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Week of Celebration and Reflection

Mabo Day and Sorry Day As you begin to prepare for exams take a moment as you enter the library and reflect on the of triumph and tribulation of the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. The writer wishes you to take strength from the notion of National Reconciliation Week and that myself and my ancestors are here encouraging you to push through this challenging period . This Friday the 3rd of June is Mabo Day . It commemorates the handing down of the High Court decision on the Mabo land rights case and the memory of Mr Eddie Koiki Mabo who is recognised as one of the key members of this event. On this day the case of the five plaintiffs from Mer finally was delivered in their favour. Portions of Murray (also known as Mer in traditional language) Island were recognised as still being owned by those plaintiffs in Australian law through the recognition of prior and still continuing cultural practices and laws. Our library is honoured to be named after Mr Mab

Meanjin Quarterly

I'd like to introduce you to a journal you may enjoy: Meanjin Quarterly . Meanjin is a publication familiar to people involved with Australian literature, but you don't have to be "involved with" anything to enjoy reading it. It is a collection of short stories, poems, essays, memoirs and pretty much any other type of writing you can think of (with the exception of plays, screenplays and novels), and the topics covered by each issue are wide and ranging. Basically, it's a journal of writing - and not "about writing", but the actual work of writers from all over the country: fiction, non-fiction, creative non-fiction. You name it. Perhaps it would be better to describe it as a journal for readers. If you like reading the columnists in news papers, you'll enjoy this journal. If you like reading blogs with long-ish entries, you'll enjoy this journal. If you like reading short stories, you'll enjoy this journal. If you like rea

Exam Opening Hours

The Townsville and Cairns Library Buildings will be open for extended hours during the Examination period, beginning Friday 3 June - Saturday 18 June. Handouts are available at the InfoHelp desks. 24 hour study facilities, including copying, computing and printing are available in the Humanities Annex (HX/02) Computing Facility in Townsville and A2.017, A2.018 and B1.030 facilities in Cairns. Many services and resources are available 24 hours per day through the Library and Computing Services website .

We Find Stuff! - Library Week and Australia's Biggest Morning Tea

Well, it's Library and Information Week for 2011 - a week that is celebrated by libraries of all kinds right across the country - and as part of the celebrations we're holding an Australia's Biggest Morning Tea for university staff. It's at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library this Thursday (26th May) at 10.30am. Just come up to the first floor and follow the smell of scones (but we would appreciate it if you let us know you were coming - catering and all that). This year the theme of Library and Information Week is (drum roll, please): "We find stuff!" Yeah. Oh, but wait, there's more! The marketing slogan we are encouraged to use with that is: "We look up stuff! We catalogue stuff! We research stuff! We know stuff!" It was rather difficult trying to come up with a book display that can capture the essence of the phrase "we find stuff!", but if you come into the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library building in Townsville, you can see

Biblion: the boundless library

The New York Public Library has developed a free App for the iPad called Biblion: the boundless library . It is a development of their print magazine into multimedia, and it is done superbly. This first issue focuses on the World Fair 1939-40. It is a wonderful mix of images, text, film and audio. It really has the quality of visiting an official exhibition - plus the added digitised notes and letters give every visitor a hint of the background involved in working in archives and special collections. Alexis Madrigal at the Atlantic wrote a good review . This is a wonderful way of sharing the library's collections with the world. Maybe we could do this for our North Queensland collection?


For those of you that don't know Algernon, he is A Library Gorilla. He often promotes books you may be interested in at JCU libraries. So, a sensible chap you would assume... well it seems that Algernon finally heard about this planking craze that's taken the world by storm (or so we are told). We don't know who he got to photograph this stunt but I suppose he has fulfilled a central requirement of planking now, by getting the picture on the internet. If you are late to the party and don't know what planking is, it is a media beat-up about a silly game that people play by laying down flat on an unusual surface or in an unusual place and then posting the picture on the internet. It has caught the imagination of the Australian media in particular who report on the possible dangerous elements of this game - when planking is attempted in too precarious a position, and then seem surprised that this seems to encourage more people to try it. Your sensible librarians wou

Trove Australia

Trove from the National Library of Australia allows you to find and get over 238,688,350 Australian and online resources: books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more. A new version of Trove has been released and you are now linked directly to Informit and Gale content that JCU subscribes to. If you search for example, indigenous education "north queensland", you will be able to link directly to several articles in the box labeled Journals, articles and datasets. You will also see other boxes with results for books, digitised newspapers and photographs. You can get your own account with Trove and add libraries that you use (you could add JCU and Townsville City Libraries for example) you will then get a "My Libraries" tab with just results for these libraries when available.

Education, counselling and environmental health; three more Online services now available

1. Education in Video Education in Video is a collection of streaming video developed specifically for training and developing teachers. More than 1,000 videos of teaching demonstrations, lectures, documentaries, and primary-source footage of students and teachers in actual classrooms provide a single source for research-based professional development. Education in Video is available to JCU staff and students from on-campus and off-campus at: 2. Counseling and Therapy in Video. Volume II The library already holds Counseling and therapy in video volume 1. Volume 2 adds more videos to the existing online collection of video content available for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. Counseling and therapy in video. Volume II is available to JCU staff and students from on-campus and off-campus at:

Digital Hansard

The complete Hansard of the Australian Parliament is now available online. Hansard is the name given to transcripts of parliamentary proceedings. Hansard is now fully online from the first sitting day - 9 May 1901. Senate Hansard House of Representatives Hansard If you wish to use material from Hansard it has been published under a Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license. Find out more about the Creative Commons .

Referencing style guides and EndNote

Are you working hard writing assignments right now? Maybe you're using EndNote to manage your references? If you are (and I know you are), you will find JCU Libguides on referencing styles and EndNote most helpful. The Referencing style guide provides many examples of correctly formatted references in all of the major styles such as APA, Harvard, Vancouver and Chicago and will link you to guides for other styles too (e.g. AGLC3). The EndNote guide will help you to get started with EndNote as well as work with your libraries and output styles. These two guides were written and designed by your Faculty and Liaision Librarians and there are many other guides for subject/discipline areas as well as other topics such as writing .

Tropicat Unscheduled Outage

Tropicat is currently unavailable. IT&R staff are investigating. In the meantime, you can try using OneSearch to find material in our collection. We primarily use it to search our databases, but it also searches our library catalogue. You can use the "Refine your search" options to control what material OneSearch looks for. The call number is also available in the record or when you mouseover the book title it appears in the additional information. Please contact InfoHelp staff if you need additional assistance. We apologise for this disruption to service. Update: service was restored at 9.30pm Sunday 8th May.