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Christmas Credo Reference brainteaser

Questions: 1. Which rock group has returned its 1973 Christmas chart-topper "Merry Xmas Everybody" to the British charts at least eight times? 2. In which year did the "Christmas truce" occur? 3. Santa Claus is named after which saint? 4. What kind of tree is most commonly used as a Christmas tree? 5. Who wrote the 1973 picturebook "Father Christmas" in which Father Christmas lives in a terrace house with an outside toilet and an old-fashioned stove? 6. Who composed the Christmas Oratorio, first performed in 1734/35: Bach, Mozart or Beethoven? 7. What was the title of Phil Spector's 1963 Christmas album? 8. "A Christmas Carol" was the first of five "Christmas Books" by Charles Dickens which were published together for the first time in 1852. Can you name one of the other books in this collection? 9. What kind of bird is the "colly bird" (often changed to "calling bird") referred to in the traditional song "T

Endnote x4 for Mac

Good news for Mac users with Word 2011: EndNote has released a Beta version of an X4 update that should work with Word 2011 (the first version of EndNote X4 doesn't work with Word 2011 for Mac). You can find it here: Be warned, however, that it is a Beta version. That means they're still working on it, and it may have some bugs that need fixing. If you want to be absolutely sure EndNote X4 will work on your Mac, the safest option is to use Word 2008 for the time being and wait until EndNote releases a full update.

Christmas greetings from the Cairns Library staff

The book Christmas tree in the JCU Cairns Library. The staff at the Cairns library wishes you all a festive holiday season. We are holding a competition for all those intrepid enough to guess the number of books in our Christmas tree. Entry is open to all, however if you are the lucky winner, you will need to come to the JCU library at either Cairns or Townsville. To enter the competition fill out this form .

Paediatric Pharmacopoeia

Produced by the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne, this online pharmacopoeia provides dosage guidelines and practical notes for safe and effective prescribing in infants and children. The intended audience is Australian general practitioners, paediatricians, pharmacists, nurses and health care institutions. Available to JCU staff and students on campus and off campus from links in Tropicat   (the library catalogue), the Library's databases page, or directly from

Planned Network Outage Friday 3rd Dec: Impact on Library Services

JCU's Information Technology & Resources have a scheduled network outage occurring on Friday 3rd December 5pm to midnight. All services will be affected. The outage should be completed within the allocated seven hour window. An ITR Bulletin update will be posted when work is complete. During the outage the following library services will not be available catalogue ResearchOnline@JCU Reserve Online subscription databases subscription ejournals web site Some externally hosted services will continue to be available except where they link back to the services listed above as unavailable. Specifically: LibGuides One Search We apologise for any inconvenience.

GATCF Lab Closures - Summer Semester Break 20010/2011

Information Technology and Resources staff will be undertaking major system upgrades to the facilities in the GATCF labs over the summer semester break. This means that all computer labs, with the exception of facilities in the Library and DA2 Annex (DA2-101, 102, 103, 104 and 107) will be unavailable from 9am Friday 26th November 2010 until 9am Monday 7th February 2011 unless otherwise timetabled. At some point it will be necessary to upgrade these labs as well. IT&R will endeavour to make other facilities available during this time. All GATCF facilities will be closed for the Christmas Break commencing Midday (12 Noon) Friday 24th December 2010 and re-opening 9am Tuesday 4th January 2011 . IT&R staff will post notices to the Central Computing Bulletin Board advising of any changes to the status of the GATCF labs. You should check the bulletins for ongoing updates from time to time.