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Who owns the moon?

You have probably wondered: who owns the moon? Technically, the ownership of the moon is governed by the 1967 Outer Space Treaty which requires nations to ensure that activities or experiments of their nation do not interfere with the peaceful exploration and use of outer space. Additionally, under current United Nations law, member states are "prohibited from appropriating the moon." But what about all those nice moon minerals waiting to be mined? Can anyone appropriate them? A good overview can be found in this e-book: Moon : Prospective Energy and Material Resources . Find out more about the moon at NASA Moon, including photos, videos, and an interactive map of its surface.

First Week Technology Blues: IT help at the Library counter

InfoHELP Rover with wireless instructions In your first week back at Uni you may be unlucky to have an IT problem or question. The Library Infohelp desk located on the ground floor at both Cairns and Townsville is a place to go for help. We do first tier IT support which means we will ensure that the user is doing things in the correct manner and that any basic issues and questions are resolved immediately. If the problem requires more assistance we will assist you in logging a job with the IT Help Desk .  Common issues and questions we deal with in the first few weeks are: My password doesn't work on my email but does everywhere else I forgot my login id I can't open or download readings from LearnJCU One of my enrolled subjects is not appearing in LearnJCU I can't connect to eduroam the wireless network I don't know how to print I want to load EndNote I need to sign up for Tutorial groups You can also approach the InfoHELP rovers and ask them. The

LearnJCU, Chrome and Course Readings

The latest version of Chrome is causing occasional problems with some course readings in LearnJCU - if you click on a link to a reading and the screen goes blank - look for the grey shield icon to the right of the address bar and click on it: Click on 'Load unsafe script' and 'Done' and the content will appear. Alternatively use Firefox instead. LIS is working on a permanent solution with ITR.

Study Period 1 2014 Library Opening Hours

Starting Monday 24th of February Study Period 1 hours are as follows Townsville Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Monday to Thursday      8.00 am to 10.30 pm Friday                             8.00 am to 6.00 pm Saturday and Sunday    10.00 am to 5.00 pm Cairns Library   Monday to Thursday     8.00 am to 9.00 pm Saturday and Sunday    10.00 am 5.00 pm Please be aware restricted or closed hours will operate on the following days Easter Friday 18 April Closed Easter Saturday 19 April 1.00pm–5.00pm Easter Sunday 20 April Closed Easter Monday 21 April 1.00pm–5.00pm ANZAC Day 25 April 1.00pm–5.00pm

Get started with your subject Libguides

LibGuides are great resources for getting started with your research and writing.  JCU Libraries has developed a whole suite of LibGuides that cover every discipline taught at JCU.  We also have LibGuides that will help give your assignments an extra edge with referencing, research skills, writing, evaluating sources, finding statistics, and using mobile apps. Check out the JCU Library LibGuides at , add your discipline guide to your bookmarks, use it often, get good marks.

Emerald Business, Management & Economic eBook Series

  The JCU library now subscribes to the Emerald eBook Series Collection for   Business, Management & Economics .    The series a growing collection of more than 900 volumes from over 85 eBook Series titles. Featuring innovative, international and quality content, this collection reinforces Emerald’s position as the world’s leading publisher in business and management research. Some titles in the series include Advanced Series in Management, Advances in Accounting Education & Advances in Financial Economics and many more.   A complete list of the titles available in the Business, Management & Economic eBook Series is available from the emeraldinsight database which is accessible from the JCU Library homepage .

Featured Business eBooks

   Business Process Management: Practical Guidelines to Successful Implementations Authors: John Jeston and Johan Nelis This is an easy-to-use, easy-to-read guide that provides a practical framework, complete with a set of tools and techniques, to successfully implement Business Process Management projects. In addition, it features vital organizational perspectives that not only provide an overall view of BPM and the move towards a process-centric organization, but also reveal how to embed BPM within an organization to ensure a continuous business process improvement culture.   The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: An Illustrated Leadership Fable Author: Patrick Lencioni The blockbuster bestseller now in a manga edition--fully illustrated and fun to read!Beautifully illustrated by Kensuke Okabayashi, this enthralling edition of Patrick Lencioni's massive bestseller gives readers a new format in which to understand the fascinating, complex world of teams. K

EBL outage

A scheduled outage will occur for the eBook collection provided by the EBL platform on Sunday March 2nd between 11am and 3pm. The vendor will be doing upgrades and enhancements.

International Mother Language Day

Digital Agenda for Europe The 21st of February is International Mother Language Day . It seeks to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism world wide. Foreign language resources available at JCU library include language learning and foreign language books, dictionaries and newspapers . Some of them may be in your mother language! You can also limit many databases, including OneSearch, by language.

Townsville Library as water feature

Dry Tropics Townsville is not well known for its wet side but when it does rain the JCU Mabo Library has an interesting architectural design that makes it a water feature. We hope that new students don't get too wet today. Our advice buy an umbrella (brolly), raincoat, garbage bag (poor man's raincoat), even gum boots or back up thongs. Our building has umbrella stands to leave your wet brolly in at our entrances as well. Library Tours are still going for O week. You can also check the Bureau Of Meteorology (BOM) site to check radar for rainfall and cloud front.

Introducing Counseling and Therapy in Video, vol III

JCU Library has subscribed to Alexander Street Press' latest release - Counseling and Therapy in Video, Volume III. This release offers more than 300 additional hours of training videos, reenactments, and actual therapy sessions conducted by renowned counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and clinicians. This collection presents a firm theoretical grounding, while expanding into new and emerging areas such as social media, veterans, cyber-bullying, mindfulness, and neuroscience. It also features giants of counseling and psychotherapy, such as Viktor Frankl, Albert Bandura, Albert Ellis, Aaron Beck, Virginia Satir, Jay Haley, and Carl Rogers, whose theoretical models shape the way we look at counseling today. Added to this list are contemporary greats, such as Pat Love, Samuel Gladding, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Jon Carlson, Natalie Rogers, Patricia Arredondo, Thomas Parham, and John Arden. Click here to search Counseling and Therapy in Video, volumes I, II & III and the Video J

International Year of Crystallography

UNESCO has declared 2014 as the International Year of Crystallography .  It's OK, I had to look it up too!  As a starting point check out Credo for a few definitions and have a look at this video for a quick historical overview.

Library Lovers' Day

In addition to being Valentine's Day February 14th is also Library Lovers Day!  Come into your JCU campus library and show it some love. You could: browse the shelves for a great movie explore the maps collection chat to a librarian or just grab a beanbag and hang out in the air conditioning with a good book So come on in and show JCU libraries your love!

Get help from an InfoHELP Rover

Picture this, you are sitting in a student common learning space, or your campus Library building, and you find you need help. What you need is an InfoHELP Rover! JCU Library has employed student InfoHELP Rovers to better serve you at your point of need. They move throughout your campus student common learning spaces and the library during semester. They can be identified by their stylish blue (Townsville) or red (Cairns) JCU InfoHELP Rover polo shirts. Library Rovers are able to assist with a variety of issues. First level IT assistance: - Using Library computers - Software applications - JCU online services (webmail, wireless, eStudent , StudentsOnline and LearnJCU). Basic assistance with Library services: - Lending services - Finding information resources - Copying and printing services.

Romantic research articles

If you are desperately searching for that romantic research article to read on Valentine's Day and you are not finding it using the usual databases, Google Scholar may be the resource for you. Remember that you can change the settings so that your search shows JCU resources as well.

O Week 2014 Workshops

Oweek info board Townsville InfoHelp tutorials in Orientation Week (O-week) 17th of Feb to 21st. All students are welcome to attend. For Library run activities go to the Library's Workshops webpage for details of Cairns and Townsville workshops. (Some of the workshops are even repeated after Oweek). Library related O-week activities include: Library orientation tours- know the library Go wireless- get on the wifi Top 10 tips- for assignments and research You can even use our Orientation Survival Guide where we have links to more Library and other useful JCU pages. For a full program of JCU O-week activities like student ID cards, regarding Library tours and other campus orientation events. Go to the New Students page and navigate to and then download an O week program for your campus.

Special Collections Fossickings 31: Communications of disaster

When you heard news of the season’s first cyclone did you feel alert and prepared or had complacency set in over the long, dry, calm-weather months? Do you even remember how, twelve months ago, floods from ex-cyclone Oswald took out two fibre-optic cables severing internet, mobile and landline communications in the north? Did you feel isolated, frustrated or anxious when it was revealed that even the emergency triple zero number might not work? How great was your relief when you could once again email, call or text your friends? Wreck of the “Presto” (on Magnetic Island) which was sunk   during the cyclone Sigma , dated 1920, E. R. Hayles Album, NQ Photographic Collection, ID 4064. Imagine the situation 117 years ago when Cyclone Sigma struck Townsville, causing widespread damage, flooding and 18 deaths, including 5 children. The year was 1896, and the date 26 January – was  coincidentally the same as the one on which our own communications blackout occurred.  With whole suburbs u

Binder moves to Townsville ground floor

For  convenience of students a binder is now available on the ground floor at the Mabo Library Townsville next to the Tropicat machines in the learning commons. If your study habits include colour coding your subjects in separate folders to match your post it notes, nothing gets better than binding all those readings and notes together too.  Binding supplies can be bought at the library counter. Read more on the Binding page.

Readings and the Library

Lecturers place readings online for students to access but the actual loading of these readings is done by the Library staff.  The readings are normally accessible from links inside your subject's LearnJCU/Blackboard site. They are also available from the Readings and Past Exam link on the Library homepage (this was called Reserve Online until very recently so some people may still call it this out of habit). If you can not open your readings from LearnJCU try the Readings and Past Exams and some other things you can do are:  Try different web browsers. Mozilla/FireFox is normally good then Google Chrome  then Internet Explorer Clear your web browser's history or cache You may need to update a plug in to view it on your personal computer Desperate tactics are ask a friend who has already downloaded it to email it to you But please report it by email to  which is the Library email account Be aware that some Reserve Online readings are affect

Library How To: Get Print Credit

If you're planning on using university printers, you'll need to have your student card loaded with credit for copying and printing (CopyPrint).  Your cards come with a $0.00 balance, and you will need to add funds to get your stuff printed.  Here's how: 1. Visit your Library The Library service desks can take cash or card payments to top up your CopyPrint balance. There's a $2.00 minimum if paying by cash, and a $5.00 minimum if paying by card. 2. Pay online You can use your credit card to top up CopyPrint via Students Online . Once you're logged in, use the options on the left sidebar to add credit to your balance.  There's a $20.00 minimum for these transactions. Hot Tip: Your CopyPrint balance rolls over from year to year! For more information, check our full CopyPrint Guide here .