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Library Opening Hours - Xmas and New Year

Please note, the Townsville & Cairns Library buildings will close at 12 noon Wednesday 24th December 2008 and reopen at 8am on Friday 2nd January 2009.

Scheduled Outage - Informit Database

The Informit service will be unavailable on Saturday 20th Of December 2008 from 7am to 7pm (AEST) whilst the servers are relocated to a new building. It is possible that Informit may be up and running earlier in the day though we cannot guarantee this. Additionally over the holiday break (25th December 2008 – 5th January 2009) there may be short periods of outage (less than one hour) which cannot be determined at this time. These outages are due to upgrades to network infrastructure within RMIT University. RMIT Publishing apologises for any inconvenience these outages may cause.

Presentation Event at Eddie Koiki Mabo Library

The School of Indigenous Australian Studies at James Cook University invites all interested persons to attend a presentation event at the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on Thursday, 18th December 2008, at 3.30pm. In a project funded by AIATSIS and an ARC linkage grant, SIAS conducted interviews with several Gugu Badhun people of the upper Burdekin in an effort to record the history of their people. These interviews were recorded on DVD and a copy of these will be presented to the JCU Library Special Collections and the Gugu Badhun community at the presentation event on Thursday. The presentation will be held at the top of the stairs on the 1st floor of the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Townsville. You are invited to stay for afternoon tea after the presentation.

JCU Library Christmas Trees

If you happen to be in either of the JCU library buildings in the lead up to Christmas, make sure you take a look at our Christmas trees. Okay, the Cairns tree is bigger... and prettier... and more impressive... but the one in Townsville has a lot of charm. And, you have to admit, it's a great way to use those bound journals.

X Search Change Coming

Over the holiday period JCU Library will be transferring X Search to a new platform. X Search comprises two major features: The ability to search multiple databases simultaneously 'Find It' link to the fulltext online when available, or a link to the catalogue when it isn't The new X Search will have no limit on the number of databases it can search simultaneously (the current version can search a maximum of 15) and no login will be required. The new 'Find It' features much tighter integration with our electronic resource management tool which we believe will significantly reduce false positives and negatives when linking to full text. The new 'Find It' is already gradually appearing in some of our databases, you'll know it by the new look button. We are also integrating the service more tightly with remote access so off campus users are less likely to face problems accessing articles. Those of you who have stored your favourite articles, jour

Scheduled Outage: Labprint/epouch payments

Please be aware that the system which processes payments for ePouch/LabPrint and Internet will be down for maintenance on Friday 5th December 2008. You will still be able to access the Internet and as long as you have quota you will also be able to print. Please contact InfoHelp if you need to print urgently. Payments made during this time will be processed by close of business Friday 5th December 2008. IT&R apologises for any interruptions this outage may cause.

Housekeeping for Computer Accounts

When you leave JCU , it won't be long before your computer account (and therefore access to email, homes drive & Internet) becomes disabled. If you are graduating, you are eligible for a JCU email forwarding address for life - more information about applying for this for this can be found at the Graduates Online FAQ . If you are a postgraduate by research work then you will retain access to your email account for a 12 month period starting from the date you hand in your final paper. If you are not graduating, but are withdrawing, suspending or deferring your studies, your computer account will likely be disabled shortly after. It is advisable to make sure that automatic email forwarding is already in place to another email address before this happens. Emails will be forwarded for 6 months before the account is removed from the system. You might want to make sure that you have taken copies of important files from your Homes drive. If you are a staff member finishing up work

Tropicat Reindexing

Update, 3pm: All Tropicat indexes are now working correctly. Due to a minor system error we are currently reindexing Tropicat. Searching still works but keyword searches may not retrieve every item until reindexing is finished, probably at around 4pm Friday afternoon November 28. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Learning Circles

School of Education 2008 Public Art Presentation and Student Art Exhibition will be on display in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on Monday 1st December. Following the official handover of The Learning Circles to the JCU Vice Chancellor and presentation of certificates to JCU students, sponsors and mentors the gathering will move to the ground floor of the JCU Library to view The Learning Circles and individual 2008 art works. Please come in during the week and view the artwork and Learning Circles on display.

Scopus Trial ends, Scopus subscription begins.

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of research literature and quality web sources in the Life, Health, Physical and Social Sciences. Following extensive trials, JCU has subscribed to Scopus . Access is available via the Library Databases web page . Please log in via Remote Access if you are off campus. Scopus offers: over 16,000 peer-reviewed journals from more than 4,000 publishers over 1200 Open Access journals 520 conference proceedings 650 trade publications 315 book series 36 million records Results from 431 million scientific web pages 23 million patent records from 5 patent offices "Articles-in-Press" from over 3,000 journals As a researcher: You can find out who is citing you, and how many citations an article or an author has received. You can also analyse citations for a particular journal issue, volume or year. You can use the refine results overview to quickly see the main journals, disciplines and authors that publish in your area of interes

GATCF Lab Closures - Summer Semester Break 2008/2009

Information Technology and Resources staff will be undertaking major system upgrades to the facilities in the GATCF labs over the summer semester break. This means that all computer labs, with the exception of facilities in the Library, DA2-107 and DA2-104 will be unavailable from Monday 1st December 2008 until Monday 9th February 2009, unless otherwise timetabled. At some point it will be necessary to upgrade these labs as well. IT&R will endeavour to make other facilities available during this time. All GATCF facilities will be closed for the Christmas Break commencing Midday Wednesday 24 December 2008 and re-opening 9am Friday 2nd January 2009. IT&R staff will post notices to the Central Computing Bulletin Board advising of any changes to the status of the GATCF labs. You should check the bulletins for ongoing updates from time to time.

Exam Tips, #3

Know your audience. It's easy to think of exams as these soulless things that exist to take away precious hours of your life, but it can pay to remember that all exams are read by someone - after all, someone has to mark the exam, and that someone is likely to be one of your lecturers or tutors. You've probably seen your lecturers a couple of times this semester. Assuming you've attended a lecture, listened to one of their podcasts or read any of their emails, you've had some chance of observing the people who will be marking your exams. Even if you've done your best to ignore them and avoid all possible contact, you would have read their notes for each class and noticed what readings they have selected. At least, I would hope you've done this. If not you may as well stop reading now because nothing will help you. For those of you who have paid attention to their lecturers at some point, I ask a simple question: what do they like? What sort of the

ScienceDirect Unavailability

ScienceDirect will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance for approximately 10 hours during the period from 13:00 to 22:00 GMT on Saturday, 15 November (11:00pm to 9:00am AEST). This will affect searching as well as fulltext article access through the Find It button. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Open Access to JCU Theses

Many of the JCU theses in print format, also available online or in microform , previously held in a closed access collection available only by request, are now available within the Library on open shelves near the Reference Collection, first floor, Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, Townsville . Library users now have open, self-access to this important collection. The change will allow the print versions of JCU theses to be more visible and accessible for use within the Library. Many theses are also available online from JCU ResearchOnline@JCU . Those theses with special conditions regarding their use and/or only available in print are still located in Special Collections and are available upon request. These are listed as Theses SC in Tropicat , the library catalogue. See the JCU Theses website for more information.

Tropicat Search Box in Firefox

Here's a neat trick You can add a Tropicat Search box to your Firefox desktop so you can search the Library's catalogue without going to the Library's homepage. Here's are step-by-step directions. 1) Download: Add to Search Bar add-on. 2) Next, go to Tropicat simple search and simply right click inside the search box. (Click ONE) 3) Look for the "Add to Search Bar" option in the menu. 4) Here you can change the name (if you like). Click TWO. 5) That's it. You're done. Now you can search Tropicat directly from your FireFox Searchbar.

Store items now available

JCU Library (Townsville) has completed the reorganisation of its store collection (see previous news item). Items marked in Tropicat (library catalogue) as being in the P Store, S Store, X Store or Y Store collections are now available. Requests for store items can be made at InfoHelp .

Meet JCU's Antarctic explorer Dr Jon Stephenson

Come and join us on the 7th November at 10am in the InfoHelp training room (ground floor, Mabo Library Townsville) to listen to Dr Jon Stephenson, original staff member of Townsville University College Geology department and expedition member. The presentation will give some additional background about James Cook (Antarctic pioneer) and Antarctica, and about the inaccessibility of the Weddell Sea approach, as against the easier Ross sea entry, to Antarctica used by Amundsen and Scott in their race to the South Pole. It also reflects very briefly on what is happening scientifically in Antarctica today. You are invited to stay for morning tea after the presentation. For catering purposes please RSVP to Helen Hooper by Wednesday 5th November (email: or phone: 4781 4381). In conjunction with the talk an exhibition of photographs and memorabilia taken by Dr. Stephenson during the 1955-58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition to commemorate 50 years is current

HeinOnline Trial

Student and staff of JCU have trial access until 31st December to HeinOnline an image based (PDF) Law Library of journals, books, reports and US statutes with search functions. The "Core" collections in the trial include: Legal Classics, Law Journal Library, U.S. Supreme Court Library, U.S. Federal Legislative History Library, Treaties and Agreements Library. The URL for HeinOnline is then click on "SUBSCRIBERS CLICK HERE TO ENTER". A password is not required on campus; off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page.

Library Opening Hours - Examination period

The Townsville and Cairns Library Buildings will be open for extended hours during the Examination period, beginning Friday 14 November. Handouts are available at the InfoHelp desk. 24 hour study facilities, including copying, computing and printing are available in the Humanities Annex (DA2) Computing Facility in Townsville and A2.017, A2.018 and B1.030 facilities in Cairns. Many services and resources are available 24 hours per day through the Library and Computing Services website.

Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition (TAE) 1955-1958 & Lecture

Currently on display on the first floor of the Eddie Koiki Mabo library (Townsville) is an exhibition of photographs and memorabilia taken by Dr. Jon Stephenson during the 1955-58 Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The exhibition includes more than 80 photographs of the Antarctic landscape and members of the expedition including Sir Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary. Also on display is one of the original Leica cameras used to take the photos, a lump of coal from the Theron Mountains and an original menu from 'Midwinter South Ice.' The library's collection of books on Antarctica are also on display, along with two books from the Rare Books Collection; James Cook's A voyage towards the South Pole and round the world (1784) and a report from the voyage of the Southern Cross by the British Museum of Natural History (1902). The exhibition will run until Friday 14th November. Come and join us on the 7th November at 10am in the InfoHelp training room to hear Dr J

Quick E-References

Check out our updated Quick E-References webpage. You can search for online reference resources by clicking on subjects in a tag cloud. This will take you to JCU Library's account where you can find over 150 links to online resources such as Encyclopedias, Biographies, Government information, News and Quotations.

Instant Messaging @ JCU library

Congratulations to Andrew Boyle who won an iPod Nano by filling in the Instant Messaging survey. This is your last chance to fill in the survey. Fill in the survey in October and November for your chance to win a Myer/Target gift voucher and movie vouchers. http://www.library.jcu.ed The AskNow@ JCU Library service is available Mon-Sat 12-5pm and Thurs 12-9pm

Special Collections @ JCU Library Blog

Would you like to read about our newest acquisitions to Special Collections? Do you want to know about upcoming JCU Library exhibitions and events that focus on North Queensland history and local topics? If you have an interest in the heritage of North Queensland, go online and view the newly created Special Collections @ JCU Library Blog. The Blog aims to share North Queensland’s history while allowing feedback and comments from JCU staff and students and the wider community.

Informit Business Collection Trial

Students and staff of JCU have trial access to Informit Business Collection - until 31st December 2008. This resource includes indexes, abstracts and full text articles from over 100 journals in Australian Business. Also covered are selected Books, Conference Proceedings and Reports. The URL for Informit Business Collection is;res=IELBUS A password is not required on campus, off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page .

Silent Study Zones/Total Silence Zones

The library is a great place to do some collaborative work with your friends and fellow students. We have group study areas in both campuses, and the librarians are happy to point them out to you. However, there are also some Silent Study Zones and Total Silence Zones on the top floor of both libraries, and we ask all of our visitors to respect the fact that the people using those areas need a quiet environment to do their work. In these areas, we ask you to make sure you do not have anything that might cause a distracting noise (MP3 players, mobile phones, laptop keyboards, children) and to avoid conversation. If you are on the top floor of one of the JCU campus libraries, can you please make sure you keep an eye out for the "Silent Study Zone" and "Total Silence Zone" signs? It would also be great if you could remember to talk softly whenever you are moving between the group study areas. It's easy to forget how well noise travels in the open space

New Look for the Library and Computing Website

The University has been migrating the content from the JCU website, into a new content management system. On Tuesday 23 September, we launch a new Library and Computing website with a fresh and bright look, in alignment with the University’s front web page. We hope that you find the refreshed website easier to use with more seamless access to library and computing resources and services. Some of the changes include being able to search the library catalogue, Tropicat directly from the main page; new icons to enable remote access, find services and ask for help. We encourage you to try it out and to give us your feedback, through Talkback The URL for the Library and Computing remains the same,

Exhibition on the walls in the Cairns Library

Pindogori: The Art of Every Day Life: Art and bilums from the Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea JCU Library, Cairns is hosting a collection of art by PNG poet and artist Mr Purago W Marabe : incorporating a display of traditional string-bags (bilums) from his homeland of Okapa. Purago’s art depicts scenes from his North Fore (pronounced foray) cultural roots, ranging from daily village life, including origin narratives, totems, and political statements. This collection includes paintings from 2001 – 2008. Bilums represent one of the most colourful features of PNG traditional culture. They are necessary items of everday life: a functional and ceremonial item of fore culture. Traditional designs reflect the surrounding environment, e.g., snakes, mountains, and trees. Some of the newer patterns include ‘highway to paradise’, ‘maggi noodle’ and ‘computer’. The exhibition is presented in association with the School of Arts and Social Sciences and with the assistance of t

Multimedia Equipment Loans

Did you know you could borrow a laptop from the library? What about a digital camera? A DVD player? A Dictaphone? The library has multimedia equipment that can be borrowed or hired from Lending Services, ranging from LAN cables to data projectors. If you want to know more about the prices and conditions, check out the following web page:

Endnote Training

Introductory EndNote workshops covering: Introduction to EndNote Cite while you write: how EndNote interacts with word Importing references using filter files and connection files There will be two demonstration sessions for students who want an overview of Endnote and one hands on training session for students who want to practice. For the demonstration sessions feel free to bring along your laptop and follow the trainer. IDEAL FOR: All students FACILITATED BY: Information & Research Support DATES & TIMES: Tuesday 16 th September 2pm (demonstration) Wednesday 17 th September 9am-12pm (hands on session) Thursday 18 th September 11am (demonstration) VENUE: Infohelp Training Room, Ground floor – Library (Tue & Thur session) HX107 – Computer lab (Wed hands on session) RSVP: Booking required for hands-on session (email: )

Reference Points: Using references and quotations effectively in your assignment

Good references are the most powerful tools you can use for your assignments. Learn how to use them effectively,lay them out correctly using different styles, cite them in text and put together a great reference list. You will also find out how a research file can help with this. IDEAL FOR: All students FACILITATED BY: Information & Research Support DATES & TIMES: Tuesday 9th September 11.00am Thursday 11th September 4.00pm VENUE: Infohelp Training Room, Ground floor - Library, Townsville RSVP: No booking required

New Blog for Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences

The Faculty of Medicine, Health and Molecular Sciences Resources Blog is now up and running! We us this blog to highlight some of the great electronic resources that are out there. These include databases, professional organisations, instructional websites and all sorts of other goodies. If you are studying one of the disciplines within FMHMS, or even if you just like discovering new and interesting resources, you should take a look at this blog. The URL, if you would like it, is .

EndNote Training

Introductory EndNote workshops will be offered in September, covering: Introduction to EndNote Cite while you write: how EndNote interacts with word Importing references using filter files and connection files Townsville: There will be two demonstration sessions for students who want an overview of Endnote and one hands on training session for students who want to practice. For the demonstration sessions feel free to bring along your laptop and follow the trainer. Tuesday 16th September 2-3pm Thursday 18th September 11-12noon Venue: Library Infohelp Training Room Hands on training session Wednesday 17th September 9am-12pm Venue: Computer Lab: HX 107 Email to book Cairns: Room B1.105 1 hour sessions Wed 3rd Sept 1pm Thur 4th Sept 12noon Wed 10th Sept 1pm Thur 11th Sept 11am Wed 17th Sept 1pm Thur 18th Sept 11am

Improving your Research Skills Workshops

Improve your Research Skills in: Australian information Social Sciences Business/Tourism Science Health Improve your research skills in your specific area of study. These sessions will guide you through the process of accessing and searching the library’s journal databases for subject specific information. We will also look at how to find additional resources from the Internet for your assignments and what search strategies will help you find high quality articles. Townsville Workshop times Australian Information - Tuesday 26th August 2pm & Thursday 4th September 3pm Social Sciences - Thursday 28th August 2pm & Tuesday 2nd September 10am Business/Tourism - Tuesday 26th August 4pm & Wednesday 3rd September 10am Science - Thursday 28th August 11am & Tuesday 2nd September 2pm Health - Wednesday 27th August 11am & Thursday 4th September 11am Venue - Library InfoHelp Training Room Townsville Cairns Workshop Times Psychology & Edcuation - Monday 25th August 11am B1.1

Scopus Trial

Student and staff of JCU have trial access until 30th September to Scopus an abstract and citation database covering 15,000 peer-reviewed journals in the Life, Health, Physical and Social Sciences. Also covered are selected Open Access journals, Conference Proceedings,Trade Publications, Patents, Scientific Web pages and Book series. The URL for Scopus is A password is not required on campus, off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page .

Using the CSA database vodcast

Watch and listen to the library's new vodcast tutorial on using the CSA database . CSA contains a range of databases including ERIC, Psychological abstracts, Sociological abstracts and Social services abstracts. Have a look at this vodcast and other library podcasts including a JCU library overview on the library's training pages.

Passwords and House Keys

Universities are full of people who are discovering new technologies, new systems and new rules - most of which they haven't quite got the hang of yet. This makes them prime targets for nefarious ne'er-do-wells (also known as "not very nice people") who like to pretend they are legitimate university staff in order to steal your usernames and passwords and use them to do all sorts of horrible, nasty things. Things like using your email account to send spam to thousands of other poor souls, or using up all of your Internet quota and running up your debt looking at web sites that might get you into trouble. Usually, when the scam emails start coming out, we send around some emails of our own explaining why you should never give them your password. Almost every time, without fail, people will reply to our emails (in which we have told them to NEVER give ANYONE their password - not even us) and they will give us their passwords. In either case, once we know that a

AskNow@ JCU Library Competition Winners

Congratulations to Cindi Langford, a 4th Year Education student who won an iPod shuffle and Sejal Bhatiya, a Brisbane student who won a Target/Myer gift voucher by completing a survey about our Instant Messaging Service. You can now chat to librarians using the AskNow@JCU Library on Thursday night from 5pm-9pm as well as the regular chat hours from 12pm-5pm Monday-Saturday. You still have a chance to win a iPod Nano by filling in our survey in August and September.

How to use Web 2.0 tools to effectively manage information

Common Web2.0 tools such as social bookmarking, tagging and RSS feeds can be used to effectively manage resources and research for your assignments. Blogs and Wiki’s are common tools used to communicate and manage information and can be an effective assessment tool. After this session you will be able to use tools such as iGoogle, and LearnJCU blogs and wiki’s to help you study for and complete your assignments. Workshop times (Townsville) Tuesday 19th August 11am Thursday 21st August 4pm Venue - Library Infohelp Training Room

Discover Your Library @ JCU

JCU Open Day is on this Sunday, 17 th August in Cairns and next Sunday 24 th August in Townsville from 10.00am - 2.30pm. Our Libraries will be open from 10am - 5pm on both campuses so come along and join in the fun. As part of OPEN DAY 2008 , the Cairns and Townsville university libraries are offering a number of activities and display s: Cairns Campus Library Tour 11.45am Tour the library and take part in a quiz for a chance to win a one-year community library membership valued at $110. Fuel your mind Children's book display. Books and publications by JCU staff and students on display A huge variety of topics and mix of fiction and non-fiction works. Townsville Campus Fuel your mind : children's book display & storytelling 11.00 -11.30am and 1.30 - 2.00pm Join our storytellers who will read and entertain from a selection of Australian children's literature. Family history workshop 1.00 - 2.00pm Learn how to get started with your own family tree. Libr

New Trials

Student and staff of JCU have trial access to the following services. A password is not required on campus, off campus access is not available for the trail but would be if JCU subscribed. Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online - AAAS An authoritative collection of Policy Statements, Interpretations, Accounting Standards, Auditing Standards, Auditing Guidance Statements and related documents online. Trial URL is: Trial is available to 8/9/2008. GEOnetBASE -A library of e-books on Geotechnical Engineering including topics such as Hydrology and Soil Science. Content of the books may be searched individually or across the collection. Click on the "Read it Online!" link for the full text. Trial URL is Trial is available to 15/9/2008. Links are also available via the library trials page.

Group Study Rooms @ Your Library (Cairns)

Group study spaces in the Cairns Library are available in all shapes and sizes! The ground floor of the library has some group study tables where you can get together over a coffee and take advantage of the only "coffee friendly area" in the library. On the first floor, there are 5 bookable group study rooms. The rooms comfortably seat 6-8 people. They each have whiteboards (bring your own markers) and two of the rooms are also equipped with GAT computers for your convenience. TV's, DVD and Video players are also available for use in these rooms. Booking sheets are available adjacent to the Infohelp Desk. The first floor also features a large area of open group study tables, or if you prefer you can lounge around on the bright red or blue comfy chairs. The whole library is wireless enabled so where-ever and when-ever you choose to get together with your group, those with laptops can access the internet and electronic resources.

Finding Journal Articles

Impress your lecturers with excellent sources of information for assignments and essays. Learn how to find journal articles not on your reading list! Access and search the library's electronic databases which provide references to journal articles and sometimes the full text. Retrieve journal articles online and in print. Tuesday 12 August, 2pm (Venue: B1.104, Cairns). Can't make it to this workshop, try our interactive self-paced online Finding Journal Articles tutorial or come along to our subject specific sessions later this month.

Finding More on the Web

How to make search engines work for you. This tutorial is designed to help you get better results when you search the Internet. Searching the Internet is a lot trickier than it looks. Even if you are getting good Results, chances are you could get even better ones. Come along and find out how. If you ever need to search the Internet this session is for you. Tuesday 12th August 10.00am Thursday 14th August 1.00pm Venue - Library Infohelp Training Room, Townsville If you miss this session try Lost in Space Interactive , a hands-on online tutorial on getting better results from search engines.

Group Study Rooms @ Your Library (Townsville)

So, there's a group of you and you're looking for a place to study? The library has a number of areas where a group can study together - including some with "special" features. On the first floor, we have a small group discussion room behind the toilets on the Eastern side of the building. This room has whiteboards, but you may have to bring your own whiteboard markers. On the second floor, we have a large group discussion room at the Eastern End, which can accommodate several groups at once. It also has whiteboards (bring your own markers). Down at the Western end of the top floor, we have what we like to call our Group Presentation Room . Yes, this room also has a whiteboard - but that's not all. No, the Group Presentation Room also comes equipped with two projectors and facilities for connecting your lap-top . That's right, you can all gather together to work on a computer presentation, create a PowerPoint display or watch the media clips you need fo

Trials of Complete Cambridge Companions and Cambridge Histories Online now available.

Students and staff of JCU have trial access until 3rd September to: The Complete Cambridge Companions Online. The Complete collection of volumes published in the Cambridge Companions series includes Companions to Literature and Classics Collection (175 titles) and the Companions to Philosophy, Religion and Culture Collection (110 titles). URL: Cambridge Histories Online. Contains full text of over 250 volumes on American, British, world, social and cultural history published by Cambridge University Press since 1960. URL: A password is not required on campus, off campus access is available via Remote Access login to the library trials web page.

ACLS Humanities E-Book trial access

This electronic resource includes 1700 full-text, cross-searchable books in the humanities selected for their continuing importance to students and scholars. Subjects include history, archaeology, art history, folklore, religion, musicology, and political science. Lists of titles can be found online at: To trial, go to: . Although searching and browsing are unrestricted, to access the full text you will need to use the "UM Login" when prompted. Password is available from InfoHelp . Trial ends 31 August 2008.

NAIDOC Day & Debate @ JCU

There will be guest Speakers including Associate Professor Gracelyn Smallwood, Indigenous Advisor to the Vice Chancellor Professor Sandra Harding, Michelle Deshong a JCU Masters Student and Executive Member of the Golden Key Society, Dorothy Smith Undergraduate Student in School of Nursing, poetry reading by distinguished published Indigenous Poet Coralie Cassady, a variety of local traditional cultural Dancers including 3 groups of students from Shalom Christian College a Live Broad Cast by 4K1G and a traditional Kup Murri and a smorgasbord of traditional food. There will also be a debate at 12:15pm which academic staff have been invited to participate in. The Debate and Quiz topic is “Is Australia a Fair Country?” based on the theme selected for NAIDOC this year which is ‘Advance Australia Fair’! So come along and test your knowledge on indigenous history in Australia. There are prizes to be Won!! When: Monday the 4th of August. Where: 10:00am - 2.00pm outside the Refectory. Com

Scheduled Outage - ScienceDirect and Scopus

Two of our databases, ScienceDirect and Scopus, will be unavailable between 7.30pm Saturday 2 August to 3.30pm Sunday 3 August while undergoing upgrades. The administrators of these databases have informed us that Email Alerts and RSS feeds will not post during this down time, but have assured us that they will still be created and will be posted as soon as the upgrades are completed and the systems are up and running again. We apologise for any inconvenience this might cause. Many science journals will still be available through the Web of Science, CSA, Proquest and Ovid databases.

Orientation: an InfoHelp Survival Guide

Visit our website and find out... How to use email How to find readings for your subject When your lectures are on How to do better assignments and much more...

InfoHelp Workshops

Discover how to use email, find information for assignments and surf the web! InfoHelp Tutorials start this week and are free. All students are welcome to attend (no bookings necessary). See full details and session times for Townsville and Cairns. Townsville: Library Orientation Tours Studying@JCU: essential information on the web Top Ten Assignment Research Tips Getting Connected: hands on skills for JCU Online Finding Journal Articles Finding More on the Web Find out why, when and where to attend Cairns: Library Orientation Tours Studying@JCU: essential information on the web Getting Connected: hands on skills for JCU online Top Ten Assignment Research Tips Find out why, when and where to attend

Scheduled Outage - Service Interruptions to Core Computing Systems

ITR will be conducting a number of hardware & software upgrades to core computing systems on the 1st August 2008. Due to the nature of the hardware upgrades required on the University’s back-end database servers and network infrastructure many core services will be unavailable from 6am - 10am on Friday 1 st August. These services include: Internet, Email, LearnJCU, GATCF Computer labs, Finance, Payroll, Internet Accounting, Courses & Subjects Database, Staff & Students Online, Workflow, eStudent, CareerHub and Card swipe access to buildings. ITR staff will endeavour to keep interruptions to an absolute minimum and will deploy standby hardware where available. ITR apologise for such a large outage at this time of year. We are acutely aware of the impact on the JCU community when core systems are taken offline. ITR Management have taken the option of one major outage to resolve a large number of issues rather than numerous minor interruptions. We also apologise for the

Library Blogs

Looking for information? See if any of our library blogs fit the bill. You can also set up an rss feed to get the latest posts on any of our blogs. JCU Libary and Computing News This blog runs the news items related to the JCU Library and Computing Services. JCU Library Web 2.0 Tips & Trends This blog gives ideas on how you can use Web 2.0 technology to make life easier and showcases some of the more interesting technologies available on the Internet. SoCA Resources - Highlights and New Discoveries Run by the School Librarian for the School of Creative Arts at James Cook University, this blog highlights various web-based resources that are of interest to staff and students studying Visual Arts, Photography, Theatre, Music, Graphic Arts and New Media. Social Sciences & Humanities @ JCU Library A tool for you to communicate with your subject specialist Librarians; be directed to websites, tools and workshops to assist you in your studies. Business Focus This blo

Informaworld database scheduled downtime

A short period of downtime is scheduled on informaworld on Tuesday 15th July 2008, 2pm - 4pm for essential maintenance. Some users may experience impaired performance for a short time after the downtime has been completed. The informaworld team would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience this might cause. Informaworld is the online home of publications from Taylor & Francis, Routledge, Psychology Press and Informa Healthcare

Tips for Studying in Block Mode, #1

Ah, yes, block mode. An interesting form of study. On the one hand it gets subjects over and done with rather quickly, on the other hand it's a bit like the Tour de France: a hard slog that barely gives you time to notice how much you're hurting. My first tip for surviving... er... studying in block mode is to think about it as an endurance sport. You won't get anywhere by thinking about how big an undertaking the whole thing is, you have to take it one manageable stage at a time. So, think about each week as a stage in your tour. Set goals to achieve for that week, and give yourself a reward for every goal that you can tick off your list. Even giving yourself a gold star can make the world seem like a brighter place. Don't worry so much about the work you have to do next week. Next week is a good enough time to worry about that. Of course, if you have something due on the Monday of next week, you might want to incorporate it into this week's goals... And,

Temporary Outage: Staff Cannot Publish Reserve Online items to LearnJCU

3pm: Issue now resolved. Staff can now add new readings to LearnJCU from Reserve Online. JCU staff are currently experiencing difficulties when trying to publish Reserve Online (Masterfile) items to LearnJCU (Blackboard). This issue does not effect student access to items in Reserve Online or LearnJCU that are already linked. IT&R staff and our software supplier are investigating. Reserve Online Team.

Who's Who in Australia and Who's Who in Queensland

JCU staff and students now have online access to Who's Who in Australia and Who's Who in Queensland combined in the one search service. This service provides brief biographical information on over 13,000 prominent Australians from fields such as business, politics, the arts, sport, law, entertainment and academia. Entries include information on education, awards, occupation, career history, honorary positions, recreations, publications, contact details etc. As well as the basic name search, most data elements are searchable. Access is available via the Library Databases web page or the library catalogue Tropicat . Please log in via Remote Access if you are off campus.

Endnote Workshops

Introductory EndNote workshops will be offered in July, covering: Introduction to EndNote Cite while you write: how EndNote interacts with word Importing references using filter files and connection files You will need your JCU login and password to allow computer lab access. Townsville: All 3-hour "hands-on" sessions will be held in HX107 (aka DA2-107) at these times: Tuesday 22 July - 9am to 12noon Wednesday 23 July - 9am to 12noon Thursday 24 July - 9am to 12 noon To book for Townsville Sessions contact Andrew Stacey on 4781 4742 ( ) Cairns: All 3-hour "hands-on" sessions will be held in B1.104 at these times: Tuesday 22 July 12 noon - 3pm Wednesday 23 July 12 noon - 3pm Thursday 24 July 9am - 12 noon in B1.104 To book for Cairns Sessions contact Kathy Fowler on 4042 1034 ( )

NAIDOC Week: Advance Australia Fair? (6-13 July)

To mark NAIDOC Week celebrations this year the National NAIDOC Committee has selected the theme: Advance Australia Fair? The aim of the theme this year is to encourage people to reflect on the Australian principle of a “Fair go” and for them to consider the inequalities still experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in this country today. Our nation continues to thrive and is now recognised as one of the most prosperous countries in the developed world. However we cannot overlook those in our society who are disadvantaged and whose living conditions are more comparable to struggling nations. The theme also lays down the challenge to the new Labor Government to deliver real change and improvements in the lives of Aboriginal people. It is encouraging to see that the Rudd Government will move to give an apology to the Stolen Generations and has set this as a priority. During NAIDOC Week (6-13 July) 2008, State Library of Queensland will be launching

Find It and Wiley Interscience absorbing Blackwell Journals

Due to the acquisition of Blackwell Synergy by Wiley Interscience the Find It button may direct you to the Wiley home page or the journal's home page on Wiley for journals formerly published by Blackwell. Please use the citation information displayed in the X Search banner to locate to the article by browsing volume, issue and page number. Wiley expect to have direct linking to the article available by 7 July 2008. X Search searches the new combined Wiley and Blackwell database regardless of whether you choose Wiley Interscience or Blackwell Synergy.

Internet Accounting Update

IT&R will resume full Internet Accounting from the 1st July, 2008. This is an update to the notice posted to Central Computing Bulletins . Information regarding internet charges and quotas can be found on the Internet Accounting website . All user quotas have been applied for the half year July to December 2008. Any user's unable to gain access to the Internet should check they have an available user balance. In the event of any difficulty, please contact InfoHelp: Email: Phone: +61 7 4781 5500 or +61 7 4042 1029 Web:

Special Collections

The Special Collections Reading Room (Townsville) is now closed until Study Period 2 2008. However, you may request items in person, by phone or online in advance and they will be retrieved at 11am and 3pm daily (Monday to Friday). Contact InfoHelp for further information.

On the Edge: visions of a tropical coastline

The Cairns Campus Library is currently hosting an art exhibition, On the Edge: visions of a tropical coastline. The twelve artists in On The Edge share an intimate geographical connection to the lush and culturally diverse coastal edge of the far north. This exhibition is an expansive vision, exploring differences and connecting perspectives of a unique tropical sea coast to expose a rich and definitive creative impulse within our reach. Presented by the James Cook University Library, the School of Creative Arts and the School of Law . This exhibition project has been supported financially by the Queensland government through Arts Queensland’s Backing Indigenous Arts program as well as the Regional Arts Development Fund of Cairns Regional Council in partnership with Arts Queensland. The JCU Cairns Library wishes to acknowledge the generous support of the Cairns Regional Gallery. On view June 18 – July 10

Blackwell Synergy Closing Down - June 27; Content Appears on Wiley InterScience - June 30

As of Monday, June 30th 2008, all Blackwell journal content—including all full-text HTML and PDF versions of articles from current issues, backfiles, and issues published online before print—will be incorporated into Wiley InterScience . Blackwell Synergy will close on Friday June 27th (Pacific Standard time) and we anticipate that the migration will be completed on Monday June 30th. Over the weekend of June 28th and 29th, there will be a period when both Blackwell Synergy and Wiley InterScience will be unavailable while Wiley transition and re-index data. See Wiley-Blackwell for more for more information. The Library apologises for any inconvenience.

LearningFast Scheduled Outage

Please note the Learningfast website will be unavailable from 5 p.m. on Friday, June 27th 2008 until the morning of Monday, June 30th 2008, due to a major hardware upgrade. This is a complex and significant hardware upgrade which will provide for expected growth in the Learningfast business for the coming years. Learningfast apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.

Exam Tips #2

Cheat sheets are the way to go. "What do you mean?" I hear you cry. "Surely we are not allowed to cheat?!" That's very noble of you, but I don't actually expect you to use the sheets to cheat. It's just worth your while to prepare them as if you were going to. Go through all of your notes from the semester (and those of anyone else in your study group) and put together a sheet of things you would like to take into the exam with you if you were going to cheat. What things are you so certain will be on the exam that you would take in some ready made notes? What areas are you so weak in that, should you see a question about them on an exam paper, you would go into a cold sweat and wish you had some notes to cheat with? Do this a couple of days before the exam, then read over them a couple of times everyday up until "D-Day" (and as many times as you think you need to just before the exam). Read them aloud, if you can. Read them to someone

Who's Who in Australia and Who's Who in Queensland - trial access

The online version of Who’s Who in Australia, currently held in print in the Townsville and Cairns Library reference collections, is available on trial to JCU staff and students until 18 July. Included in the online version is the biographical data included in Who's Who in Queensland, which is not held by the Library in print. One search covers both databases. The online version also provides a range of additional search options using categories such as Occupation, Career, Awards, Education, and Committee membership. The url for the trial is and a password is required - available from InfoHelp

Exam Tips #1

When preparing for exams, check to see if the library holds any past exam papers (the School might, if the library doesn't). You will get a feeling for the kinds of questions asked on the exams, and the sorts of information you need to refresh. Try to answer every question on the past exams as part of your preparation - even if you only use a couple of sentences. You will also find that past exams are often mined for questions for current exams. They might not ask the exact same questions from year to year, but they will probably touch on the same themes. If there are any "themes" you don't feel one hundred percent confident with, that should help you guide your revision. Also, hit the library or the Internet to come up with some great quotes to answer a few of those questions and "keep them up your sleeve". You might get the chance to use them in the actual exam, and it will impress the socks off your markers. Taken from: Information Literacy an

Labprint - some tips

Are you aware that you can check your print jobs from the GATCF computers, without having to go to a print release station? Simply go to and log in like you normally would. You can also get to this page by looking in the Favourites (in IE) or Bookmarks (in Firefox) tabs when logged into a GATCF computer. You can't print from this screen unless you are sitting in one of the computer labs which don't have a print release station, but you can preview your jobs and delete them if you want to. It's a way of making sure your jobs are exactly what you're after before you head over to the printer - and it could save you time and money.

Library Experience Survey 2008 - Prize Winners

Congratulations to students Mary Hardimon (2nd year Medicine - Townsville), Lisa Bostrom Einarsson (1st year Marine Biology - Townsville) and Rhonda Martin (1st year Education - Cairns) the winners of our iPod Nano prizes for completing the recent Library Experience Survey. Heather Gordon (centre), Acting Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University Services & Registrar presented Lisa (left)and Mary (right) with their iPods. Kate Elder, Manager Library Services (Cairns) presented Rhonda with her prize. Thank you also to everyone who took the time to complete the survey, the response was terrific.

Need a quiet place to study? Try the library's Silent Zone and Quiet Study Areas.

Townsville: Did you know that we have a TOTAL SILENCE ZONE along the southern wall on the top floor of the library building? This zone has been established for those students who want absolute silence while studying. Conditions of access for these areas are: No mobile phones; No children. Other areas in the Library are for quiet conversation, including the Western Group Presentation Room on the top floor, the Seminar room and Student lounge on the first floor (eastern end) and the Coffee Friendly Zone located on the ground floor adjacent to Copying Services. All areas are clearly marked on the Library floor plans . Cairns: The whole top floor of the library is a SILENT STUDY AREA. Children are allowed but it is the parent/adult's responsibility to ensure that they do not disturb other library patrons throughout the library. Group study and quiet conversation is acceptable on the ground and first floors of the Library.

Book Display - North Queensland Activities

While we librarians keep working throughout "inter-semester block mode", most of our students find themselves with a few weeks off. If you are spending the break locally, or using it to explore some of the other towns in North Queensland, you should think about coming into the Townsville library. Why? Because we currently have a display looking at some of the out-door activities you can do in North Queensland. It could give you all sorts of inspiration concerning bush walks, visiting the reef, checking out a national park, going fishing... The librarians can also point you towards some interesting websites that will show you some of the attractions in the area, and we can direct you to the nearest Visitor Information Centres where you can get maps and brochures for exploring the region.

Books on Studying for Exams

Get ready for exams by checking out library books on study skills and exam preparation. See our Select Bibliography for some suggested titles. These books are currently on display near InfoHelp on the first floor of the Library in Townsville . All displayed items may be borrowed. Be quick before they disappear!

Ask Now @ JCU Library

Instant Messaging (IM) is a form of real-time communication between two or more people based on typed text. JCU students and staff can chat to librarians in real time about library and information services, e.g. ask questions about how to use databases, how to locate references for assignments, how to conduct research using Special Collections, etc. The JCU Library instant messaging service is a trial will run Monday - Saturday 12noon to 5pm from June until November 2008. Try it out today .

Library Opening Hours - Examination Period

The Townsville and Cairns Library Buildings will be open for extended hours during the Examination period, beginning Saturday 14 June - Friday 27 June. Handouts are available at the InfoHelp desk. 24 hour study facilities, including copying, computing and printing are available in the Humanities Annex (HX/DA02) Computing Facility in Townsville and A2.017, A2.018 and B1.030 facilities in Cairns. Many services and resources are available 24 hours per day through the Library and Computing Services website.

Criminal Justice Abstracts.

JCU staff and students now have access to Criminal Justice Abstracts via the CSA Illumina search service. This criminology database from SAGE Publications, contains comprehensive coverage from 1968 of journals, books, reports, dissertations and unpublished papers on criminology and related disciplines. Access is available via the Library Databases web page or the library catalogue Tropicat . Please log in via Remote Access if you are off campus.

Exams: an InfoHelp Survival guide

Get ready for exams - find everything you need in one place ... Exam timetables Campus maps to locate your exam rooms Past Examination papers Library opening hours during exams Quiet study areas in the library Library books on study skills & exam preparation Studying for Exams Study Skills online tutorial Examinations FAQ Examinations website InfoHelp wishes you the best of luck with your exams!

Library SMS Trial

Want to receive Library notices via text message (SMS) to your mobile phone? Our goal is to enhance communication with Library patrons to continue to improve client service. The SMS trial will also act as a pilot for other areas of the University which may require the ability to send emergency messages to the University community via SMS. If you are interested in signing up for the trial you will receive your recalls, overdues and hold notices via SMS. During the trial, as a back-up, we will also continue to send these notices to your JCU email address. To register visit Students Online or Staff Online and click Library information, select the SMS option and follow the instructions . For further assistance please contact InfoHelp . The trial will run until the end of Study Period 2 2008.

Web Resource Picks - Arts, Education & Social Sciences

FAESS Web Resource Picks This new blog is a tool for staff and students in the Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences to keep up to date with new resources, library news and current awareness that will aid them in their teaching and learning. It is maintained by the Liaison Librarians for the Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences on Cairns and Townsville campuses. Take the time to check it out and add it to your regular RSS feeds.

New Computer for the Scanner!

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback concerning the computer for the Townsville library's scanner. You gave us what we needed to put some funds towards replacing the hardware, and now we have a new computer connected to our scanner. Everything is working much more quickly and smoothly now, and we've even updated the software (and updated the instructions that go with it). Take a look at the Scanners in the Library page for more information.

Book Returns now via Auto Loans

The book return chutes inside the library building in Townsville are now closed. All transactions (including returns) have to be processed via the Auto Loans units. You don't need your student/borrowing card to return items. If you require assistance in using this function please ask staff at Lending Services. All items successfully returned can be placed in one of the RED bins . Place any items that can't be returned in this way in the BLUE bins . Please take care to place your items in the correct bin. A receipt can be issued for items returned. By checking in items using Auto Loans your returns are processed immediately, which gives you the freedom to borrow new items straight away. The external chutes for after hours will continue to be used when the Library is closed.