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Scopus announced as citation provider for ERA

The Australian Research Council (ARC) announced this week that Scopus will provide citation information for the full 'Excellence in Research for Australia' (ERA) initiative. “Citation analysis is one of the most widely used bibliometric tools for assessing the impact of scholarly research, and as such, it was crucial that an outstanding and appropriate citation provider be chosen for the full ERA initiative. Scopus is recognised as the largest abstract and citation database of research literature." All JCU research outputs must be deposited in ResearchOnline@JCU by 15 March 2010 to be included in the ERA submission. More information - ERA Initiative . More about ERA at JCU is available from the Library and Computing Services website . Source: ARC Media Release

Algernon Selects...

Algernon (the Library’s gorilla) was given the task of selecting books for the “holiday reading” display in Townsville's Mabo Library. Turns out Algernon’s favourite books are not mystery novels, or classic novels, or science-fiction novels or romance novels. Algernon likes paperbacks. He doesn’t really care what the book is about, as long as it’s a paperback. Thankfully, we have a lot of interesting paperbacks floating around in the library, so you’ll probably find something worth reading amongst Algernon’s selections. Have a look. Take a book. They’re all available for loan, and there are more where they came from.

'My Library Information' change in Tropicat

On Friday 27th November from 5pm to 7pm Tropicat will be unavailable while we make the changes necessary to allow staff and students to access Tropicat's 'My Library Information' using their JCU computer accounts. For JCU students and staff After 7pm, you will access your library information using your JCU computer account. For Associate, Community, Corporate and Reciprocal Borrowers Any borrower registered with the JCU Library who is not a JCU student or staff member will sign into 'My Library Information' using their borrower number (the barcode number on your membership card) and a PIN (personal identification number) assigned by Lending Services. If you have previously provided your email address your PIN will be sent to you. Otherwise contact Lending Services to get your PIN, or learn more about the changes. What is 'My Library Information'? 'My Library Information' provides a number of services that you can access any time, anywhere: Store

Request Books from Library Store Collections

Library clients can now place requests on items held in "Store collections". These will be marked in the catalogue by one of the following locations. The P Store is the location of periodicals relocated from the open access shelves to Store. The S Store is the location of items previously in the Store with an S Store number sequence. The X Store is the location of items previously in the Store with an X Store number sequence. The F Store is the location of folios and large size items. The Y Store is the location of new items being placed into Store. Once a hold has been placed you will be notified by email when your request is available for loan. Requests are available for collection from the self service hold shelf (Townsville) and from the Library Services desk (Cairns). Off Campus clients will also be able to request a store item by sending a request to the Off Campus Service via Tropicat and the item will be borrowed out to the clients and sent to their post

Reserve Online: Important Dates

The Library is currently updating reserve Online materials for study period 1 2010. To make sure that we process your materials in a timely manner it is advisable that you respond by the 2nd February 2010 with your requests: Check your readings on Reserve Online and email a list of unwanted readings to archive. Submit your Reserve Online requests by completing one of the following forms: Text-based works and images Adding moving images on reserve Online Placing Off Air Broadcasts/Screenrights on Reserve Online Placing Music on Reserve Online You will be notified via email when the item is available in Reserve Online. Once the item is available in Reserve Online you can add it to your LearnJCU subject site. Please read the criteria for submitting material for scanning before proceeding with a request. Using reserve online ensures the University’s copyright compliance . If you have any queries or require further assistance please contact either your school liaison librarian or len

LearnJCU 2010 - Important dates for Staff

On November 23, 2009 - LearnJCU 2010 will become available. * A link to LearnJCU 2010 will be available on your current LearnJCU Welcome tab * 2009 subjects will be available as per normal On December 21, 2009 - LearnJCU will be switched over to LearnJCU 2010. * The LearnJCU URL ( ) will then go to the LearnJCU 2010 login page * Access to LearnJCU 2009 and earlier years will be available via links on the Staff Resources tab * Safe Assign will become unavailable in 2009 subject sites and available in 2010 subject sites * Reserve Online will become unavailable in 2009 subject sites and available in 2010 subject sites For more information please contact:

Stress Relief - The Times Spelling Bee

How are the exams going? How are your stress levels? Do you feel ready for another time-wasting diversion? The Times Spelling Bee could be just what you need. This happy little online quiz feeds you English language words (in a number of different British voices) so you can see what your spelling is like. Sometimes the accents can lead you astray, but if you're spelling isn't horrible it's a wonderfully uplifting waste of a few minutes. Also a little bit addictive. Be warned.

Library Collection Development Guidelines

The Library & Information Services Collection Development Guidelines , approved by Academic Board in August 2009, can be accessed from the A-Z of Library & Computing Services . The purpose of the Collection Development Guidelines is to provide a framework for the development and maintenance of library and archival collections at James Cook University. It outlines the current principles, policies and practices that inform the selection, access, maintenance, and relegation of information resources, electronic and print, for the JCU libraries. In addition to the collections of published information resources, the Library has responsibility for creating and maintaining the Reserve Online and the JCU research publications repository on behalf of the University. The Guidelines are used to: Guide the selection, acquisition, maintenance and provision of access to information resources by Library and Information Services staff Provide the James Cook University community with an ove

Newspaper Holdings - Mabo Library Townsville

The following newspapers are now located in the Store compactus. For each paper, the last 12 months are held in an unbound format. To obtain access to these newspapers please contact either Lending Services staff or Serials Staff : The Age Sydney Morning Herald Financial Review The following newspapers will continue to be bound and stored in the Microfilm room (ground floor) and are accessible by anyone: The Australian Courier Mail Townsville Bulletin

Stress Relief - ZooBorns

So, the exams are more or less upon us. Some poor suckers, er, I mean, "students" have already started their exams, others are looking down the barrel in the next couple of weeks. It's at this time of semester when we often find students need a little bit of distraction every now and then for their sanity. We always like to help our students with their, ah, "information" needs, so we thought we might provide a link or two to some pages that will be distracting. Today, it's ZooBorns . This is a page that is entirely devoted to baby animals born in zoos around the world. It's quite an education, actually. I'm sure you'll find some animals you've never even heard of before. A word of warning, though, it is a very good time waster. Follow this link at your peril, if you have more pressing work to do...