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Christmas and the JCU Library

Happy Hannuka, Happy Midsummer (or Midwinter if you're on the other side of the globe), Happy Dōngzhì, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year... Basically, there are a lot of things being celebrated at this time of the year, and we hope you get a chance to celebrate some of them. Here are some things you need to know about the Library during the Christmas/New Year period: Closure We will be closing at 12.00pm (midday) on Thursday the 24th of December (Christmas Eve) and opening again on Monday the 4th of January at 8.00am. During this time, the computer labs on the campuses (including the Library spaces, such as the Information Commons) will be unavailable for use as they will be closed for maintenance. Summer Opening Hours When we return in January, we will be back to Summer Opening Hours (8am-5pm, Monday-Friday - closed weekends). Check the Opening Hours page for your campus library to see what after-hours access is available for the study spaces. Borrowing and returning You can borrow