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Feature database: Sage research methods

Getting started with your research? Do you know which method you want to use to answer your research question? Try using SAGE Research Methods Online (SRMO) to work out which research method is best for you. SRMO is an online resource for users in the social and health sciences . SRMO helps researchers obtain reliable information about research methods, including the theory behind various methods and examples of how they have been applied in research settings. SRMO is available from the Databases link on the Library and Computing Services home page.

Special Collections Fossickings 20: From ocean to mountain – the Townsville Hospital journey

Have you spent time in the Townsville Hospital? And was that the new or the old one? How many public hospitals have there been in Townsville? It seems that the very first structure to serve in that capacity was a modest, four-roomed weatherboard cottage at the south-east end of the Strand. With a name almost bigger than itself the “Burdekin and Flinders District Hospital” lasted less than a year here, being destroyed by a cyclone in 1866. Hospital on Ross Island, NQ Photographic Collection ID 348, Willmett & Wyeth Album. Several locations in North Ward were considered for a new hospital building before a site on Ross Island was selected in 1867 and tenders called in February 1868. By August it was almost complete, making it probably the first building on this now vanished feature of the South Townsville landscape. With a frontage of 50 feet, wide verandahs and 4 wards, each containing 5 or 6 beds, this was certainly an advance on the Strand cottage but it was not long before

New title by JCU author

Edited by Prof. Bob Stevenson Tropical Leader (Education for Environmental Sustainability) Research on environmental education The environment and contested notions of sustainability are increasingly topics of public interest, political debate, and legislation across the world. Environmental education journals now publish research from a wide variety of methodological traditions that show linkages between the environment, health, development, and education. The growth in scholarship makes this an opportune time to review and synthesize the knowledge base of the environmental education (EE) field. The purpose of this 51-chapter handbook is not only to illuminate the most important concepts, findings and theories that have been developed by EE research, but also to critically examine the historical progression of the field, its current debates and controversies, what is still missing from the EE research agenda, and where that agenda might be headed. This book is available for l

How to write good

1.   Avoid alliteration always. 2.   Prepositions are not words to end sentences with. 3.   The passive voice is to be avoided. 4.   Avoid cliches like the plague. They're old hat. 5.   It is wrong to ever split an infinitive. 6.   Writers should never generalise. Seven:   Be consistent. 8.   Don't use more words than necessary. It's highly superfluous. 9.   Be more or less specific. 10. Exaggeration is a billion times worse than understatement. For more excellent tips go to Writing and Maths Skills Online .

A Tip for Using One Search Off Campus

One Search is a great way for anyone to see the broad range of materials we provide to complement study and research from anywhere in the world, even if you aren't a currently working or studying at JCU. But remember when you search One Search from off campus there are some things you won't see unless you login. Some of our subscription collections are not permitted to be discovered by non-JCU people by the terms of our licensing agreements, so if you are off campus remember to log in by clicking Which is located at the very top of your search results screen: This will take you to the Elibary Gateway login screen Use your JCU login and password and you will be returned to your results page, with access to even more content including Web Of Science citation counts, direct linking to full text, and specialist collections like the Naxos streaming music collection. Even in the simple example shown in the images the number of record

Create a My Research folder in Proquest Database

ProQuest is one of our most  popular databases and contains a variety of resources from scholarly journals and trade magazines as well as news wire feeds that I was told the President of the United States looks at . When you do a search of ProQuest you also get access to the eBrary AcademicComplete eBook collection covering a range of disciplines.  Many scholars be they the digital native undergraduate to a seasoned post-graduate researcher are trying to keep pace or catch up with the digital age of researching.  A common issue is wanting to go back to a previous searches that we now realise had great results or a particular resource we had found much earlier that will be useful now. ProQuest will allow you to export, bookmark, save or download an item or save search strings and search string results. ProQuest allows you to create an account called My Research. You can save whole search strings, create email alerts and RSS feeds as new items are added that fit that search

Featured eBooks: Gun control

American gun culture: Collectors, shows, and the story of the gun . This book focuses on the value that gun owners place on their guns and the possibility that different guns mean different things to their owners. The book explores the symbolic meaning of guns, and the ways in which the meaning assigned to guns influences gun ownership and use. Some of the more interesting findings center around conversations with gun collectors and enthusiasts about a series of interaction rituals; rituals pertaining to being a gun owner, a gun user, and possibly even the gun as an object of near-worship. Gun owners also recognize a unique stigma, and respond through a complex series of stigma management techniques. Gun crusaders: The NRA's culture war . This book provides a fascinating inside look at how the four-million member National Rifle Association and its committed members come to see each and every gun control threat as a step down the path towards gun confiscation, and eventually

Featured eBooks: Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher: A portrait of the iron lady . This biography of Lady Thatcher relates in warm detail the life of Margaret Thatcher, her achievements as British Prime Minister, and her life since retirement. Written in a vigorous, no-nonsense style, Lady Thatcher provides a succinct portrait of the Iron Lady, illustrating what the terms “Thatcherite” and “Thatcherism” really mean. Blundell shows why Thatcher was such an outstanding world leader and such an inspiration for women leaders in particular. Thatcher and after: Margaret Thatcher and her afterlife in contemporary culture . This book explores the persistent reappearances of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's most loved and reviled Prime Minister, in contemporary British culture. Twenty years after Thatcher left office, Britain is still struggling to come to terms with her legacy. This volume reads Thatcher's moment as a profound and powerful rupture in British political and cultural life and argues that there is a

More eJournals available through BrowZine

We have recently added access to thousands of additional journals to BrowZine ! Publishers recently added include: Taylor & Francis Oxford Emerald Palgrave-McMillan Brill American Society for Microbiology Hundreds of titles from the HighWire Platform currently being added, including Duke Press, British Medical Journal and more! Watch the Introductory Video Download from the App Store Android app coming soon

Congratulations to Deborah Mailman

Source:  Actress Deborah Mailman won the Most Outstanding Actress category at the 2013 Logies for her portrayal of Bonita Mabo in the 2012 telemovie Mabo . The Townsville Library building is named after Eddie Koiki Mabo and some scenes of the library and Library staff were shot during its filming. We extend our congratulations to Deborah Mailman, the Mabo family and the Mabo movie crew and a special happy birthday to Mrs Bonita Mabo who celebrated a birthday on the night. Mabo the telemovie follows the life of Eddie Koiki Mabo a Torres Strait Islander from Mer/Murray Island across his youth, his marriage to Bonita and family life and up to the High Court Case named after him. The Mabo cases are pivotal moments in Australian history and essentially began a process where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people began to have their traditional land ownership recognised under Australian laws and with parts handed back.

Open access theses and dissertations

Do you need to find out about graduate level research occurring around the world? A new source for you to consult is Open access theses and dissertations (OATD). OATD's aim is to be the best possible resource for finding open access graduate theses and dissertations published around the world. OATD is now available via the Library catalogue and databases webpage.

National Youth Week Australia

To all our JCU students and staff under the age of 25 (and older than 12), April 5th to April 14th is your week of recognition National Youth Week . And you even have a rocking elder member of our community, front man of rock band Midnight Oil and now Federal Minister for Youth Peter Garrett as your minister. So in a ham-fisted attempt to get you to look at our library collection here is an e-book of interest, Children and Young People at Risk by Justin Healey. Remember many titles are available as hard copy (actual physical books) and are under a separate catalogue record. So if you want a physical item and are confused about how to see if we have one, feel free to ask at our Infohelp counter . You may also be interested in reading some of the theses An investigation into adolescent male spirituality in Catholic schools in the Edmund Rice tradition : examining the implications of incorporating spirituality into counselling / by Paul R. Conn . The online version of theses ar

Cash and Eftpos services at Libraries downtime

An upgrade to parts of the JCU Finance System will stop financial transactions at JCU libraries from 6pm Friday the 12th of April until an expected time of 10am Saturday the 13th of April 2013. Library users are advised that this means that they will be unable to add further money to their CopyPrint account for printing and photocopying services that they will be unable to pay outstanding fines that other services involving payment at the counter will not be available, including but not limited to binding, laminating, paying to renew community borrowing cards   We advise Library clients to add credit before the scheduled downtime  print and photocopy before the downtime in case it affects that system as well do any any other transactions involving payment before the scheduled outage or if not urgent leave it until later This will affect all financial transactions, including cash, credit card and EFTPOS. For further information about IT matters at JCU you can read the Ce

Yes Prime Minister

Sir Humphrey Appleby, Jim Hacker and Bernard Wooley Image source: Yes Minister, BBC Comedy JCU Library has obtained a streaming video subscription to series 1 of the popular and critically acclaimed television series Yes Prime Minster. Series description: After coming to power, new Prime Minister Jim Hacker is swiftly up against bigger problems than before. He deals with cabinet reshuffles, trying to stop small wars and just maybe rescuing a sheepdog from Salisbury Plain. Sir Humphrey Appleby, now Cabinet Secretary, is even more determined than ever to prevent Hacker doing anything new. Sir Humphrey blocks, delays, defers and undermines every new policy Hacker suggests that might possibly get in the way of Whitehall's tradition of 'masterly inactivity'. The relationships between Jim, Sir Humphrey, and Bernard elegantly reflects the weaknesses of both politicians and bureaucrats. Click here to view this series via JCU Library.

BMJ and CSIRO Journals now available in Browzine

Browzine now gives you an easy way to track your favourite  journals published by the British Medical Journal and CSIRO . Over a hundred new titles added including the original BMJ, Evidence Based Nursing, Journal of Neurology, Veterinary Record, Marine and Freshwater Science, Wildlife Research and the Australian Journal of Primary Health . Browzine is a browsable newsstand of the library's ejournals. Easily find, read, and monitor thousands of scholarly journals directly from your iPad. Watch the Introductory Video Download from the App Store Buy the T-Shirt  Android app coming soon

Scopus Young Researcher Awards 2013 - Open For Application!

The Australasian researchers are well known internationally for their achievements and dedicated contributions to various fields of research. To honour these achievements ARMS and Elsevier are proud to bring you the Scopus Young Researcher of the Year Awards for 2013 The Awards for 2013 will be presented with the following categories: 1. Humanities and Social Sciences 2. Physical Sciences 3. Engineering and Technology 4. Life Sciences and Biological Sciences 5. Medicine and Medical Sciences Prizes The winner of each category will be invited to the award ceremony and Elsevier will pay for all travel and accommodation costs. The winner for each category will receive a certificate and $1000 cash prize, and all runners-up will receive a certificate. The 2011 laureate in the Life Sciences and Biological Sciences category was Dr Nick Graham of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies . More information about this year's awards is available at:

Open Research - Tasman Declaration

Research outputs should be open to increase benefits of resarch investments. New Zealand and Australia are among those nations pioneering open approaches across the public sector and in some aspects of research. The Tasman Declaration recommends key actions through which New Zealand and Australia can coordinate and advance their respective open approaches to research towards greater economic, societal, and environmental impact. Read more about this announcement. See the Open Access LibGuide for more information about Open Access at JCU.