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London Olympics, 2012

You would have to have your head buried in the sand if you weren't aware that the 2012 Olympic Games has commenced. In honour of the occasion, Eddie Mabo Library staff have put together a small display on the first floor of the building.  Find out about the history of the ancient Olympics , and the principles underpinning the modern games . Interesting books on the display include: Australia and the Olympic Games Strategic Sports Event Management, Olympic Edition (also available as an ebook ) Power, Politics, and the Olympic Games The Olympic Games: A social science perspective Olympic Cities: 2012 and the remaking of London . Come in and have a look.

Find where your research has been reported in the news

Are you considering applying for Academic Promotion? Do you need to find newspaper articles reporting on your research or articles in which your opinion was quoted, for your promotion application – or any other purpose? You can easily search for these articles in the following database. NewsBank is a comprehensive database, and is ideal for exploring issues and events at the local, regional, national and international level. Its diverse source types include print and online-only newspapers, blogs, newswires, journals, broadcast transcripts and videos. Use it to explore a specific event or to compare a wide variety of viewpoints on topics such as politics, business, health, sports, cultural activities and people. Content is easily searched and sorted through an intuitive, map-based interface.

Publishing agreement pitfalls

The following article tells a cautionary tale, demonstrating why it is important to understand any the conditions that you sign up to in a publishing agreement. What you sign up to may influence how you can re-use your work in the future. Agreements range from formal contracts with a lot of “legalese” through to a simple tick box, as in the case of the article below. Dissertation for Sale: A Cautionary Tale  A Google search brought me to a link to, where with one click I soon discovered that my dissertation was being sold. It took a minute of staring at the computer screen to fully accept that my work could be purchased for (at the time) $32.34 as an eTextbook for the Nook reader. I thought the price was a steal. Literally. For more information, contact the Research Services Librarian, Jackie Wolstenholme .

Postgraduate study area now available in the Eddie Mabo Library

Students at work in the Eddie Mabo Library postgraduate study area In response to feedback received from postgraduate students, Library and Information Services are pleased to announce that a dedicated study space is now available in the Eddie Mabo Library, first floor. The Postgraduate Study Area provides for wireless access and network and power points are available within the room. Postgraduates are encouraged to use the space for individual and group study and to network with other students, lecturers and researchers. Bookings to use the room are not required. The room is available on a temporary basis, subject to ongoing space planning within the Library.

Plagiarism can have serious consequences

Plagiarism is defined as appropriating someone else's words or ideas without acknowledgment.(1) It may seem as innocuous as a little-white-lie at the time, but plagiarism can have serious consequences. A very public and humiliating example of the potential consequences of plagiarism played out earlier this year in Hungary. Hungarian President, Pal Schmitt , was forced to resign from his position due to allegations that much of his doctoral thesis contained plagiarised text. Mr Schmitt had written his thesis twenty years ago, so the passage of time did not protect him from his actions. Have a look at the Plagiarism Checker Blog for more examples of plagiarism fall out. JCU advises students that passing off another’s work as your own is not only bad scholarship, it also means that you have failed to complete the learning process. JCU regards intentional plagiarism as unethical, and advises that it can have serious consequences for your future career. For more information, read J

Don't Panic! Learn how to learn

Are you new to academic study, or perhaps you didn't receive the results you would have liked last semester?  If so, have a look at the learning skills book display on the first floor of the Eddie Mabo Library. Feel free to borrow them, and don't forget to check out our library catalogue to find more resources. Useful books include: Essential study skills: The complete guide to success at university Buzan's study skills: Mind maps, memory techniques, speed reading Studying at a distance: A guide for students Essential skills for science and technology. Good luck with your studies!

Warc : marketing information

Warc is the world’s most comprehensive marketing information service. It offers an indispensible combination of global marketing strategy and insight, leading advertising trends, and award winning case studies. It also provides the latest in-depth information and cutting-edge thinking in the areas of marketing, advertising, and communications. JCU library has just begun subscribing to this service. There is a range of information available through Warc including company information, case studies and research articles. You can access Warc from the front page of the Business@JCU Libguide under Finding Data and Company Information . Like all of our resources it is also listed on the libraries Databases page.

Library O week tours and workshops

Discover how to get your laptop connected to the wireless network, develop a search strategy, find journal articles, and get better results when you surf the web, and much more. InfoHelp tutorials start in Oweek week and are free! All students are welcome to attend. Go to the library's Workshops webpage for details of Cairns and Townsville workshops, and semester 2 Orientation Programs for details regarding Library tours. Library Oweek activities include: Townsville: Library orientation tours Finding journal articles Finding more on the web Getting connected@JCU Top ten assignment research tips Up and running with LearnJCU Wireless clinics. Cairns: Library orientation tours Finding journal articles Getting connected@JCU Top ten assignment research tips Up and running with LearnJCU Wireless clinics. Good luck with your studies!

Do you have fines and still need to be able to borrow from the Library?

The Library understands that sometimes no matter how many reminders are sent for library materials that are due, there will be occasions that items become overdue and fines applied. Currently once you have a fine of $5.00 or more you are blocked and are unable to borrow or renew library materials. Starting 2nd semester (from July 16, 2012) we are encouraging you to use the collections by changing the block from $5.00 to $25.00. This will enable Library clients with fines under $25.00 to: Continue borrowing Renew items online Use Express Lending to borrow and renew Place holds on items. Remember that it is still important to return or renew library materials on time. If you don’t fines still apply and for JCU students results may be withheld until all items are returned and fines paid. Sign up to our SMS service to be notified when library materials are due!  For more information go to the Borrowing webpage.

Calling for nominations for research Advisor of the Year Awards

If you know an excellent research supervisor, don't forget to nominate him or her for an Advisor of the Year Award .  This award aims to encourage and reward staff who excel in the supervision of research degree at the Doctoral, Masters and/or Honours levels. Up to three awards of $1,000 will be made to the: Early Career Advisor of the Year Principal Advisor of the Year, and Advisory Panel of the Year. Support your outstanding supervisor and submit a completed nomination form to the Dean, Graduate Research Studies by 15 August.