectives and promising strategies , presents a range of critical reflections on the strengths and limitations of responses to violent crimes against wo

Open for Collaboration - International Open Access Week Seminar

The Internet is transforming academic publishing. This includes the process of publishing, how publications can be shared, and how you can use, comment and build on existing published works. Open Access to research is central to this transformation. To celebrate Open Access week, Queensland University Libraries are hosting a panel of speakers from QUT, Griffith and UQ who will talk about their approach to Open Access and how it has benefited their research. The speakers are: Professor Andrew Brown , Digital Arts, Griffith University Professor Matthew Rimmer , Intellectual Property and Innovation Law, Queensland University of Technology Professor Matt Cooper , Director, Community for Open Antimicrobial Drug Discovery, University of Queensland The event facilitator is Ginny Barbour, the Executive Officer of the Australasian Open Access Support Group . Ginny gave a very popular presentation about Open Access here at JCU earlier this year on 19 June. Awareness of the importance

New eBook recommendation: The Physiology of Fishes

The completely revised fourth edition of this popular title is still rated as the best single-volume work on fish physiology. The Physiology of Fishes, edited by Dr David Evans, Dr James Claiborne, and Dr Suzanne Currie, provides comprehensive coverage of the most important aspects of the form and function of fishes. With fresh approaches, new chapters, and completely new treatment of the original topics, this title covers the most recent advances as well as fundamental subjects such as cardiovascular physiology, intestinal transport, and gill ion uptake. Read The Physiology of Fishes here Each chapter contains an extensive bibliography, providing readers with the best sources from the primary literature. This edition provides an important reference for aquatic biologists, ichthyologists, fisheries scientists, and comparative physiologists. Each week recent purchases are placed on the new book displays inside the library, and eBooks are made immediately available to use. You can

Shakespeare e-books

Would Shakespeare be surprised that all his works and much commentary are now in the nebulous digital world in the form of e-books? Indeed 'there are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy' (Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 5). The latest e-book in our collection is An approach to Shakespeare , which provides a means of introducing Shakespeare to students who are not yet ready to tackle a whole play and, at the same time, uses Shakespeare as a source for understanding the history of language. Each of the scenes in this collection (encompassing romance, battle, slapstick and horror) is a short, independent drama, and is followed by a set of questions about issues raised and the language used. The work offers suggestions for literary and theatrical practical work. 

Study Tips

OK, here we go again - it's study time. If you are not sure where to start, we can help. The library has plenty of resources designed to help you get that HD (or even a respectable P). Use OneSearch to find  study skills  books such as Study skills for nurses , The study skills handbook and Study skills for psychology students. There are plenty of study tips online too. Try the JCU Tips for exam success  as a great starting point.

Mental Health Week: 4-10 October, 2015

Today marks the start of an important week for university students: Mental Health Week. This annual national awareness event aims to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and wellbeing in the community, to increase awareness and education about mental health issues, and to encourage participation in life enhancing lifestyles. There are a couple of lunchtime events running at our different campuses on Thursday 8 October - find them on the events page . Explore mental health topics at the Mental Health Foundation of Australia's site, or download the latest edition of Introducing Mental Health: A practical guide . This eBook details the major mental health disorders, the issues surrounding them, and provides details on treatment and support. You can find out more about the University's Counselling service here . The service is located on the first floor of the library at both campuses.