Thursday, 31 August 2017

Mountain Bike World Championships

JCU is proud to be hosting the Mountain Bike World Championships 2017 between 5 -10 September at our Cairns (Smithfield) campus. This event will feature over 300 riders from 35 counties competing in cross country and downhill, including local athlete, Tracey Hannah, who is a JCU student and ambassador. Tracey is currently ranked second in the world and will be competing in the Downhill event on Sunday 10th.

The World Championships coincide with Lecture recess/Study vacation, and we are expecting over 30,000 people to attend over the six days of the event. This is a great opportunity to get involved and show support, as either a volunteer or a spectator.

Due to the large number of visitors expected on campus, there will some changes to parking and building access during the event. Limited parking exclusive to JCU staff and students at the Cairns Campus will be made available, so remember to have your JCU ID card with you.  There may also be some traffic delays at peak times on the Captain Cook Highway. 

The Library will be open for business as usual:

Monday -Thursday: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10:00 - 5:00pm

More information regarding the event and volunteer opportunities can be found on the Mountain Bike World Championships website.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Lecture Recess Opening Hours Semester 2 2017

Can you guess what time the Library is open during Lecture Recess?

That's right!

Exactly the same as the rest of Semester 2!

For those who aren't aware of our opening hours:

Mabo Library (Townsville): 
Monday to Thursday: 7.30am - 9.30pm
Friday: 7.30am - 7.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Cairns Campus Library:
Monday to Thursday: 8am - 9pm
Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Check out the Opening Hours webpage. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

New Book Recommendation: Texts and Materials on International Human Rights

Each week recent purchases are placed on the new book displays inside the library, and eBooks are made immediately available to use. You can view and subscribe to the New Library Books list online. For instructions on how to borrow an eBook by downloading it; check out our eBook LibGuide. Some eBooks require logging in with your JCU username and password; additional software will need to be installed to download books to a digital bookshelf. Most eBooks can be read online without downloading extra software.

An eBook title of interest is: Texts and materials on international human rights by Rhonda K.M. Smith.

An extract from the book abstract states:

Text and Materials on International Human Rights offers a carefully tailored overview of the subject, divided into four sections that cover: sources and theories; institutions and structures; substantive rights; and a new concluding section on the challenges for human rights law. The third edition is fully updated to include all key developments, in particular issues around torture, terrorism and international criminal law. This collection of materials offers a comprehensive overview of the institutional structures relevant to international human rights law, crucial to the understanding of how law works in this challenging area. Designed to guide students through the fundamental texts for this subject, the author's commentary contextualises each extract to explain its relevance, while highlighted further reading makes links to cutting edge academic commentary to provide next steps for student research. Offering a clear text design that distinguishes between materials and author commentary, and including reflective questions throughout to aid understanding, this book is ideal for students seeking to engage with the key issues in the study of International Human Rights.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Navigating the Cairns Library

Finding the print collection in the Cairns Library can be a bit of a mystery if you use the central stairs, so here's a guide for finding the print books, journals, sorting shelves (for recently returned and high demand books),and lots of other useful places:

The top floor is a silent zone and a great place to get away from it all, enjoy some peace and quiet and do some serious study.

Take the Library tour

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Use BrowZine to follow your favourite journals!

BrowZine is an unified eReader allowing you to browse, read, and follow thousands of eJournals available through JCU Library and Information Services, as well as a number of open access journals. (Please note: not all journals that are available to you through JCU will be available through BrowZine; however, new journals continue to be added quarterly.)

With your BrowZine account, you can save your favourite journals to your personal bookshelf and even set up alerts to be notified when new articles are published. Articles can be also be exported for off-line reading or to services such as DropBox, EndNote and Mendeley, or shared via email, Facebook or Twitter.

BrowZine can be accessed on any iOS or Android device, and can also be browsed on the web. Simply download the app, select James Cook University as your institution when prompted, and log in with your JC number and password. Your personal BrowZine account will sync across devices, allowing you to access all of your followed journals and saved articles no matter what device you are using.

To access BrowZine from the JCU Library Page, click the Find tab and then select BrowZine App for IOS and Android from under the Journals heading. Alternatively, you can find it under B on the Databases A-Z.

Download the App from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store or visit the website at BrowZine (JCU) and start browsing today!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Extra Referencing Help Service – Weeks 5-9 (Townsville)
We have reached that time of semester when the first assignments are due. Are you having trouble with the referencing component of your assignment...? You can ask a library staff member at the InfoHelp desk in Cairns or Townsville for assistance.

You can also come along to the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library (Townsville campus) and consult with a dedicated referencing expert on weekdays at the InfoHelp Desk, ground floor from 11am to 3pm. Please bring a printed copy of your reference list and essay to note the correction advice.

Don't forget that you can always cross check your references against the examples in the Referencing LibGuide and find out how to format APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA or AMA (Vancouver) in-text citations and reference lists.

Can’t make it into campus? You can access our Library Chat Services (available from the library homepage during library opening hours) or via the InfoHelp Contact form.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

New Books: The Fethafoot Clan Chronicles

"Always wanted to know more about Aboriginal Australia? Now for the first time in our history, you too can explore our stories. Come on a journey through time with the enigmatic Fethafoot Clan."

The James Cook University Library has recently purchased a ten book series by Pemulwuy Weeatunga (pen name of John M Wenitong), collectively they are called The Fethafoot Chronicles.

According to the The Fethafoot Chronicles website:

"This pithy glimpse will give you some idea of the enigmatic Clan. You will discover a more intricate use of their unique gifts and talents as you read the chronicles and, as the need for their unique individual skills occur. Please – enjoy my people’s pleasure in the telling of these chronicles. Although they are not in chronological order, they have been recorded as passed down for all to enjoy: to example the many unknown vibrant treasures of our first people and our ancient lands vibrant past. A journey will take you into the mostly unknown, moral and ethical heart of my people, from Dreamtime to today."

You can find the books in the literature section of the library.

Nyarla and the Circle of Stones  (820A WEE 1C NYA)

Guluya and the Lake Mungo Mystery (820A WEE 1C GUL)

The Contest  (820A WEE 1C CON)

The Ancient Omen: The Arrival (820A WEE 1C ANC)

The Vanishing: The Rainbow Serpent’s Dance 
(820A WEE 1C VAN)

The Bunya-nut Games  (820A WEE 1C BUN)

To Save a King  (820A WEE 1C TOS)

Galku’s Revenge (820A WEE 1C GAL)

Pale n Hora Nigrum: Pale Death at the Black Line  (820A WEE 1C PAL)

The Seventh Veil (820A WEE 1C SEV)

More information about the books and author can be found on The Fethafoot Chronicles website.

Each week recent purchases are placed on the new book displays inside the library, and eBooks are made immediately available to use. You can view and subscribe to the New Library Books list online. For instructions on how to borrow an eBook by downloading it; check out our eBook LibGuide. Some eBooks require logging in with your JCU username and password; additional software will need to be installed to download books to a digital bookshelf. Most eBooks can be read online without downloading extra software.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Embedding Audio in PowerPoint: A Step by Step Guide

Want to add audio to your PowerPoint slideshow?  It is an easy process and can make your slideshow impressive! Follow these steps to embed audio into your PowerPoint presentation using a PC.  In order to include narration your computer must have a microphone, speakers, and a sound card or integrated audio.
  1. Open your PowerPoint file.
  2. Click on the drop down arrow in the ribbon bar and select More Commands.

  3. Ribbon bar
  4. Select Customise Ribbon - Record Slide Show and add it to the ribbon by pressing the Add button. Click OK.

  5. Powerpoint options
  6. Go to the Insert tab and select Record Slide Show. Selecting the top button starts you on the current slide.  Clicking the lower button starts you at the beginning.
    The Clear command deletes narrations or timings, so be careful when you use it.

  7. Record slide show

  8. Your screen will show your slide in the centre and a tiny box (like the one below) in the top left.  Here you can pause your recording and move your slides forward as needed.

    When you have finished you can close the page and you will be prompted to save.

  9. Recording button

    JCU staff and students have access to a fantastic resource called  You will need to log in using your JC number (jcxxxxxx) and password.  This provides excellent online video instruction for IT, business, communication, design, and education skills.
    JCU Library InfoHelp librarians are able to assist with basic PowerPoint questions.  A librarian is available during opening hours at the InfoHelp desk, by Chat and by our contact form.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Free Merck medical and veterinary manuals

Merck has made its MSD Veterinary Manual (MVM) freely available on the internet to extend the services this company offers to professionals.This manual has been published for more than sixty years in print. JCU Library has purchased print copies in the past but we have now added access to the online Veterinary manual on the library's Databases A-Z  to complement the freely available Merck Medical Manual. James Cook University also subscribes to the Merck Index Online from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The medical manual is aimed at both professionals and consumers. If you are seeking the consumer version, in everyday language, there is a link to this at the top right hand side of the screen. The medical manual is also available in several languages. There are quizzes, videos, symptom podcasts, medical news and other tools to enhance your research and study. Explore the blogs, students' stories and use one of the several calculators for specific diseases. Topical diseases and popular searches are featured.

The veterinary manual is arranged similarly, with information about health management, diseases and treatment. Pet owners will find plain English information under the Pet Health tab. There are also quizzes and videos, but the content in this database is only available in English.

The Merck Index Online is designed for medical professionals to the properties, reactions and uses of drugs. It has been published for more than 150 years. The help menu provides information and user guides are comprehensive. The search functionality is extensive. This resource will be of use to many students and academics beyond the medical field including industrial and environmental chemists.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Speech Pathology Week, 20-26 August 2017

August 20th to 26th is Speech Pathology Week.

According to the Speech Pathology Australia website:

"Speech Pathology Week seeks to promote the speech pathology profession and the work done by speech pathologists with the more than 1.1 million Australians who have a communication or swallowing disorder that impacts on their daily life. Communication is a basic human right and Speech Pathology Week seeks to promote this fact."

Here at the library we have a number of resources on Speech Pathology:

Assessment in speech-language pathology : a resource manual by Kenneth G.Shipley
Call number: 616.855075 SHI 2016.

Speech language pathology: 3D Anatomy for Speech Language Pathology is a resource and reference work for educators, professionals, practitioners, and students with an in-depth focus on the anatomy of the head and neck.  (Part of Anatomy TV).

SpeechBITE: An online resource that has been developed to give speech pathologists access to bibliographic details and abstracts of systematic reviews (SR), randomised controlled trials, (RCT), non-randomised controlled trials (non-RCT), case series (CS), and single-case experimental designs (SCED).

And don't forget the Speech Pathology LibGuide, which links to many more resources.

You can get more information at a Speech Pathology Week dispaly in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library Townsville from the 21st to 25th of August 2017.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Navigating the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library (Townsville)

Have you ever come to the library, looked around, and felt overwhelmed?

Don't worry you are not alone, there is a lot going on in the library.

So here is your guide to navigating the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on the Townsville campus.

Ground Floor

The PASS room (18-008) is located outside the eastern side of the building, there is also a small kitchenette here.

The Ground Floor is a collaborative zone, reasonable levels of noise and discussion are encouraged, and hot foods can be eaten in the Cafe area if you dont want to take advantage of our outdoor areas for a meal break.

First Floor
The First Floor is our quiet zone, you can talk and work in groups but keep your voices low. Food is allowed as long as it isn't hot, odorous, or messy; others may not appreciate the scent of your KFC or pizza as much as you.

Second Floor
The Second Floor is a complete silence zone- this means no talking or sound at all. Food is allowed as long as you eat it quietly (no crinkly chip packets). If you are listening to music make sure it is not audible to others. Keep this in mind if using the Group Study Room and keep your voices down.

If in doubt come over to the InfoHelp desk and we can point you in the right direction!

Monday, 7 August 2017

New Book Recommendation: Why Children Follow Rules

Each week recent purchases are placed on the new book displays inside the library, and eBooks are made immediately available to use. You can view and subscribe to the New Library Books list online. For instructions on how to borrow an eBook by downloading it; check out our eBook LibGuide. Some eBooks require logging in with your JCU username and password; additional software will need to be installed to download books to a digital bookshelf. Most eBooks can be read online without downloading extra software.

An eBook title of interest is: Why children follow rules: Legal socialization and the development of legitimacy by Tom R. Tyler and Rick Trinker.

An extract from the book abstract states:

Legal socialization is the process by which children and adolescents acquire their law-related values. Such values, in particular legitimacy, underlie the ability and willingness to consent to laws and defer to legal authorities and make legitimacy-based legal systems possible. In their absence people relate to the law as coercion and respond to rewards and punishments. By age eighteen a person’s orientation toward law is largely established, yet recent legal scholarship has largely ignored this early period in favor of studying adults and their relationship to the law. This volume focuses upon socialization and outlines what is known about legal socialization in the family, in schools, and through contacts with the juvenile justice system. Our review of the literature indicates that there are ways to socialize that build legitimacy. These are linked to three issues: how decisions are made, how people are treated, and whether authorities respect the boundaries of their authority. Despite evidence that legitimacy can be socialized, views about the best way to exercise authority are highly contested in America today in families, schools, and within the juvenile justice system. In each case pressures toward coercion are strong. This volume argues for the virtues of a consent-based approach and for utilizing socialization practices that promote such a model.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Lost in BHL Australia

What is BHL Australia?  This is a collection of digitized resources based in Australia and part of The Biodiversity Heritage Library, a freely accessible open access database devoted to archiving publications in the natural sciences.

BHL Australia gathers over 200,000 pages of material from Australian museums, scientific associations and herbariums, including the Australian Institute of Marine Science.

Among the treasures here, I found the earliest book published in Antarctica. Aurora Australis, 1908-09, by Ernest Shackleton, is a mixture of diary and verse and Douglas Mawson's The Antarctic book: winter quarters 1907-1909, interspersed with sketches by the author. These journals complement a modern novel published in 2009, The nature of ice. The author, Robyn Mundy has been to Antarctica several times, and her poetic imagery will give the reader a real sense of the privations these early explorers faced. JCU library has books written by all three authors within our collections.

Preserved by the Museum of Victoria, The art of coppersmithing: a practical treatise on working sheet copper into all forms is a curiosity item about a lost art, and may appeal to those involved in the Men's Shed movement. Published in 1906, it covers all aspects of operating in the brazier's craft, business including the training of apprentices. Exacting directions and delightful illustrations of tools and products from small household items to making piping for ships are plentifully displayed. Although we don't have any physical books on the topic in our collections, we do have several on copper mining, the industry and trade, including a report on the construction of the copper refinery in Townsville.

Let your imagination go, and lose yourself in BHL Australia to find surprises of your own.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

New Book Recommendation-The Critical Development Studies Handbook: Tools for Change

Each week recent purchases are placed on the new book displays inside the library, and eBooks are made immediately available to use. You can view and subscribe to the New Library Books list online. For instructions on how to borrow an eBook by downloading it; check out our eBook LibGuide. Some eBooks require logging in with your JCU username and password; additional software will need to be installed to download books to a digital bookshelf. Most eBooks can be read online without downloading extra software.

A book title of interest is: The Critical Development Studies Handbook: Tools for Change, edited by Henry Veltmeyer

Call number: 338.91 CRI

An extract from the publisher's website states:

This handbook is a guide to ‘critical development studies’ (CDS)–the study of international development from the standpoint of social change, a critical perspective. As such the handbook provides a set of tools for entering and understanding the nature and scope of the interdisciplinary field of development studies. It is organized as a set of 50 short course modules. Each module is written by a well-known research specialist in the area; and each (a) identifies the six most critical questions or research theme in a particular area of CDS, (b) provides a succinct discussion of the central issues that surround these questions, and (c) makes substantive references to the most essential readings that explore these issues.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

JCU Library Off Campus Service

Are you a JCU Townsville or JCU Cairns student or staff member who lives more than 50 km from your nearest JCU campus? You might be eligible for the library's Off Campus service.

Funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) and designed to prevent distance from affecting your study, the library's Off Campus service allows staff and students residing within Australia and living more than 50 km from the Townsville or Cairns JCU campuses to borrow library materials. Best of all, the service is free! Library items are supplied via the postal service and a pre-paid postage bag will be included with sent items to allow them to be returned free of charge. An extension is added to the loan period to allow for postage.

If you've been bemoaning the fact that your lecturers keep recommending texts that aren't available online and you're too far from either campus to pop in and borrow them, take advantage of the Off Campus Service now!

To request an item via the Off Campus Service, you will need to complete the Off Campus Loan Request Form. For more information about the Off Campus Service, eligibility requirements, and other services, head on over to the library’s Off Campus Library Service page.

Please note this service is not available to JCU Brisbane or JCU Singapore staff and students or to Adjunct staff members. Users must be more than 50km from the nearest JCU campus. Please read the information provided on the library’s Off Campus Library Service page before submitting your request.