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NetAccess Services to Resume from 1 February 2010

Late in 2009 the University's Internet Network Access service was turned off due to the application becoming unreliable. Those network issues have now been resolved and as a result ITR intend to resume the normal operation of NetAccess logging and charges as of Monday 1-Feb-2010. Details of what NetAccess is, FAQ's, costs and charges can be found at: ITR encourage all members of the JCU community to review the above document in order to gain a full understanding of how the service works. From Monday Feb 1, users accessing off-campus Internet based resources may be prompted to enter their username & password with traffic charges applying depending on where the traffic is being sourced. Internet Accounting / NetAccess services have been a part of the provision of Internet Services at James Cook University for a number of years and assists in managing the Internet as a resource for all.

Service outages due to Networking issues - Friday 29-Jan-2010 (6-8am)

ITR have advised there may be outages to various services on Friday 29 Jan 2010 between 6 and 8 am, due to scheduled network interruptions. Services affected include: - Workflow (Database and Front-end Systems) - CMS system - which may affect various web pages - StudentOne Services (S1Replica and S1Sandpit) - Finance System - VC's Blog - Records management (Trim) - Library Services (Hip and Horizon) - Various file/home shares ( This list may not be entirely complete and will depend on the interruption type and timing. Unfortunately these interruptions cannot be avoided in this specific circumstance. ITR apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Australia Day 2010

(Yeah ok, it was on Tuesday, but we were closed.) Australians are fond of building "big" things to indicate just why their little corner of this country is so special. Queensland alone has a pineapple, a mandarin, a cassowary, a crocodile, and a gumboot in XXXL . The Mabo library's Australia Day display this year has some pictures chosen from and we are using them under the Creative Commons license showing some of these big things and other images that represent Australia. We also went to the trouble of building our own big thing, in this case a curlew that shows we think curlews are great and worthy of giving it "large". This curlew has a name but so far he's keeping it a secret (he's told a couple of the librarians but that's all- curlews are a bit shy). If you think you know his name, add a comment on this blog post, at the end of O'week look out for another post that anounces the winner of a $20 voucher to spend at the

NewsBank Newspapers - Australia and the World

NewsBank Newspapers - Australia and the World. A new online library database subscription for JCU. Available to JCU staff and students from on-campus and off-campus at: or via links in Tropicat (the library catalogue) or library databases list. NewsBank is a web-based TEXT service providing national, international, regional, and local newspapers from across Australia and New Zealand as well as Asia, the UK, Europe and the United States. Includes The Cairns Post and Townsville Bulletin along with other North Queensland news papers. For each newspaper, the full-text of all staff-written news stories is included, and complemented by additional sections, such as obituaries, literary criticism, people, editorial pieces, book/film/art reviews, and more. Notices, classifieds, pictures, and paid advertisements are excluded.

Digital Resolutions

Well, we know that it's now 2010, so a list of things to do before 2010 may seem a little out of date, but this is a list of things you should probably do anyway: 8 Things Every Geek Needs to Do Before 2010 And, no, you don't actually have to be a geek to do these things, you just have to be online. Now, some of them might not be relevant to you, but take a look at the list and see if there's something that does apply to your digital life. Do you have a Facebook account (or similar)? What about an RSS feed reader? Or a blog? The writers of this list make a comment about your public online identity. Potential employers often try to look up their applicants online, so it's worth making sure your online presence looks good. And as for backing up your data and protecting your passwords? Always a good idea.

A Pocketful of Poets

The phrase "a pocketful of poets" isn't really a saying in this country, but it should be. When you consider the fact that a ten dollar note has portraits of Andrew Barton (Banjo) Paterson on one side and Dame Mary Gilmore on the other, having a "pocketful of poets" would mean you've got a wad of cash in small denominations - ready and easy to spend. Algernon, the library's gorilla, has got us all thinking about having poets in our pockets with his latest display. If you come into the Mabo Library regularly you may have noticed Algernon has been getting more and more involved in our displays of late. He seems to think the fact that he lives in the library gives him special insight into our collections, or something like that. For Australia day, he's decided to put together a display based around a pet project of his: he wants to get C.J. Dennis on the Australian five dollar note. "The Parliament House is boring," he said, "A

Yellowstone Digital Slide File

The National Park Service We frequently get requests from the media for graphics that can be used in conjunction with articles and reports on Yellowstone. To help simplify the procedure for acquiring those graphics, this page has been created to provide publication-quality images for use by the media and the general public. There are currently about 13,000 images in this collection. Additional images will be posted here as they are scanned. NPS Photo

New Year's Resolutions

Well it's the 12th of January already and chances are: 1. Your New Year's resolution involved losing weight, quitting smoking or reducing alcohol consumption (or all three) 2. You've given up already * *This is based on actual academic research , see my APA style citation at the bottom of this blog post. It would also be scholarly of me to mention that this research refers specifically to North Americans so please don't let it get you down too much. If you're in the Mabo Library in Townsville why not check out our New Year's display. You will see books to help you set goals, improve your fitness, quit smoking and manage your budget among other things. There are also details on the board about some fantastic local events such as the Magnetic Island Swim, the Corporate Triathlon and the Townsville Running Festival, note down the dates (there is plenty of time to prepare) and get ready to compete! Koestner, R. (2008). Reaching one's personal goals: a motivat

JCU Library Blogs

Looking for information? See if any of our Library Blogs fit the bill. You can also set up an rss feed to get the latest posts on any of our blogs. JCU Library and Computing News This blog runs the news items related to the JCU Library and Computing Services. Special Collections @ JCU Library This blog is written and maintained by the Special Collections Librarian at JCU. It aims to share North Queensland’s history while allowing feedback and comments from JCU staff and students and the wider community. Faculty Blogs Compiled by Townsville and Cairns Liaison Librarians for each faculty, these blogs highlight various web-based resources that are of interest to staff and students in each faculty area: Faculty of Arts, Education & Social Sciences Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences Faculty of Law, Business and Creative Arts Faculty of Science & Engineering


Did you know that the following book contains a picture of Elvis Presley in his underwear: Unmentionables : a brief history of underwear by Elaine Benson and John Esten? It's just one of a small number of books with a tenuous connection to Elvis that we've scrambled together for a display celebrating his 75th birthday. Mind you, we also have The definitive Elvis: 25th anniversary : August 16, 1977 - August 16, 2002 on DVD, which is much more on-topic... Anyway, it's Elvis Presley's birthday, and there's a display about it in the Mabo Library in Townsville. If you feel like coming into the library any time within the next few days, you will probably see it.

Welcome Back for 2010

The JCU Libraries on both campuses have re-opened following our Christmas/New Year closure. This time of year the library is always quieter, so if you were looking for a nice air-conditioned space full of things like computers, printers, photocopiers and those book things people used to use in the olden days, then you really can't look past the library buildings. If you're an off campus student, feel free to call us at InfoHelp for any questions you might have regarding your information needs during our opening hours. We're on Summer opening hours from now until the start of semester, and you can find that information here: Opening Hours

Reserve Online outage in LearnJCU 2010

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties during the migration to LearnJCU 2010, Reserve Online items cannot currently be published via the usual method to subject sites. This also affects the availability of Reserve Online items transferred from 2009 subject sites. LearnJCU staff are working with the vendor to resolve the issue before the commencement of SP1, 2010. Please note that Academic staff can continue to submit Reserve Online requests to be processed and those items will be available using the Digital Library link in the Staff Resources > Reserve Online tab in LearnJCU. Further advice will be provided when Reserve Online items can be published in the usual way. If you require Reserve Online items to be available in your site prior to the commencement of SP1, please use the following alternative procedure to publish your materials: 1. In LearnJCU go to the Staff Resources tab > Reserve Online sub-tab > Click the Access the Digital Library link > Click the Enter th

LearnJCU 2010 - Streaming Media Requests

LearnJCU staff have advised that the Streaming Digital Media Service, including JCU eLectures, will be unavailable to process new requests between December 25, 2009 and January 26th, 2010. Staff may continue to book eLecture recordings for 2010 by submitting requests via the Reserve Online 'Moving Images' form. Media files can also be dropped into the digital media dropbox to be processed after Jan 26, 2010. Read more about... * Streaming Digital Media Service * JCU eLectures