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Scheduled outage: ProQuest

ProQuest will be performing infrastructure maintenance on Sunday 1st July. As a result, all ProQuest databases platforms may be unavailable for a period of approx 12 hours (from 12noon on Sunday 1st July to 12am on Monday 2nd July Australia Eastern Standard Time). We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please see the staff at the InfoHelp desk if you need any assistance.

Nominated for Prime Minister's Prize

Congratulations to A/Prof. Russell McGregor . His new book, Indifferent Inclusion: Aboriginal People and the Australian Nation , has been nominated for the Prime Minister’s Prize for Australian History. The prize winner will be announced on 23 July, so we don't have long to wait to find out if he will be the winner. Regardless of the outcome, being nominated for the prize is an acknowledgement of the excellence of A/Prof. McGregor's work. Indifferent Inclusion: Aboriginal People and the Australian Nation offers a holistic interpretation of the complex relationship between Indigenous and settler Australians during the middle four decades of the 20th century. The book combines perspectives of political, social and cultural history in a coherent narrative, providing a cogent analysis of how the relationship changed and the impediments to change. Indifferent Inclusion: Aboriginal People and the Australian Nation is available for loan from JCU Library.

Featured eBooks: Cinema

Blood money: A history of the first teen slasher film cycle . This book is a remarkable piece of scholarship that highlights the many forces that helped establish the teen slasher as a key component of the North American film industry’s repertoire of youth-market product. Brutal intimacy: Analyzing contemporary French cinema . This book is the first book to explore the fascinating films of contemporary France, ranging from mainstream genre spectaculars to arthouse experiments, and from wildly popular hits to films that deliberately alienate the viewer. Twenty-first-century France is a major source of international cinema-diverse and dynamic, embattled yet prosperous-a national cinema offering something for everyone. Indie: An American film culture . America's independent films often seem to defy classification. Their strategies of storytelling and representation range from raw, no-budget projects to more polished releases of Hollywood's "specialty"

Special Collections Fossickings 6: Women of Flowers 1. Ellis Rowan 1848-1922

Colour plate from 1898 edition of "A Flower-Hunter in Queensland and New Zealand" by Mrs Rowan Flower-painting has been described as “an intimate art” and perhaps that is one reason why it was considered a suitable occupation for women in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Or was it a tendency to see women as frail and delicate creatures like the flowers they painted? If this were so, then one remarkable botanical artist – though of diminutive and fragile appearance – flouted the stereotypes. Ellis Rowan’s self-description as a “flower-hunter” is some indication of her fearless nature and adventurous career – though ironically it was marriage, and the promptings of her husband Frederic, that propelled her into it. The 1898 edition of A flower hunter in Queensland and New Zealand is a treasure of the North Queensland collection , containing many remarkable letters written during her early travels. She plunged into the tropical jungles with fascinated excitement, and de

Upcoming: Library EndNote workshops

Are you writing a research paper or working on your thesis? You need EndNote! Using EndNote, you can create your own personal library of references to articles, books and other materials you have collected during your research. You can select and insert references from your library into a Word document and EndNote will create an in-text citation for the reference. EndNote will also create the bibliography entry at the end of the document. These entries can be configured to conform to any bibliographic style you choose. Workshops are being held on both Cairns and Townsville campuses on 10, 11 and 12 July.  Go to the Library workshops webpage for more details.

Webmail difficulties

The Webmail index that is linked from the top of every JCU page is currently experiencing some technical difficulties. However, you can still find the links to the different JCU email systems from this page here: The normal index should hopefully be repaired tomorrow.

Special Collections Fossickings 5: Mt Garnet's woman of substance

North Queensland Photographic Collection ID 5205 The redoubtable Julia Lucey (nee O’Connell) was born in 1862 in Co. Cork, Ireland. Believed to be in her forties in this photograph, she came to Australia as a fifteen year-old – possibly unaccompanied. Landing in Townsville, she set out for Port Douglas but an undated obituary notice reports that she crossed the range on the way north, described as “a most hazardous feat”, before going on to brave the many “discomforts and dangers” of life in Mt Albion, Herberton and Irvinebank. In 1891 Julia married Denis Lucey, manager of Irvinebank’s Vulcan tin mine before moving to Mount Garnet where, in 1898, the couple built the Mount Garnet Hotel, later named Lucey’s Hotel. They had two children, Lenard and Mary, and business was apparently thriving when Denis died in 1910 aged 47. Undaunted, Julia Lucey continued to run the hotel very successfully despite keen competition. She was respected for refusing to profiteer from the wartime cond

Featured eBooks: Chemistry

Essential laboratory skills for biosciences . This book is an essential companion during laboratory sessions. It is designed to be simple and give clear step by step instructions on essential techniques, supported by relevant diagrams. The book includes the use of particular equipment and how to do simple calculations that students come across regularly in laboratory practicals. Molecular relaxation in liquids . This book brings together many different relaxation phenomena in liquids under a common umbrella and provides a unified view of apparently diverse phenomena. It aligns recent experimental results obtained with modern techniques with recent theoretical developments. Steroid dimers: Chemistry and applications in drug design and delivery . Steroid dimers are an important group of compounds produced by various marine organisms, and also synthesized in the laboratories. This group of compounds possesses various pharmacological and biological properties, and can a

SciFinder becomes more accessible!

Good news for everyone who uses the database SciFinder Scholar .  We've got a new agreement with our suppliers, and now our seats (number of users at any one time) are unlimited. This means that unsuccessful logins should be a thing of the past. Please keep in mind that there is a time-out associated with the database, so make sure you save your answer sets if you are going to move away from your computer for more than fifteen minutes.

Mabo Library: Extended Friday exam opening hours

The Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on the Townsville campus will be open until 10.30pm on Friday 15 June. You can check the complete Cairns and Townsville Library exam opening hours web pages to help you organise your time. Good luck with your study.

Featured eBooks: Medicine

101 Things To Do with Spare Moments on the Wards . Here are 101* of the best ideas to make the most effective use of your time on the ward. Over 250 contributors, including students, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and therapists from 18 countries, help make you the finest doctor you can be! Pocket-sized for 'dipping into' during a spare moment or a couple of hours on the ward, this short guide is ideal for medical students on rotation or junior doctors who wish to boost learning and motivation. Atlas of Human Infectious Diseases . This book provides a much needed practical and visual overview of the current distribution and determinants of major infectious diseases of humans. The comprehensive full-color maps show at a glance the areas with reported infections and outbreaks, and are accompanied by a concise summary of key information on the infectious agent and its clinical and epidemiological characteristics. Since infectious diseases are dynamic, the maps are presented in

Mabo Day in Townsville

On Sunday June 3rd, a celebration was held at the  Eddie Koiki Mabo Library in Townsville to mark the 20th anniversary of the historic "Mabo Decision". Albert Smallwood conducts the traditional smoking ceremony. The afternoon began with addresses from Professor Sandra Harding and Professor Stanley Nangala, followed by entertainment from a traditional family dance group led by JCU student Frank Willis, who presented a series of dances from their region.  A highlight of the afternoon was a special appearance by students of Shalom College who thrilled the crowd with their contemporary take on traditional aboriginal dance.  A traditional smoking ceremony was followed by the dedication of the Eddie Koiki Mabo plinth in its new location outside the southern entrance of the Library. Detail from a print by Gail Mabo  Gail Mabo presented her new art exhibition, 17 , in the foyer of the Library.  Gail spoke about how this exhibition reflects her role as a member of the 17th

Queen's Diamond Jubilee public holiday Library opening hours

Don't forget that Mabo Library, Townsville will be open from 1-5pm on Monday 11 June 2012. Cairns Library will not be open due to a campus wide power outage. Go to our opening hours web page to plan your weekend study.

For one day only, the transit of Venus

From the UQ Tranisit of Venus 2012 webpage Warning: It is very dangerous to look directly at the Sun, especially through binoculars or telescopes. SERIOUS EYE DAMAGE MAY RESULT.  On 6 June (today) Venus is crossing in front of the Sun with its whole passage from beginning to end visible from most of Australia and New Zealand. Although it last happened only eight years ago, as we see Venus’s dark silhouette move across the disc of the Sun we will be witnessing one of the rarest and most famous events in astronomy, a transit of Venus, which will not occur again until December 2117. Source: ASA Factsheet No. 24 Safely watch the June 6 Transit of Venus live . JCU Library holds some interesting books on the transit of Venus. Come in and have a look. The astronomer of Rousdon: Charles Grover 1842-1921 Hōkūloa: The British 1874 transit of Venus expedition to Hawai'i Transits of Venus: New views of the solar system and galaxy: proceedings of the 196th Colloquium of the

Featured books: Indigenous research

Please knock before you enter: Aboriginal regulation of outsiders and the implications for researchers . The regulation of Outsiders to Aboriginal Country is theorised by scholars as invasion and contact, race relations, frontiers and acculturation. In these theories Aboriginal People are represented as powerless and hopeless in the face of their inevitable assimilation. Aboriginal regulation of Outsiders is rarely investigated for Aboriginal agency. This research study investigated the agency of a Rainforest Aboriginal Community, the Burungu, Kuku-Yalanji of Far North Queensland, Australia in the regulation of Outsiders to their Country of past, present and future. Research dancing: Reflections on the relationships between university-based researchers and community-based researchers at Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services Aboriginal Corporation, Yarrabah . This paper examines and reflects upon the research relationships between university-based researchers and community-based rese

Library Client Satisfaction Survey 2012: Prize winners

Shae Fleming receives her prize from Kate Elder The 2012 survey is now officially closed and all prizes have been drawn and awarded. Congratulations to Shea Fleming a student from the Cairns Campus, the winner of the iPad2. Kate Elder, Manager Campus Client Services (Cairns) presented Shea with her prize. The winners of the coffee vouchers are Christopher Poulsen, Rafal Jedraszczyk, Shaun Bucci, Vitoria Bradford and Imade Sukresna. The lucky winners of a bookshop voucher are Lindsay Becke, Kylie Vandevelde, Tania Fortune and Peter Hume. Thank you to everyone in the JCU Community who completed the survey. We had a terrific response receiving 3,521 surveys. When the survey results are received and analysed, we will publish a summary of the results and actions to be taken to the Library Client Surveys webpage. You can subscribe to Library News to be notified when the summary is available. Remember you can make suggestions or comments at any time via the Library Feedback and

Exam timetable issues

The exam timetable function in StudentsOnline is not providing some students with correct room details for upcoming exams, eg. a Cairns room number is provided for a Townsville student. Please check your exam timetable to see if you are affected. IT is working on a solution, but in the mean time contact InfoHelp at JCU Library or your lecturer to ensure you have the correct room details for your exams.

Eddie Koiki Mabo Library: Extended Friday exam hours

The Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on the Townsville campus will be open until 10.30pm on Friday 1, 8 and 15 June. You can check the complete Cairns and Townsville Library exam opening hours web pages to help you organise your time. Good luck with your study.