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New: BIOSIS Citation Index

JCU staff and students are now able to access BIOSIS Citation Index. It is available on the Web of Knowledge platform, and indexes all of the same journals as BIOSIS Previews, but also includes citation data. This is the best place to search BIOSIS for up-to-date results. OVID continues to hold archive subscriptions (1969 - 2008) of a mix of Biological Abstracts and BIOSIS previews. Access BIOSIS Citation Index directly, or from the Library Databases page . BIOSIS Citation Index provides a comprehensive view of life sciences research, including the most important discoveries, significant influences and relevant connections. It combines critical life sciences research with powerful citation indexing. Find out what you can do with BIOSIS Citation Index .

New title by JCU author: Screen Studies

Chrystopher J. Spicer (School of Arts and Social Sciences) Clark Gable, In Pictures: Candid images of the actor’s life From the very beginning of Clark Gable’s screen career, the life of the glamorous film star came under the scrutiny of the camera. While audiences are familiar with the public Gable as seen through the studio lens, the private Gable as seen in photos taken by members of the public, friends, and family is much less known. This book will be available from JCU Library in the near future.

Database and full text access limited by issues arising from major system outage

We apologise for the inconvenience and we are working feverishly with ITR to resolve issues that are preventing the proper function of EZproxy to provide off campus access to many of our databases, ejournal and ebook resources. On campus users can bypass EZproxy by removing from any web address that is timing out e.g. editing to We hope for a resolution quickly.

Don't forget the planned network outage

JCU will undergo a major IT maintenance upgrade this weekend from 6pm Friday 25th to 6pm Sunday 27th November . During this period, all the JCU network, computing and videoconferencing services will be unavailable to allow for network and server upgrades to be performed. Affected library services in Cairns and Townsville will include: Library databases Library ejournals Library General Access and Teaching Labs (GATCF) computers Research Online Reserve Online Tropicat. It is possible that there may be some intermittent access to the above services, however they will not be reliable during the period of the outage. Some externally hosted services will continue to be available except where they link back to the services listed above as unavailable, specifically: LibGuides One Search Click here for more information about JCU scheduled IT maintenance. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Dr Algernon is lovin' summer

Dr Algernon, Library Gorilla is taking a break from the hectic semester that was. He can currently be found in Mabo Library, Townsville kicking back with a cool drink and a huge pile of books to entertain himself over the summer holidays. Dr Algernon's reading wish list includes: The Amateur Science of Love: A novel The Bondi Lifesaver: A history of an Australian icon Mondo Weirdo: Australia in the sixties Oceans: A visual guide South Pacific Handbook Splash Surf-O-Rama: Treasures of Australian surfing Ulysses . Which one of the above do you think Dr Algernon might not get 'round to....? Don't forget the JCU Library collection if you want some recreational reading for the summer break. Dr Algernon wishes everyone a safe summer holiday.

The Little Mole...

This is the story of the little mole who knew it was none of his business... Or maybe it's the story of the little mole who wanted to know Whodunit? Or is it de la petite taupe qui voulait savoir qui lui avait fait sur la tête? Or lugu väikesest mutist, kes tahtis teada, kes lasi talle pähe? Or el topo que quería saber quién se había hecho aquello en su cabeza? Or did he simply ask "Chi me l'ha fatta in testa?" Originally, it was Vom kleinen Maulwurf, der Wissen wolte, wer ihm auf den Kopf gamacht hat , but it has been translated into many languages since then. The book, written my Werner Holzwarth and illustrated by Wolf Erlbruch, has earned a place in many hearts since it was first translated into English in 1994. What's the book about? Well, there's this mole. One morning he sticks his head out of his hole to see if the sun is shining and... And you really have to read it for yourself to get the full effect. I will tell you that there is poop

Featured eBooks: Education

The Excellence of Play . This book encapsulates all the many changes that have taken place in early childhood in the last ten years. Whilst retaining its original message of the vital importance of play as a tool for learning and teaching for children and practitioners, it consolidates this further with current evidence from research and practice and links the most effective practice with the implementation of recent policies. Its intention is to support all those who work in early childhood education and care in developing and implementing the highest quality play experiences for children from birth to middle childhood. Working with Families of Young Children with Special Needs . This user-friendly book presents research-based best practices for serving families of children with special needs from birth to age 6. Expert contributors demonstrate how early intervention and early childhood special education can effectively address a wide range of family concerns, which in turn opt

Summer Lovin' Book and DVD displays

Summer is here, and apart from a rag-tag group of crazy people who think block subjects are the way to go, most people who use our library are taking a break from studying. So, what good is an academic library during the Summer holidays? Surely there's nothing interesting to read? And it's doubtful there would be any good DVDs to borrow... Well! And that's just a random handful of books and DVDs to do with the rather loose and undefined theme of "Romance"! Why, I expect there must be hundreds of books and dozens of DVDs that are perfectly suitable for a spot of summer reading/viewing. Oh! But what if someone wants one of the books or DVDs that are currently on display? Well, just between you and me, you can actually borrow the books in the displays. If you see something you want, you can just take it down stairs and check it out. But don't let that get around, or we may have to find more books to beef up the displays. So why not come int

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas display 2011 (influences include the time-honoured tradition of overdecorating Christmas trees) Safe holidays - see you in 2012 From Mabo Library staff

New title by JCU authors: Psychology

Dr Agnes Au, A/Prof. Marie Caltabiano and Dr Nerida Caltabiano (Department of Psychology) Learning Strategies, Performance Indicators and University Student Satisfaction: What can psychosocial variables tell us? The research papers collected in this book are pioneering contributions to understanding what leads to student satisfaction in a university setting. The papers provide insights into: - Why students persevere with their studies - Self-efficacy and coping styles that students engage in - The role that locus of control, self-efficacy and trait hope play in student satisfaction - Time management issues - Study and employment management. These investigations result in significant research findings and highlight some of the issues that confront students and what areas could be a focus to improve student satisfaction during their time at tertiary institutions. Learning Strategies, Performance Indicators and University Student Satisfaction: What can psychosocial variables

GATCF Lab closures over the summer semester break

Information Technology and Resources staff will be performing upgrades to the facilities in the GATCF and School based teaching labs on Townsville, Cairns, and Mackay campuses over the summer semester break. All computer labs will be unavailable from 9am Monday 28th November 2011 until 9am Monday 13th February 2012 (unless otherwise timetabled), with the exception of the following facilities: Townsville  All Library based computers will be available during Library opening hours. Building 2 Annex (DA2-101, 102, 103, 104 and 107) open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday with swipe card access outside those hours. Cairns  All Library based computers will be available during Library opening hours. B1.030 has 24 hour card swipe access. All GATCF facilities on Townsville and Cairns campuses will be closed for the Christmas Break commencing Midday (12 Noon) Friday 23rd December 2011 with the selected facilities above re-opening 9am Tuesday 3rd January 2012.

News Flash: Library extends opening hours for the last week of exams!

JCU Library branches in Cairns and Townsville have further extended opening hours to service students through the last week of exams. Opening hours for Townsville will be: Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 November: 10am to 5pm Monday 21 to Thursday 24 November: 8am to 10.30pm Friday 25 November: 8am to 6pm Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November: Closed. Opening hours for Cairns will be: Saturday 19 November: 1pm to 5pm Monday 21 to Thursday 24 November: 8am to 9pm Friday 25 November: 8am to 6pm Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 November: Closed. Good luck with your study.

New title by JCU author: Education

Dr Kathryn Meldrum (Education) Learning to Teach Health and Physical Education: The student, the teacher and the curriculum This is an Australian text about the ‘how to’ of teaching HPE. As a practical text, the book endeavours to equip readers with the skills and knowledge to work with a variety of curricula, contexts and students. Students are encouraged to use this book as a springboard for rich and colourful discussions and activities that explore the broad possibilities that exist for teaching and learning in HPE into the future. This book will be available in both the Cairns and Townsville libraries in the near future.

Network connectivity - interruption to service

In order to resolve reoccurring instabilities, the core network equipment is going to be rebooted and upgraded in an emergency maintenance period starting at 6pm, Monday 14 November. Reoccurring network instabilities have required IT&R to reboot and upgrade core network equipment. This equipment provides connection to all internal and external services, which means that there will be interruptions to all services during this maintenance period. Systems affected may include: LearnJCU Students Online eStudent. Refer to this bulletin for more information.

Featured eBooks: Journalism

Ugly War, Pretty Package: How CNN and Fox News made the invasion of Iraq high concept . High concept films can be reduced to single-sentence summaries and feature pre-sold elements; they were considered financially safe projects that would sustain consumer interest beyond their initial theatrical run. This book offers a new paradigm for understanding how television news reporting shapes our perceptions of events. What Liberal Media? The truth about bias and the news . Widely acclaimed and hotly contested, veteran journalist Eric Alterman's ambitious investigation into the true nature of the U.S. news media touched a nerve and sparked debate across the country. As the question of whose interests the media protects-and how-continues to raise hackles, Alterman's sharp, utterly convincing assessment cuts through the cloud of inflammatory rhetoric, settling the question of liberal bias in the news once and for all. The Subversive Copy Editor: Advice from Chicago (or,

Mosquitoes on display

Aedes aegypti from Yahoo Health Mosquitoes are an integral part of living in tropical Queensland. Tying in with the University's tropical focus (and the wet season experiences of the people of North Queensland), Mabo Library, Townsville is featuring all things mosquito in a display on the first floor. The display also features Townsville Regional Council mosquito fact sheets, while Cairns Regional Council advice is available here . You can also check out the Library's collection for mosquito related resources, some examples are included below: Mosquito Ecology: Field sampling methods (book) Dengue: Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, prevention and control (eBook) Water Resources: Health, environment and development (eBook) Mosquito News (journal) New to the JCU Library collection is Common Mosquitoes of North Queensland: Identification and biology of adult mosquitoes , edited by Adjunct Lecturer Gerhard Ehlers from the School of Public Health, Tropical Medi

Friday brainteaser: Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, Credo Reference Welcome to the Friday Brainteaser from Credo Reference. You may not think you are an expert on literature, but many people can recall things about Shakespeare. Test your knowledge of the Bard with this brainteaser. In which town was Shakespeare born? Shakespeare's play "Hamlet" is set in which country? Who was Shakespeare's wife? There was a real king of Scotland called Macbeth. Is this true or false? In which Shakespeare play do the words "Et tu, Brute?" occur? Which of Shakespeare's comedies includes characters called Oberon, Titania, Puck and Bottom? In a Shakespeare play, who was described like this: "Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale/Her infinite variety"? Which Shakespeare story was used as the basis of a 1999 American teenage comedy film, "10 Things I Hate About You"? Which Shakespeare play includes the words "All the world's a stage"? The musical by Rich

Library Display - Top 10 most influential computer programming books of all time

Have you ever wondered what books have been the most influential in the field of Computer Programming?  " Stack Overflow " the computer programmers go-to web site posed the following question to find out what it's members thought:  " If you could go back in time and tell yourself to read a specific book at the beginning of your career as a developer, which book would it be?" The resulting list of the top10 most influential books is a fascinating snapshot of the history, development and progression of computer programming.  The list is a compilation of votes by thousands of members of "Stack Overflow". The books are currently the feature of a display in the Mabo Library, Townsville.   Visit the Library to browse through these influential works or read all about them online.  For the full list of books and their descriptions read here .

Remembrance Day: 11am, 11 November 2011

Remembrance Day, 2011 British Commonwealth Occupation Force, Japan 1946 Remembrance Day marks the anniversary of the armistice which ended the First World War (1914–18). Each year we observe one minute silence at 11am on 11 November, in memory of those who died or suffered in all wars and armed conflicts. The Australian War Memorial website has more more information about the day and associated customs. JCU Library holds resources concerning Australians at war. Come in and have a look if you would like to find out more about our war history. Books in our collection include: Australia and the Vietnam War Australian Prisoners of War, 1941-1945: Australians in the Pacific War Australia's Fighting Sons of the Empire: Portraits and biographies of Australians in the Great War The Gulf Commitment: The Australian Defence Force's first war Remembering Korea: Australians in the war of 1950-1953 .

New titles by JCU authors: Indigenous studies

FAESS staff have been busy publishing in the field of Indigenous Studies this year. Check out their new books: A/Prof. Rosita Henry (Anthropology and Archaeology) The Challenge of Indigenous Peoples: Spectacle or politics? This book is concerned with the ways in which Indigenous peoples express their cultural and social identities in art and politics. Based on field research and practical initiatives with Indigenous peoples in Australia, Oceania, Asia and Siberia, it provides chapters on contemporary creative and political practices. Prof. Koma Tsey (Education) Re-Thinking Development in Africa: An oral history approach from Botoku, rural Ghana . In this thought provoking book, Komla Tsey argues that if governments, NGOs, development donor agencies and researchers are serious about development in Africa, they need to get down to ground level, both metaphorically and literally. They must search deep into Africa’s own rich oral traditions by creating space and opportuni

Creative Commons and you

Creative Commons is an international non-profit organisation that provides free licences and tools that copyright owners can use to allow others to share, reuse and remix their material, legally. We invite you to learn more about this new way of managing copyright in the digital environment. Creative Commons and You 9.30am – 10.30am followed by morning tea Wednesday 16th of November 2011 The Boathouse, JCU Cairns ( building A22 ) Free, for catering purposes please email Bradley Smith by Friday 11th of November. Click here for more information.

New titles by JCU authors: Linguistics

The School of Arts and Social Sciences staff have been prolific publishing in the field of linguistics this year. Check out their new and reissued books available at JCU Library. Dr Mark Post North East Indian Linguistics Volume 3 (Volume 4 soon to be released) Prof. Robert Dixon I am a Linguist The Jarawara Language of Southern Amazonia (originally published in 2004) The Languages of Australia (originally published in 1980) Searching for Aboriginal Languages: Memoirs of a field worker (originally published in 1984) Prof. Sasha Aikhenvald Multi-verb Constructions: A view from the Americas Prof. Robert Dixon & Prof. Sasha Aikhenvald Language at Large: Essays on syntax and semantics The Semantics of Clause Linking: A cross linguistic typology (originally published in 2009)

Library staff support the Mabo movie

JCU librarians timewarp to the 1980's If you haven't read the JCNN news release , you wouldn't have heard about the filming of the upcoming movie about our building's namesake. Wanting to be part of this historic experience, some of our Library staff bravely volunteered to be extras in the film.  Thus a normal day at the Library turned into something quite different, and our daring librarians revealed an under utilised component of their professional skills. If their scenes don't end up on the cutting room floor, you will see our talented librarians showcasing the fashions of the period. Moreover fortuitously (or perhaps tragically), it was determined by the costume department that their current hairstyles are not out of place for representing women of the early 1980s. No names will be divulged by us here, but we ask you to keep an eye out for any prima donna behaviour at the Library now that some of us are stars in the making. Go to ABC North Queensland a

Sydney Travelling Film Festival appearing in Cairns and Townsville

The Sydney Travelling Film Festival (TFF) is Australia's longest running travelling film festival bringing world cinema to regional Australia. The Sydney TFF showcases Australian and international features, documentaries and short films screening in areas which have limited theatrical screening opportunities. Need a break from studying for your exams?  Then have a look to see what is screening in Cairns and Townsville .

Oodgeroo Noonuccal

If anyone has caught today's Google doodle , you should take a moment to stop and feel proud. Not the "I've personally done something fabulous" kind of proud, but rather the "Someone else has done something fabulous and I feel happy that they have been celebrated" kind of proud. Google is celebrating Oodgeroo Noonuccal's 91st birthday today. For those of you who might not be familiar with Australian poets, Oodgeroo Noonuccal (once known as Kath Walker) was an Indigenous Australian poet and activist. She was one of the first Aboriginal woman to have a book published, and was once one of Australia's best selling poets. Oh, yeah, and she was a wireless operator during World War Two . During the latter half of the 20th Century, she was one of the clearest and best loved voices of Aboriginal culture, and established literary and cultural programmes in schools and universities. She had a magical ability to take complex issues and use poetry to fi

Everything you need to know about exams

Need information about Exams? Check out the Infohelp Survival Guide for Exams . Find out about: Exam timetables  Campus maps to locate exam rooms  Past examination papers  Library opening hours during exams  Books on study skills for exams  Studying for Exams online tutorial  Examinations FAQ and website. All library staff wish you the best with your exams.

Featured eBooks: Earth science

Groundwater Dynamics in Hard Rock Aquifers . This book contains the results and findings of the advanced research carried out in a pilot area with a thorough investigation of the structure and functioning of an aquifer in a granitic formation. It characterizes the hard rock aquifer system and examines its properties and behavior as well as systematically details the geophysical, geological and remote sensing applications to conceptualize such an aquifer system. Land Use and Soil Resources . Land-use change is one of the main drivers of many environmental change processes. It influences the basic resources of land use, including the soil. Its impact on soil often occurs so creepingly that land managers hardly contemplate initiating ameliorative or counterbalance measures. Poor land management has degraded vast amounts of land, reduced our ability to produce enough food, and is a major threat to rural livelihoods in many developing countries. This book analyses the patterns, d