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Reading Challenge: Bird song, Bird-Brained Behaviour and Bird Tales

Superb Fairy Wrens by Benjamint444, CC BY-SA 3.0 Can you believe February is almost over already? Granted, it is  the shortest month of the year, but it seemed shorter than usual this year. This means we're already at the end of our " Fact and Fiction " theme for the 2019 Reading Challenge . This week has gone to the birds. Scott reviewed a book about song birds and the evolution of the species we know and love, while Sharon read a book of modern myths that delve into a number of bird-based stories. Brenda's choice of a self-help book was slightly less bird themed, but if you were creative enough you could probably shoe-horn it in somehow. Remember, the challenge is to read as many books as you can that fit (somehow) the theme of the month, making sure to read an Australian author, an author you haven't read before, a work of fiction and a work of non-fiction while you're at it. Happy reading! Scott Dale read Where Song Began: Australia’s Birds an

Welcome to Your Library

The beginning of semester is a time for finding your feet and figuring out where everything is. Whether you are an on-campus student or if you can only visit the campus occasionally, you'll probably find yourself spending time in our libraries. Just to help you find your way around, here's a quick idea of what you'll be able to do in our buildings. Borrow books, DVDs and more. Obviously a library has things you can borrow. In addition to books, we also have DVDs, CDs, sheet music and more. You'll need your student or staff card (it's also your library card) to check out anything you want to take out of the building. In addition to the main collection, where most of our borrowable material is held, we also have a Curriculum Collection (where all the best books are), reference collections, special collections and print journals. You can find yourself looking in the wrong place, so don't hesitate to ask any library staff for help. Take a look at the loc

Reading Challenge Reviews: Houses and Homes

Our 2019 Reading Challenge certainly offers some flexibility - especially February's theme of "Fact and Fiction." The aim of the game is to read as many books as you can in a month which fit the theme, and we think you could probably have a harder time working out what doesn't  find February's theme, rather than what does. It's a good thing, then, that the challenge makes things at least a little bit challenging by insisting you tick a few boxes every month: A Book by an Australian Author; A Book by an Author You Haven't Read Before; A Fiction Book; A Non-Fiction Book. We have two memoirs for you today. The intrepid Theresa Petray has once again taken us up on our request for reviews from our library patrons, and she's brought us a book from a woman who spent time in the White House. Sharon also read a memoir by a woman who lived in a house, but under decidedly different circumstances. Sharon Bryan read  Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic , by A

Welcome to O Week, Study Period 1 2019!

First Semester O Week at JCU runs from the 18th to the 22nd of February, and it's a time for getting yourself organised before lectures start in Week One. Albert Einstein reportedly said, "The only thing you absolutely have to know is the location of the library," and he was reasonably smart, so we tend to agree with him. We'd like to expand on his list a little, so here is our "must know" list for O Week: 1. Know where the library is and what services are available. The library buildings in Townsville and Cairns are home to several key services: The Librarians will help you with researching and referencing for your assignments. You can also come for help with sorting out your passwords and setting up your WiFi . Our friendly InfoHelp Rovers can help you with basic IT questions. The Learning Centre can provide advice for writing your assignments, taking exams and managing your time effectively. They also provide support for developing your Eng

Townsville Floods and your Library items

The recent rain and flood event in Townsville has wreaked havoc on our town and affected many people. If you have library items that have been damaged by the floods, please bag them up securely and bring them into the library. If they have come into contact with any contaminated water, or were lost during the floods, please contact the library and we will assess your situation and library account on a case by case basis. Our thoughts are with all staff, students and community members who were affected by this devastating natural disaster. JCU Library Team

Reading Challenge Reviews: Dangerous Boys

February's theme for this years Reading Challenge is "Fact and Fiction". The cynics might say that covers every book in the history of mankind. They are probably right. The books we reviewed this week are definitely factual. Margaret tackled a book that tries to set the facts straight about one of Australia's iconic "bad boys", Ned Kelly. Many rumours abound about the fate of Mr Kelly's remains, but Craig Cormik's volume tries to sort fact from fiction. Meanwhile, Sharon reviewed a book that is literally about facts - it is a collection of facts in the grand tradition of encyclopedias and how-to books of yesteryear. What have you read? Margaret Morris read Ned Kelly Under the Microscope [electronic resource] : Solving the Forensic Mystery of Ned Kelly's Remains , edited by Craig Cormick . When Ned Kelly was buried in the Old Melbourne Gaol cemetery, rumours emerged of Kelly's skull being used as a paperweight by staff.  For a t

Library Lovers' Day

Happy Library Lovers' Day ! February 14 is a day for us to celebrate what we love about libraries. We're sharing the love with displays in both the Townsville and Cairns libraries. If you're in the Cairns library, we'd love you to share your favourite book with us by filling out the flyer for our display - or perhaps you could write a review for the Reading Challenge ? If you're feeling truly inspired, you could enter the flash fiction competition on the theme, 'There was love to be found in the library...'. We wish all our patrons a very happy Library Lovers' Day and look forward to seeing you soon.

Find your textbooks

Do you need to find which textbooks you require for your subjects? Your required textbook should be in your subject outline, located in LearnJCU. Textbook lists for JCU subjects are often provided to the Co-op book shop and can be searched on the  Co-op  book shop website  by clicking the Textbooks button to get to the  textbook search , filter to JCU Townsville or Cairns campus, select the semester and then the subject code.  The Co-op Bookshop is open from 9:00am - 3:00pm in Cairns and 9:00am - 5:00pm in Townsville.

Reading Challenge Reviews: Religion and Romance

The Reading Challenge theme for this month, Fact and Fiction, allows you to read just about anything. If you're looking for ideas from the library collection, you'll find some great fiction in the 800s and factual books on every subject on the rest of the shelves. Scott got hooked on a religion that could easily be fact, and Brenda read a story that cleverly combines real events with fictional characters. What did you read? Scott Dale read Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut In December of last year, I read a book of essays by Vonnegut called Wampeters, Foma and Granfalloons: Opinions (read that review here ). Three of those words were reported to come from one of his earlier novels, Cat’s Cradle. I read Cat’s Cradle and discovered that the words describe aspects of a fictional religion, written in the language of a fictional country. Cat’s Cradle was typed and set in the 1960s. The narrator, John, sets about compiling a book about what important Americans had been doing

Reading Challenge February: Fact and Fiction

Our Reading Challenge for 2019 is to read as many books as you can within a particular month which 'fit' a particular theme. Of course, how the books you read fit the theme is all a matter of interpretation. February's theme is “Fact and Fiction”. What does that mean? It could be: a fiction book that is based on fact a book that alternates between narrative and non-fiction non-fiction expressed in narrative form Failing any of the above, you could read a factual (non-fiction) book and a fiction book. If one is by an Australian author and the other by an author you haven't read before, you will have completed the requirements for this month's Challenge! Stay tuned for our first reviews for the month - we look forward to receiving yours!

Sūdō Journal - Issue 1

Latin for 'I sweat,'  Sūdō is a new journal produced by a small team of dedicated JCU postgraduates working in the fields of English Literature, Creative Writing, Art and Social Science. The journal was instigated by  Wayne Bradshaw, a PhD candidate in English literature in Townsville. The cessation of  LiNQ in 2016   meant that   North Queensland no longer had a dedicated literary journal. In Bradshaw's words, Sūdō aims to "refract the entire world through ... an undeniably northern lens. In an age of militancy and ideological puritanism, we have devoted ourselves to being militantly anti-militant. We do not pursue the regional, but covet the interesting. We are a hot, hard stone flung in the eye of the cultural cringe. The first issue of  Sūdō contains nineteen fascinating and thought provoking pieces on the theme, Blood, Sweat and Tears. The journal's website also has links to useful resources for writers, a blog and submission requirements for futur