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Examination Super Hours, 2nd Semester 2019

Examination Super Hours for this semester begin on Monday, 4 November and run until closing on Thursday, 21 November. During this time the library is open longer hours to help students prepare for their exams. Depending on your campus, the building is open for longer hours to provide a study space, and our services run for longer periods of time in case you need to speak to a librarian. Please be mindful of other students using the library spaces. This is a stressful time of semester for many students and we all need to use the shared spaces with kindness and respect. In the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library in Townsville: Monday to Friday: The library building - 7.30am-12am (midnight) Library services - 7.30am-12am (midnight) Saturday and Sunday:  The library building - 10am-10pm Library services - 10am-10pm In the Cairns Campus Library : Monday to Friday: The library building - 7.30am-12am (midnight) Library services - 8am-7pm Saturday and Sunday:  The library buil

Reading Challenge Reviews: Two Faces of Health and Well-Being

Our two reviews for this week span the personal and public faces of health and well-being. Gabriella used the Colour Reflection Reading exercise to contemplate whether yellow is in fact 'her' colour, while Margaret gained a solid background in the current state of Indigenous health in rural and remote Australia. Gabriella Rogina read Colour Your Life: How to Use the Colour Reflection Reading for Insight and Healing by Howard and Dorothy Sun Yellow? Green? Blue? I was not particularly sure how  Colour Your Life  was going to give me insight  and what colour reflection reading was meant to do. I have never thought of colours as meaning anything in particular apart from having a favourite.  Colour Your Life works on the premise that ‘colour has power’ and incorporates an exercise called the Colour Reflection Reading. This includes eight colours and three basic forms of shapes being square, triangle and circle. The reader is to choose three colours which then become a re

Open Access Week: Increase your Citations

It’s Friday! Last chance to engage with the Open Access Week quiz. Today, the focus is on open data. Why make your research data open and available? One excellent reason is your data can be cited, therefore increasing your citations. Do the quiz and find out more benefits of making your data open and available.

Open Access Week: Plan S

The focus today is on what is happening in the world in pursuing OA. Europe is moving ahead with Plan S – making all publicly funded research open immediately. That includes articles, data and monographs. Take the quiz, give us your opinions and see links to more information at the end of the quiz. If you haven’t had a chance to see JCU academics discussing OA and equity in open knowledge, watch the new videos in Research Online @JCU

Ensure Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns: JCU Kicking (Sustainable Development) Goals

Stuff – we certainly have a lot of it. Material consumption has increased significantly compared to previous decades, on both global and per capita levels. For example, worldwide material consumption has increased from 27 billion tons in 1970 to 92.1 billion in 2017 (United Nations, 2019). Action is urgently needed to prevent environmental degradation, reduce waste and improve sustainability practices. This week we explore how JCU researchers are helping to address Sustainable Development Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns Dr Diane Jarvis ’ research aims to increase understanding of the economic and social values relating to the environment, and to inform policy regarding environmental conservation and natural resource management. She recently contributed to The Northern Australia Water Resource Assessment , assessing potential social and economic impacts and risks of water resource and irrigation development for the Australian Government. Profe

Open Access Week: Hybrid Publishing

Today we focus on hybrid publishing; that is, paying an article publishing charge for immediate Open Access but the journal still operates on a full subscription basis. Try today’s quiz about hybrid publishing. Further reading is linked on the answers page. Watch this video with JCU academics discussing the issues and benefits of choosing Open Access publishing. For further details on the video go to Research Online @JCU

It’s Open Access Week: Open for Whom?

What’s Open Access [OA] you say? It is all about making research accessible to all and not behind a paywall. OA is about a whole range of issues. This year Open Access Week is focusing on the issue of Open for whom ?  Take today’s quiz and test your knowledge of OA and the surrounding issues. Look out for a new quiz every day this week.

Reading Challenge Reviews: Mindfulness Matters

This week's reviews on the theme of Health and Well-Being explore mindfulness in very different ways. Kerrie dipped into a short, snappy handbook with tips and tricks to improve your quality of life by living in the moment. Brenda took a little longer to read about a character whose mindful approach to life brought joy and love in the face of betrayal and impending tragedy. Whichever title you choose to peruse, we hope you savour each moment. Kerrie Borger read Mindfulness pocketbook: Little exercises for a calmer life by Gill Hasson   Every semester at the same time, mental health becomes impacted throughout the university as the business end of the semester kicks in for students and staff alike. But students and staff don’t need to feel alone and isolated anymore. The handy little ebook, Mindfulness pocketbook: Little exercises for a calmer life,  offers you a way to learn how to deal with your fast-paced lifestyle and stresses, whilst discovering a new way to experience and

Sustainable Cities and Communities: JCU Kicking (Sustainable Development) Goals

Sustainability is a major focus at James Cook University, with many researchers involved in projects to address the  United Nations Sustainable Development Goal  11: Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable Here is a small snapshot of current activity across our campuses: Associate Lecturer Julie Parison and Associate Professor Richard Franklin promote ecologically sustainable communities through the Active Transport in the Tropics Network at JCU. Their action research agenda aims “to make Townsville the safest, most active, eco-friendly transport city in Australia and the tropics by 2030”. On the Cairns campus, Dr Taha Chaiechi ’s research focuses on the impact of climate change and natural disasters on different economic sectors such as public health, tourism, environmental, energy, and urban economics. She has been collaborating in several research projects with Dr Silvia Tavares (Cairns) and Dr Caroline Wong (Singapore),

Reading Challenge Reviews:The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Mental health and mental illness are two sides of the same coin, and many people will experience both over the course of their lifetime. Brenda's choice is a thought-provoking read about the personal and social challenges of dealing with a mental illness, while Sharon is occasionally flummoxed by Kaz Cooke's more light-hearted turn of phrase in her comprehensive guide to female adolescent health. Queensland Mental Health Week  runs from 5-13 October, so it's the perfect time to read another book on this month's theme, Health and Wellbeing . Brenda Carter read Goodbye Jamie Boyd by Elizabeth Fensham   Before I killed him, my big brother was my best friend . So begins Goodbye Jamie Boyd , a young adult verse novel that reveals what it’s like to live with schizophrenia. Jamie is Anna’s companion, confidant and mentor. When he becomes possessive and jealous of her real life relationships, however, persuading Anna to harm herself and those she holds dear, she realise

Reducing Inequalities: JCU Kicking (Sustainable Development) Goals

Good progress is currently being made to address disparities in opportunity, income and power, but more is needed, especially in the developing world. This is the focus of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries James Cook University has been judged the best university in the world in its commitment to the United Nation’s goal of reducing inequality. The judging criteria for compliance included evaluation of the percentage of students and staff with disabilities, a non-discriminatory admissions policy, anti-discrimination and harassment policies, support to students and staff from under-represented groups and cross-cultural training and awareness. JCU Senior Lecturer Dr Narayan Gopalkrishnan is at the forefront of research and practice to reduce socioeconomic inequalities by championing social entrepreneurship. He and his collaborators have formed the Social Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia (SESA) Network as

Reading Challenge Reviews: Young Carers and Feet

Our first book reviews off the ranks for October's theme of " Health and Well-being " in the 2019 Reading Challenge are about as different as you can get. They both have illustrations, and they are both aimed at children and young people, but one is introducing the serious and important matter of children acting as carers for their parents, and the other is about feet. Mikki Rhoades read Can I Tell You About Being a Young Carer? , by Jo Aldridge. This book is part of the “Can I Tell You About…” series by Jessica Kingsley publishers.  Providing simple introductions to complex issues that affect young people’s lives, the “Can I Tell You About” series offers a starting point for raising awareness and conversation.  The books target young people, their families, and their professional and community support people. Readers of “Can I Tell You About Being a Young Carer?” are introduced to Carly, a 12 year old girl who helps to look after her mum.  Within the first fo

3D Printing at JCU Libraries

Did you know you there is a 3D printer available in the library on both the Cairns and Townsville campuses? You can submit an STL file through our form and our crack team of Rovers and Client Services Assistants will process it for you. We have a 3D Printing Guide to walk you though what services we offer, what you need to do to get a suitable file, and what  what will print on our printer. We even link out to free software and tutorials to help you design your print jobs. All jobs that take less than 5 hours to print currently cost $5 per job. If it's going to be a longer job, the 3D print team will give you a quote. Remember, copyright applies to all forms of reproduction, including 3D printers - so make sure your printing project doesn't break copyright.

Reading Challenge, October: “Health and Well-Being”

Welcome to October! Every month for our 2019 Reading Challenge has a different theme, and the theme for October is: Health and Well-Being It seems rather timely that we should head into the tale end of a semester with a reading challenge topic of "Health and Well-Being." At this time of year, we could all do with a reminder to keep an eye on our health. For those of you who are late to the game, or just want a refresher, the rules of the challenge are quite simple: 1. Read as many books as you can within the month that fit the theme. You figure out how the book fits the theme, so go ahead and shoe-horn whatever you want into that topic. 2. Read at least one work of fiction, one work of non-fiction, one work by an Australian author and one work by an author you haven't read before. The same book can qualify for multiple categories (for example, a non-fiction book by an Australian author you haven't read before), so you can get away with reading only two